Let's assume that the events of Axiom Verge take place in not one, but many different parallel universes. Consider that the Rusalki are upset ("bitter") with the Sudran people (see The Storm (Note)).

What did you think was going on? The after credits thing though DEFINITELY seems to indicate that my first impressions have more credence than before and this is some manner of dream perhaps driven by multiverse type stuff. At first, his friend regularly visits Trace. Future Tracer committed genocide and started taking apart the huge robots from the safety of the breach. So that ending. ... -Got 3 green scores after final boss... but didn´t change the ending.

this was I think my fourth, possibly fifth playthrough.

Being trapped beneath the planet's surface seems to have detrimental effects on the Rusalki's health, as there is the notable imprisonment and subsequent mental health issues suffered by Oracca (see the Note of the same title). I got the same ending as everyone else here so far.

View entire discussion (4 comments) The lab explosion happens in Universe A, after which Trace and Dr. Hammond travel through the Breach to Universe C, where they find Sudra. In the final cutscenes, he is near to his goal of returning, and we see a brief glint in his eye, indicating that he may be on the path of becoming Athetos once again. Saying "You can't hide from yourself. Ophelia is eventually able to find Trace in Universe B, and pulls him through the Breach just as the lab explosion is happening. Our biology is being catalyzed at very high frequency ranges that is altering our genetic code, should we be aware or allow it, as we align with the center of the 'milky way galaxy' or great central sun.

None of my text was green though.

In each of these universes, any number of events can have had different outcomes, leading to very small or very large differences from our own universe.

Trace eventually decides the Sudran technology is too dangerous to bring back to Earth, believing it is connected to the catastrophic collapse of Sudra's civilization.

Thus the game plays to our ego.

He also convinces Katrahaska, one of the Rusalki (giant war machines that guard Sudra), to aid his cause.

Am I completely wrong here? There aren't any other humans, only Trace. Perhaps if it's the multiverse thing killing one makes the other more complete since there's not two people who are supposed to be the same person.

The main three could be seen to represent the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego. Additionally I'm wondering what else I haven't seen because I can't find ANYONE ELSE talking spoilers about the ending on the internet. First, watching the full credits shows a collapsed Trace, laying at what appears to be the base of a Rusalki body. Normal mode took me about 15 hours the first time and I ended with percentages in the 70s and 80s and then again tonight at 19 hours with 100% in both.

First of all, we know that Trace is lied to throughout most of the game. The Rusalki (Old Machines/Ophelia/etc?)

But I dunno.

That one year he can't remember is most definitely something the Rusalki carefully removed so as the new Trace would not know how to make his way back to Sudran once they send him dreaming off back to his own reality.

This is more vividly revealed with the inability to use satellite phones within these structures. The logs mention the kuliltu, Rusalki (the lady robots), and The Old Machines. this time around, Trace is at his computer, states something like "Ha!

There are two endings.

After doing so, the Rusalki are once again free to move about above the planet's surface, and Elsenova chooses to kill Athetos. And she is the only one who has ventured into the breach, the only part of Trace's mind to venture into reality. Trace with no memory of Sudra wakes from his coma and is obsessed with it; he has to go back. Or perhaps it's all a dream and multiple yous showing up is supposed to clue him into reality not being real. How he considers mankind to be any different is anyone's guess though.

Which, if written by Ophelia, follows the Ego's purpose, to modulate the Id and Super-Ego. I got the same ending as everyone else with the same bit after the credits where Athetos shows up and shoots you happening only the second time. I wonder if beating or not beating him under different conditions will get you different endings or something. After defeating Athetos, Trace asks her how he can go back to Earth as a mass-murderer, to which Elsenova replies that he needs not worry—they have "taken care of it". Trace going back in time to the point of the lab accident is all a dream, contrived by the Rusalki, specifically Veruska who can create dream algorithms, to give Trace a happy state of being, but at the same time preventing any possibility that he might once again become Athetos. What or who are the kuliltu? It's a wheelchair for a human figure.

To open it up would force Trace to deal with the outside world. They blacklist him and start calling him 'Athetos', a nickname that can be taken to mean 'one whose opinion is rejected'.[2].

It's possible it's a hallucination, but I don't think it is, given what ending you got. This section will contain any alternate interpretations to Axiom Verge's plot. By using this chamber, Trace also inadvertently leaves behind an imprint of himself. Saying "You can't hide from yourself.

