Hamza Sheeraz, Mark Chamberlain, Jake Pettitt, Louie Lynn, Mickey Burke Jr and Florian Marku add to an exciting line up and tickets are available via AXS.com, Eventim and Ticketmaster and are priced as below: £300 – (Hospitality) Super-flyweight sensation Sunny Edwards meets Mexican Hiram Gallardo for the vacant IBF super-flyweight title. Gorman who died 2002 aged 57, was not only the self-styled “King of the Gypsies”, but celebrated in the shadowy world of illegal fighting as the Undefeated Bareknuckle Champion of Great Britain and Ireland. It was Boxing Day, 1953, and his family had gathered in the Three Horseshoes pub in Exhall for his aunt's wed-ding reception. Please Login or Register. In January 2002, hundreds of gypsies from across the country came to the town for his funeral after he died from liver cancer, aged 57. Hertfordshire, £50 – Tier “Then his men set upon me. He is also said to have had a secret mock sparring session with Muhammad Ali when the retired champion visited Birmingham in 1983. Most boxing matches of the early 1800s were conducted under the “London Rules,” which were based on a set of rules laid down by an English boxer, Jack Broughton, in 1743. BARTLEY 'GORMAN KING OF THE GYPSEYS BARTLEY 'GORMAN KING OF THE GYPSEYS. Listen to the interview by clicking on the links below. Bartley saw his passive uncle killed before his very eyes by one punch thrown by a rogue showman. [9] Bartley detailed in his book: "I showed up at 10.30am, the agreed time, but he (Donahue) was no where to be seen. £200 – Floor So matches tended to be long battles of endurance.

.”. A staunch anti-abortionist, he drew attention to his cause by organising a “hedgehog barbecue”, to which he invited Tony Blair and the Prince of Wales.

And there was a 30-second rest period between each round. Between 1972-1992, he reigned supreme in the world of illegal gypsy boxing.

The illegality of bare knuckle boxing rendered Gorman’s chosen pursuit all the more perilous. I was beaten senseless.". Then, before horse racing was to become the sport of kings, boxing was the sport of the landed gentry, the super-rich nobility and the Regency Bucks. listeners: [], Ground Floor, They pushed a bar into my mouth and down my throat, knocking out my front teeth.

Shanes 10 minutes channel 4 documentary on Bartley Gorman.

That would be great if you could be allowed to put it up. Email: webmaster@frankwarren.com

Bartley came from a rich heritage of fighters and many of his forefathers had been champion gypsy boxers before him.

Just click on the link below. I started to kick out my legs, and with that they started trying to saw my legs off . Several relatives of Gorman have become professional boxers in recent years, including Nathan Gorman,[2][3] Hughie Fury and Tyson Fury. Please? hey, come on, we should at least have the right to haggle! For Uttoxeter he was a bit of a 'a town treasure' and they even honoured Bartley by putting his name on their Millennium monument alongside such illustrious Staffordshire greats as Joseph Bamford, who founded JCB.


HE WAS A TRUE GORMAN ,A TRUE GENT POLITE AND A GREAT FAMILY MAN. A film based on King of the Gypsies is currently in production and feature film rights are in negotiation. The fight would end when one of the fighters could not stand, or could not make it to the scratch line.

Gorman's biography 'King of the Gypsies', written with the help of Peter Walsh, was completed just before Gorman's death. [1] Between 1972–1992, he reigned supreme in the world of illegal gypsy boxing.

bartley gorman bartley gorman chose the hardest game in the world and won. Gorman tells an uncompromising but touching story of a man compelled by the weight of his own violent family history to fight and suffer pain. But I'd feel bad without Shane's permission as Dave says above. The 1999 Comedy Drama 'A Room for Romeo Brass' featuring Paddy Considine who played the part of Morrell based his accent on Gormans. He would never fight a “normal man”, because “I am liable to kill him with one punch”. And it also has a certain value among collectors of memorabilia. And before Tyson Fury, who also claims to be a distant blood relative of Bartley Gorman, like his half-brother Tommy, came along he was known to as the original Gypsy King. } Tyson’s dad, Gypsy John Fury, also did his share in the roped-off paddocks between his 13 pro fights. I'll get the DVD version and put it up..... "It's Friday... it's teatime... it's Wiggin - let's have a CHIPPY TEA!

"Drop Your Shorts" - Twitter exposure for shorts! Bartley became a living legend, and to a certain extent put the small market town of Uttoxeter on the map. BBC Radio Stoke's Tim Wedgwood spoke to Gorman's biographer, Peter Walsh. And because the fighters punched with bare hands, they could break their own hands by attempting knock-out punches to their opponent’s heads. They would hurt me and make me cry, but all the time I was crying I was still fighting.”. ", No worries Dave I'll leave it to you mate and you probably have a better quality version than an old VHS tape ;D. Yeah my version is from VHS to DVD so isn't great quality, so we'll leave it to you Dave! Following the rest period, each fighter would have eight seconds to come to what was known as the “scratch line” in the middle of the ring. None of us have felt it would be wise without having approval from the horse's mouth! He was undefeated over the next 25 years of bare-fisted bouts, which took place down a mine shaft, in a quarry, at horse fairs, on camp sites, in bars and on the street.

window.mc4wp = { every gorman throughout the world knows or should know of bartley gorman. In fact, Ali was one of his heroes, and Bartley based much of his fighting traits on the boxing skills of 'The Greatest'.

