Just remove it and set it aside for the time being.

This next part makes most people crazy, but it makes sense when you think it through. Remove top door by opening 45º and gently slide off hinge.

In order to get at them, you might need to pull off the fridge door. Avanti Products Compact Refrigerator 3.1cft. Operate the refrigerator with  the full range temperature control. I'll get bake to you in a minute or two. The refrigerator doors are reversible for your convenience. Learn More about Financing Options Apply Today >, The 19" Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator from Avanti will be the best addition to your place. Then remove the door handle screws and swap the door handles.

x�bbba`b``) � Z� � The looks great and the design fits perfectly in my home. H��W�n�F}�W�Q���/�a���6@]�^h���P�@R��])�%�.

70 0 obj <> endobj Bull Outdoor Products 11001 Stainless Steel Front Panel Refrigerator 4.1 out of 5 stars 192. 0000032838 00000 n There's nothing more to it. When you flip the middle hinge to the opposite side of the fridge, the upper and lower hinge pins will be facing the wrong direction.

View our rewards program page for details.

0000002035 00000 n Usually it will tell you to remove the door and hinges and turn the door over and reverse the hinges.

����1�O�����I��) I do not see this the reversal in any of my manuals. $459.99. They have over 7,000 retail partners across the globe and are the leading supplier in the housing and office industry. Now, go fix your refrigerator! Most likely you will only need a few tools—a ratchet wrench, a Philips head screwdriver, and a flat-head screwdriver.

0000033041 00000 n ft. Freezer Capacity, Right Hinge with Reversible Doors, Crisper Drawer, Manual Defrost, Adjustable Glass Shelves in Stainless Steel, RA45B3S 19" Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator with 4.5 cu. Box 520604 - Miami, Florida 33152 www.avantiproducts.com Avanti has a policy of continuous improvement on its products and reserves the right to change material and specifications without notice. Avanti is a globally recognized leader in the consumer appliance industry, providing quality appliances to their consumers for over 45 years. With the middle hinge pin reversed, go ahead and reassemble the doors and hinges and reload your fridge.

It's also a good idea to unplug the fridge so it won't waste energy trying to stay cool without the doors on. 0000001905 00000 n Versatility and durability as one would find in this Avanti refrigerator is exactly what establishes brand loyalty. FRIDGE DESCRIPTION KIT CONTENTS Top view of right hand hinge cabinet Bottom view of right hand hinge cabinet INSTRUCTIONS 7. 3 startxref Full Range Temperature Control !M����0!����e Door Storage Was this helpful? You can remove the freezer shelf to store larger items.

Avanti Products, A Division of The Mackle Co., Inc. P.O. Use the plastic coverings to hide the old screw holes, and make sure to swap the coverings over the hinge holes. Here all the steps needed to do it yourself. Next, remove the middle hinge screws and the bottom door.

Tilt the upper door away from the fridge and lift it up and off the middle hinge pin. Reviews, Door handles can easily be reversed on almost any refrigerator door by removing a few screws and bolts —but keep track of the parts and the assembly order. Then remove the bolts holding it down. Parts. '+GÖ!�ggΜs����]Fv?YW,G����`2�,،�e`D֖��HX�=cۿ�gF�f���1�>�m{���dt1��.//n�?ܸL����\g��k��d4��F��RtƂta�k��btIᇿW��.�俍㛦i϶_�m��.�d�}���c�P�]^{�8(%�w}Xv}�.��Yz(�l���V�6���H S���v[��j��j>�|[�]=w����)f@B�E��g I},�Cd�]��YE�}' k���{^�u�꼥(�ʼ̧ ���-7ad&��Y$���~ec�Vu��U�T�9�A߬� E0��N��zY�b�A^g1\�K�3 ���9��"���G6�Ɵ�,L\"Q�F'\`�L*z�p�"a�HH�B�&�Ԧs*�yЛ1K�H�p�����Gy��AL"3��?��}�WI'pP�H�׫UЯغi��N� ��:VPk��t�߲��D�U�Pf�ǢQ��I��gQM�u/�1�BKR�Á�f�z�(k�-���N_�\�@����&4^�蟥Έ^q�ޱ�C�=�w�ܧ�קi�s�i� ꢚr�D�,��� �����;�P� �*4�[�0��`ۭ�$�M:{7�}��"Ϋ� %�Y���Q�2[���߷�_�ޚb������O�n�� 1�ދ�f�!$��&^��1��k�c��6#��)*����iI��]�(��~�#��Ȭ�U�(�} _w�>+84{j��y�Ju6���ժ�>���Q Screw in the bracket on the other side, moving the fridge door as necessary to get the screws in.

The refrigerator section illuminates inside so you can easily locate the item you need. 1 offer from $3,019.59.

packed with exclusive offers and deals.

The unit features 4.5 cu.

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