@overnow: Hmm. Thanks to MrBeens on the GameFAQs forums for laying out the basis for this synospsis.[1]. Axiom Verge lays out its events through cutscenes and Notes hidden around the game. Agreed, the ambiguity is one of the game's main aspects that I enjoyed.

If I had to guess I'd say it was fudged a bit so that you can discover it later when that aspect of the story makes more sense and its close location to the first egg is hinting at. (im still waiting for someone to get the all green ending so i can get to see more). 0. Since they cannot stop Athetos in this state, Ophelia comes up with a new plan. That said as the game went on it seemed to back away from that. as near as I can tell, there is the "speed run" ending where Athetos tells you that you cannot run from yourself, and the "standard" ending wherein he shoots you. As everything increases in frequency or oscillation rate, the ability for ourselves to manifest our subconsious thoughts becomes greater. Let the reader take heart in knowing that this is just a story.

Created in the image (reflective inceptions of first source). Athetos decides that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and that the only way to bring this technology back to Earth means destroying the Sudrans, who would refuse passage between Earth and the world beyond.

They both want the Breach Attractor turned off, and they both have a bone to pick with the Sudrans. The reason Athetos can travel between simulations is because he realized the true state of the universe, and found a way to trick the simulation into permitting him to travel between universes. The "extra ending" happends after the credits and i think it depends on how many "green stats" ie high map% / high item% / low death / low time. So, we cannot take what either Elsenova or Athetos says at face-value. The Rusalki on the other hand, simply want to maintain the fragile state of Trace's psyche, something they cannot do with the breach attractor active.

Wouldn't it be nice for that game to have an alternate ending where you choose Athetos' side and fight against Elsenova? Like the Rusalki got present (player) Trace to fix the drones, and in turn they get better and can fix present Trace and make it so that he's not affected by the pathogen? Reviews: 1.

She will create a new copy of Trace, from his imprint when he first was healed, back when he first came to Sudra. At least in the fairly good percent/100% versions Trace is returned to Earth after the laser lab goes down and devotes himself to figuring out what's what.

As far as the note about "We're going beyond the Breach" I think that is not referring to the Trace you play as but referring to the many Athetos/Trace variants that make their way to Sudra and subsequently become the bosses as they were not protected like the final boss Athetos was. from what I have seen, there are only "three" endings, if you count NOT getting a stinger scene after the credits roll. I can't imagine trying to take him on in a no-death run. It's hard to tell with all the cloning going on if Athetos is an older version of your Trace or just another clone, or the original and you're the clone. Using Remote Drones, they manage to destroy Katrahaska and Athetos's mobile pathogen protection, forcing Athetos to retreat to a hideaway in Mar-Uru, far above the surface of Sudra. As a result, Trace begins to improve from his delusional state. The game in and of itself is a paradox or caught in a catch 22.. Second, back on Earth, when Trace nears his goal of returning to Sudra, Athetos seemingly pays him a visit!

Then he shoots you. If he did his captors (the Rusalki; his Psyche) would have to face the music and the delusion would shatter, killing the hero Trace that doesn't really exist in the process.

If you think about it, there's nothing in the game to imply that Elsenova can send Trace back through time. at the end of this one, he does not shoot you and instead asks something to the effect of "what are you running from, you cannot outrun yourself". Axiom Verge lays out its events through cutscenes and Notes hidden around the game.

Please also visit the Lore Discussion Forum for questions, controversial ideas, and theories. Feeling secure in his army, Athetos goes on the offensive with biological warfare, creating a pathogen that wipes out the Sudrans almost entirely. It is pretty sparse and you kinda have to piece it together yourself but I think I have a least a good portion of this figured except for whatever is the exact reason why Athetos variants slowly become hulking monsters over time.

If there is one thing I will share that has avowed me greater peace of mind, it is my new found practice of Surya Yoga, Togal, or sun gazing, which is considered perhaps the highest and fastest path to union.

But the Alternate Interpretations section contains variations on this. Athetos is slowly winning this stalemate from a distance by disabling the drones with the help of the one Rusalki who turned on the others, and who the others don't seem to know that well or trust (very unexplained), BUT when they then destroy that Rusalki they gain information that an Athetos used one of the rebirth eggs thousands of years in the past and they could revive a clone from that moment and use him to their ends..... thus the beginning of the game.

For those within an algorithm it is reality. I just completed a low-percentage/under four hour run. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), SNES controllers do not work with this game. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. At first I thought this all some manner of dying or post death dream. I died a handful of times (mostly at the end thanks to the low percentage run softening my health/damage output) and one stupid mistake at the hallucination portion of the game.

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