This first race there were not many foreign entries except for Venezuela, Japan and Australia.

Leslie Burley 3. A 50 minutes program with mainly team competition (teams from 8 regions), a celebrity race and a popular music group performing for further entertainment, were part of this show. He also informed me about a contact he had with French journalist, Alain Kuligowski, the photojournalist for MOTO REVUE a French motorcycle weekly publication, located in Paris. 5000 spectators. Facts:Organizer/promoter: Renny RokerSanctioning body: the NBA (Ernie Alexander) and NBL (George E. Esser). Read on. Later on this magazine became a newspaper type thing. Mark Dickson 3. National B.C.B.- BMX race at Zonhoven - Belgium. years old?

Attendance slowly grew and the Inter-City Challenge was introduced: a major race that pits the city of Sydney against the city of Brisbane. Perry Kramer 5. Mike Condron2. The same promotor that invited me and one of my brothers in law to the USA sometime 1974, to give moto-cross clinics, Mr. Ed Bondurant, also started a BMX organization in the Kansas City area, called the "International Bicycle Moto-cross Association (I.B.M.A.). New for 1978 are the Team Mongoose Bicycle and the Mitygoose Bicycle, both designed to Stay ahead Of the competition in price and quality. Disable Mobile Another new more Americanized track was established and along with the introduction of a track at a multi-million dollar speedway in the western Sydney suburb of Liverpool, BMX has firmly established itself as an up and coming sport.

Article in EXTRA and magazine for children JIPPO, newspaper such as Het Parool, Algemeen Dagblad, in brochures of Peugeot, Yamaha and in De fietskrant van Nederland with 1,2 million copies Nation wide, etc., etc. Danny Smith 1. Bryan McSwain2. Eric Rupe 3. 1979 when he was on his way to make a report on the International Moto-Cross at St. Anthonis - Holland (over 20.000 spectators). They were asking for advertisements. The same goes for Johan Boonen, also competed in that same race in 1979 and became a top moto-cross Grand Prix rider. In total there were about 165 moto's and there was a $ 2,500 Pro purse. after the dealer meetings and now also talks were about starting a club in the city of Veenendaal where PEUGEOT had their offices and ware-house. 159. and Waalre. Pretty raw stuff, but KIWI BMX had coughed into life. 1978 Mongoose Motomag powerserg 2 5. March Shawn3. Later on Howie became thé man running/selling Kuwahara bikes. Next meeting scheduled for December 1979. Again, this was the year I got involved in BMX seriously. First official BMX club affiliated to the SFN was: FCC d'Un Urste - Schijndel.

I received a letter from the NBA at New Hall, that the NBL and NBA were organizing an international BMX federation, later to be called IBMF. The conclusion was clear, an International BMX Federations had to be formed. 5000 license-holders. René Nicolas, a friend of Alain, would organize the event. 1978 Mongoose Minigoose nos808 3 5. Kyle Flemming became ABA's first number 1 Amature. The track was official opened by the alderman of the city of Eindhoven, Mr. Jan Zeelen. Seen here there brochure. 10.000 spectators present. However when Perry Kramer stayed at my house, he told everybodythat P.K. The name comes from Tom "The Mongoose" Macewan, The Dutch national team (9 riders) did pay an all-in price for this trip ( flight-transport in USA-hotel-insurance) leaving Wednesday December 26th 1979 till January 3rd 1980:Adults H.fl. This organization would die a sudden death after about one year.

- Japan BMX federation. Alain showed the MONGOOSE bike to Mr. Marcel Seurat a motorcycle importer from Beaune (imported Ossa and Husqvarna). Alain visited me at my home (Waalre - Holland) on March 10th. I also obtained a subscription of Bicycle Moto-Cross Action, through Mr. Bob Osborn of Torrance- California. Rex Reason 2.

Among others a showing of BMX promotion films. BMX spread to three other states in Australia, with more than five operating tracks. In the meantime, I got in contact with Louis Vrijdag (whom I knew from the moto-cross sport), at the time he was working for the municipality of Eindhoven, who also learned about this BMX activity because of his job.

Danny Smith 2. Don Atherton 7. We also visited the headoffice of the NBA and spoke with Ernie Alexander and Kevin Jackson, working for the NBA at the time. Besides the 3 mentiond gentlemen, other parties joined this effort. ("Stichting Fietscross Nederland"). 7.000,= excl.

Read on for more details. It has been reported that BMX in Australia re-started in this year. During this visit, among other things, we made another tour around BMX manufacturers in California, visited some races like the events at the Elks Track, the Irvine BMX track and the Van Nuys BMX track. March 27th. Distributor Howie Cohen (Kuwahara) drove a Japanese business man and myself around to several BMX shops. During this periode I contact the ABA and asked for a promotion kit, which I received about 2 weeks later. Promotion materials ordered and received November 15th. did not have any official status at that time and in fact did not work! Participants were Nico Does, Wim Rijk, Mark Wiebrand, Ludy van de Werff, Perry van de Werff, Toin van Dijk, Paul Tuin, Maarten Roos, Ronnie Roos en Jan Kwanten. I started writing this book in 1976 and in it a chapter on BMX, the sport that I discovered in the USA in 1974 and that I still consider a perfect learning school for moto-cross.

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