"Maybe I'll always be the one and only girl for me". As young boys today seek to emulate the skills of David Beckham, young gypsy boys would dream of being the champion boxer of their patch. scouse. ), Bartley settled to build his own house on the outskirts of Uttoxeter and for the remaining 10 years, was able to watch the rise of the next breed of gypsy fighters. I am told they will be worth a good few quid to my grandkids when I finally go to the great referee in the sky. He was a lovely man with a wicked sense of humour but a streak of melancholy that never left him.”. cheers shane, as xmas presents go that one beats the socks and shower gel by an acre. Shanes 10 minutes channel 4 documentary on Bartley Gorman.

on: function (event, callback) { How close to christmas are we talking about.

callback: callback Post by Autobarn » 17 Dec 2016, 14:40 Stevieb8006 wrote: His second cousin and promotor who's name cannot be typed on this website said he was a big bully without much skill. Returning after an impressive debut is Kent bantamweight Dennis McCann. Gorman's autobiography King of the Gypsies, written with the help of Peter Walsh, was completed just before Gorman's death. Affiliation 1 Department of Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA. window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ Web: http:/www.frankwarren.com. The basic premise of the Broughton Rules, and the subsequent London Prize Ring Rules, were that a round in a fight would last until a man went down.

Bartley Gorman was the most famous bareknuckle fighter of modern times. Bartley Gorman V (1 March 1944 – 18 January 2002) was a Traveller, who was a bare-knuckle boxer of Irish descent, and was champion of the United Kingdom and Ireland, often being referred to as King of the Gypsies.

Gorman lived in a traveller site in Uttoxeter, England, and that is where he lived out his final days. Bartley Gorman the fourth wasn’t a fighter, he was a great lover. Gorman, who was enormously proud of his heritage, and who settled in his adopted home town of Uttoxeter in East Staffordshire, was feared and respected in equal measure. Then there’s Bartley Gorman the fifth. The biography even reveals the secret lineage of the gypsy champions and unveils unique photographs of the top fighting men of today. Gorman also tried to set up a “rehabilitation camp”, where he planned to teach New Age travellers how to become proper Romanies. Bartley saw his uncle killed by one punch thrown by a rogue showman. EN10 6NH.

It is still very much alive and punching. Among the opponents from the underground boxing scene to whom he delivered a bare knuckle sandwich were Lenny McClean and ‘Pretty Boy’ Roy Shaw. every gorman throughout the world knows or should know of bartley gorman. Hundreds of gipsies from across the country came to the town for his funeral in January after he died from liver cancer. The show also features British Middleweight champion Liam Williams who clashes against France’s former European champion Karim Achour for the vacant WBC Silver middleweight crown. i feel like a little kid looking for his xmas presents... Bartley Gorman King of the Gypsies documentary. Can you add some other facts about Bartley Gorman?Do you know of relevant websites, other memorials, or accounts of his life that would be useful to know?Do his life and achievements have any lessons for us today?...If you can help, or have comments let us know by commenting on the messageboard. } Shane Meadows filmed a documentary entitled King of the Gypsies, interviewing Gorman about his life in 1995. (function() { Well.... the lucky few of us which got hold of Shane's home-made collection of short films via the Shane's World competition have had that documentary for a while.

Dam, this makes me less of the few that have seen it/own it! What a guy, just read his book and found it to be one of the best books I have ever read. But if you want to know the ins and outs of bare knuckle boxing then sit down for hour or so with Nathan Gorman, who fights Daniel Dubois for the British vacant British heavyweight title at London’s O2 on July 13 – with gloves on of course. Red-haired gipsy boy Bartley Gorman was only nine years old when he first witnessed the misery that violence brings. Between 1972–1992, he reigned supreme in the world of illegal gypsy boxing. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Great Cambridge Road, [4], Gorman was born in Nottingham, England to a Welsh father and Irish mother, both Travellers, on 1 March 1944. Between 1972–1992, he reigned supreme in the world of illegal gypsy boxing. The old VHS quality isnt fantastic but is … WBO super-featherweight champion Archie Sharp risks his crown against Jordan McCorry. scouse. For the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises, actor Tom Hardy revealed that he used Gorman's voice as one of the inspirations for the accent of Bane. } [5], Gorman had his first bare-knuckle fight at the age of 12. })().

The Marquess of Queensberry Rules, which superseded the London Rules in 1867 and on which modern boxing is based, were the first to mandate the use of gloves in boxing.

ha ha. He recalled on one occasion squaring up to a “so-called champion”. Post Mar 28, 2006 #1 2006-03-28T14:05.

Gorman claimed to remain unbeaten until his retirement from boxing in 1992, with his last fight being a draw with Graeme O'Laughlan (Kennedy).

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