Every other reputed Apollo 11 UFO encounter is faithfully and unquestioningly reproduced by Wilson, although he does point out in some cases that they are 'unauthenticated.' or else deliberately attempt to mislead the public. "Aliens on Moon When We Landed" was the screaming banner headline on the September 11, 1979 issue (the same story made the September 9 Sunday Mirror in London and was subsequently endorsed in the backdated July-August 1979 issue of the prestigious British journal, Flying Saucer Review). 00 02 46 26 CC Apollo 11, this is Houston. "); Timothy Green Beckley (who has privately admitted the incidents never occurred but that they are too good for publicity to criticize); Joseph Goodavage (a noted astrologer-author well known for distorting and dramatizing uncooperative facts, as we'll see in a later chapter); and "scientist Fred Bell" (who apparently is a figment of co-author Eric Faucher's imagination). Aha, social pathology indeed! Fittingly enough, the ultimate word (too date!)

"Repeat, repeat" is never used on the radio; instead, astronauts and Mission Control use the phrase "Say Again.". [7] The camera's video format was incompatible with existing NTSC, PAL, and SECAM broadcast television standards. The reputation of the space program and of the astronauts has suffered, the public has been confused and misled, and the money rolls in. When the "Pepper Transcript" first became public, UFO buffs wrote to their congressmen demanding that NASA officially confess to the coverup. Astronaut movie films of UFOs on the moon?...There is a clear need to learn how much of all this 'sensationalism' is actually true, and to expose as false all that is false." The fixed camera on the "Eagle" was photographing the moon's receding surface when, diagonally from the lower left to the upper right of the frames, a white, shining U.F.O. But they weren't, because here is what Collins really said to Houston on that orbit: "I did see a suspiciously small white object whose coordinates are Easy 0.3, 7.6, right on the southwest end of a crater, but I think they would know it if they were in such a location. . Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface on July 21, 1969, at 02:56 UTC; Buzz Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. and numerous other books), claims that the space pix are identical to others taken on Earth by Trevor James Constable, a disciple of orgone energy advocate Wilhelm Reich. [33] The full restoration of the footage, about three hours long, was completed in December 2009. In fact, this was one piece of evidence that the Apollo 11 signals the receiver picked up were indeed from the Moon — if the antenna was not kept aimed at the Moon, the signal disappeared. Those stories are garbage and I tell anybody who calls just that. If the scan converter's settings were incorrectly set, as they were at the Goldstone station during the first few minutes of Apollo 11's moonwalk, the negative impact on the image could be very obvious. [3] NASA released some partially restored samples on its website after the news conference. The snowman photo is "highly disputed -- is the luminous sphere a space critter?"

. But there were no special grounds for panic.". About an hour and a half previously, Neil Armstrong and Aldrin had set foot on the moon. . [24] It carried no video but did show that if any of the tapes are ever found, data could likely be read from them. Mr Whitehead said: “It is interesting when you watch the feed of when they came back from the Moon and they’re not sitting there jumping up and down for joy and saying, ‘I had the most incredible experience of my life, I was on the Moon’. Your comment will be published immediately, so please proof-read before you add. Compare the words to the UFO re-wording -- is it just sloppy, or is it a deliberate distortion? Here's the ol' Apollo 11 story a la Berlitz, 1980: "Prior to the first moon landing two UFOs and a long cylinder hovered overhead. There is no way I could imagine that a viewer could honestly believe that UFOs were being shown.

Wilson blusters--but has only fake evidence. Redmond: During Apollo, quite infrequently.

Speaking to a group of NOVOSTI news service employees, at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Azhazha related that: "The American astronauts who visited the moon saw a gigantic cylinder 1500 meters (about one mile) long there. . There is talk about other cases of cosmonauts seeing UFOs.

And if that is true in this case, we have to suspect that it has happened with some frequency in other cases where we can't determine the facts with such certainty. God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything-- what then?" This unexpected problem surprised even the most qualified of viewers who could not explain how in such a costly project, one of the most essential elements could break down for just two minutes. [4] The SSTV signal was recorded on telemetry data tapes mostly as a backup in case the real-time conversion and broadcast around the world failed.

The unavoidable conclusion is that Pepper either fabricated the fake "transcript" himself or used very poor judgment in allowing himself to be victimized by somebody else's fake. White: I think they're only written to exploit public hysteria, and to hell with the facts. Whilst under observation, the objects were seen to be emitting what looked like some kind of liquid. NASA replied that "the incidents. The signal on the home-built equipment came through approximately 5-10 seconds earlier than the signal on TV. "Three of us"...actually, only two men were on the lunar surface. (The film, by the way, was taken from orbit the day before the landing -- not from the surface.). For we can see that UFO stories seem to spring up and promulgate themselves, even when there is absolutely no foundation in fact on which they could have possibly been based. The story discussed how Baysinger recorded 35 minutes of conversation from VHF signals transmitted between astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins (he did not attempt to pick up the encoded S-band signals from the main Moon-Earth communication link).1 These 35 minutes included the time during which President Richard Nixon transmitted a message of congratulations to the astronauts. In 1976, Chief of the Astronaut Office Deke Slayton claimed that "I don't recall any of our astronauts ever reporting UFOs.".

ARMSTRONG/ALDRIN: "They've landed there. They also partially released newly enhanced footage obtained during the search. The details of this extensive film were: the day before the lunar landing Aldrin transferred to the L. M. "Eagle" and began the final instrument checks. (Although Barry and Sandler have made vague allegations). Apollo 11, this is Houston at 1 minute. “That channel was not public and it could have been very easily used to communicate information that you didn’t want to be heard over the general public transmissions. (they evidently hadn't read -- or hadn't believed -- the Cronkite interview in their own paper!). White then refers to the Edge of Reality for a list of astronaut sightings (a list long repudiated by its authors, as we saw), and Modern People tabloid (the January 1978 issue), "for leaked NASA photographs of UFOs including plasmatic animals [(italics added)]." They are located on the moon and they are observing us!". In addition, interviews with the handful of amateur radio listeners who are known to have tuned in the S-band (2270 megahertz) moon signals produced testimony that they heard the same conversations which were released by NASA. [34] Highlights of this fully enhanced video were shown to the public for the first time at the Australian Geographic Society Awards on October 6, 2010, where Buzz Aldrin was the guest of honor. Also, Dr. J. Allen Hynek visited the Houston space center in July 1976 and was shown the material in question.

Since the real-time broadcast conversion worked, and was widely recorded on both videotape and film, the backup video was not deemed important at the time. [1][2] It was confirmed that these tapes were shipped to Johns Hopkins University, but they could not be found by the search team. White: I usually first hear about them when some newsman telephones me, claiming he's seen another exposure of some "NASA coverup." Since listening to the moon required the use of ten-foot diameter radio dishes, few people actually could do it, and they were known t each other, having done similar space eavesdropping for years, (The consensus among such experienced American ''hams'' is that the old stories of "radio transmissions from secret dying Russian spacemen" were either dumb mistakes, outright hoaxes, or playful publicity stunts by Italian and German radio amateurs.). No such thing happened. [13] They concluded that the data tapes—with the SSTV signal—were shipped from Australia to Goddard and then routinely erased and reused a few years later. The claim that the film shows UFOs is, as we've seen, silly; the claim that the film is now secret' is an outrageous falsehood. White: Or else the crew could talk privately to their families in a back room down the hall from the control room. Apollo 11: “I say that there were other spaceships. NASA insisted this problem resulted from one of the television cameras which had "overheated", thus interfering with the reception. They’re lined up in the other side of the crater.” They’re lined up in the other side of the crater.” Apollo 11: “Let us sound this orbita… in 625 to 5… automatic relay connected… my hands are shaking so badly I can’t do anything. [23] However, equipment that could read the tapes was maintained. And I was a "voice of Apollo" PAO for many, many flights. In fact, this was one piece of evidence that the Apollo 11 signals the receiver picked up were indeed from the Moon — if the antenna was not kept aimed at the Moon, the signal disappeared. The epochal flight of Apollo XI to the moon occurred more than a decade ago -- long enough for it to have become enshrined in our history books and our mythologies. My searching through Google and various databases, asking among those knowledgeable in the history of astronomy and querying various print and Web Amateur Radio publications has turned up only one other case of independent detection of Apollo transmission from the Moon. “They almost look like they want to vomit – that’s how disturbed they look. Jump into the story.

or after publishing, either! Claims that these voice signals were cut off from the newsmen who were present are also in complete contradiction with personal accounts of newsmen who were in Houston: There was no significant tape delay, and there were no silences indicative of censorship.

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