This hybrid will make a wonderful family dog to an experienced owner that has the time and space and for them! These dogs are famous goofy balls – their silly antics are bound to keep you amused any and every day. The Miniature Boxer is an alert dog so she makes a good watchdog who will alert you to an intruder. Golden Retriever x Boxer = Golden Boxer (L'inverse marche aussi.) Due to the size similarities across the Boxer and the Pitbull, it doesn’t really matter which breed is the sire or dam, but you can get a good idea of how big your puppy will be by looking at the parents: Their size will also depend on which Pitbull type the parent is, if it’s not an American Pitbull Terrier (APT). The Boston Boxer is not a purebred dog. With consistency, this breed is moderately easy to train but can be stubborn and therefore we do not recommend them as a choice for novice dog owners. Just be mindful with those smaller bodies – their size and energy mean its relatively easy to knock people over. Bouledogue Anglais x Boxer = Bullxer. Pitoxers have a broad, large head and a relatively short muzzle owing to the brachycephalic nature of the Boxer and the moderately-long muzzle of the Pit Bull. They are likely to have a high prey drive and can be guarded around strangers, so proper training and socialization are important for this breed. These types of dogs are intentional and referred to as “designer dogs.”  Boxers will also “accidentally” mate with other parent purebreds, producing an unknown breed as an outcome. If you’re considering owning a Boxer, being open to a Boxer mix can lead to a healthier and more unique pup. That’s why you’ve got to pay attention to what you feed it. A true pack leader takes care of the needs of the pack. These animals deserve an owner who can train them with gentleness yet tempered with firmness. They are calm and gentle with people. Today's Furry Friend is Lily, the Boxer Terrier mix! In the hands of a capable, compassionate yet firm trainer or dog owner, the American Pit Bull Terrier is an adorable breed. Super loyal, and sweet. If you are looking for a puppy, you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 – $1000 USD and this will vary depending on the breeder. The Boxer was bred in Germany in the late 1800s and comes from hunting dogs. The same is true with the Boxer’s tendency to be suspicious with strangers. Pamper it with love and affection while instilling appropriate discipline can make it the best four-legged companion for the family. This dog may not be a giant, but it is very heavy. A Pitbull is actually just a class of dogs which includes the: More often than not, in this Pitbull Boxer Mix, either it is the Brindle or Red nose American Pitbull Terrier that is the parent. Her head is rounded and she has a short muzzle. Just try to look at this photo without saying “awwwww!” Can’t do it, can ya? If I really had to choose a favorite I think it would be Saint Bexer. The Boxweiler is a large breed, usually falling between 70 to 100 pounds. You need to be on your game when training this guy (but don’t let that put you off). Boxweiler (Rottweiler/Boxer) With a great sense of attention, the Boxweiler is there to keep his loved … Dogs learn through operant conditioning – that is, they learn based on the response to their behavior. It has a very friendly disposition, too. The bonus here, is that a smooth coat falls low on grooming maintenance. They include micro-chipping, spaying, blood tests, shots, deworming and she will also need some basics like a crate, carrier bag, bowls, collar and leash. This beautiful hybrid’s appearance can vary but tends to favor that of a Pitbull. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it is certainly indisputable that this breed is a cheerful, vibrant and spirited pup that can make a great addition to any family. His background is not exactly known. Playful and adaptable, the Bullboxer Pit draws its temperament partly from its parents, but mostly from the way it is raised by its human family. They are likely to have a large and muscular physique with high intelligence and vigor. Both of their parent breeds are very athletic, especially with the Akita’s rich history has a working dog. This mix provides a wonderful alternative for families looking to adopt a Boxer but does not have space for a large-sized companion. We’ve had her for several years. The Golden Boxer is considered a large dog, usually weighing between 60 to 75 pounds. Sure, it doesn’t have dashing good looks to go with its muscular and well-toned built, but its mood-mirroring expressions can easily warm any heart regardless of how stone-cold it can be. It’s understandable because it’s a lot easier to bring dogs to a clandestine location than a bull or a bear. This is what keeps it sane. Her name is Sadie. They tend to be a large-to-medium-sized working dog who has a very sweet disposition, despite both their parents’ histories as fighting dogs. We got her toys, but she had no interest in them. When trained and socialized correctly, they will adapt to any family dynamic; being brilliant with kids of all ages. How can a breed with an adorable name like Boxmas not steal your heart? To have the best chance at a healthy puppy who grows into a healthy dog ask to see health clearances when buying and only buy from trustworthy breeders. However, the Boxer has a tendency to be wary of people they don’t know and Rottweilers can also be suspicious of strangers and show signs of aggression when not properly socialized. Source 8. Remember, a dog is best defined by how its owner interacted with it and cared for it growing up. You would struggle to find a more adaptable dog. They can also be found at different boxer shelters around the world, so we always recommend you adopt before you shop. I saw boxer in him, he has a stubby and others saw pit bull including myself I saw terrier. Because of this, we do not recommend this mix to adopters with small children and emphasize socialization and training as especially important for this breed. Stays, comes when called, learns quick. You can expect a devoted and protective pup in a Boxer and Rottweiler mix. It is usually shorter by several inches than the Boxer, but can weigh up to 15 pounds heavier at a maximum of 85 pounds. The Bullboxer is a medium to large cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Boxer. She has a square jaw, floppy ears, an under bite, deep chests and muscled legs. You have successfully joined our pup pack. Aortic stenosis – a congenital heart defect found in large breeds. This energetic breed is a mix between a Border Collie and a … Bullboxer Pits require lots of calories especially if you’re going to train it as a working dog. Early training and socialization are important to help her get on better with other dogs and to minimize the small animal hunting in the yard if that is something you want to control. Bullboxers are known to drool quite a bit so be prepared for some wet kisses! They generally weigh around 60 pounds and sport a short coat with varying colors, commonly seen in white or golden. Properly socialized and well-adjusted, this mix will be intelligent, highly trainable, loyal and exceptionally loving. It never hurts them, yet provides a means by which order can be observed. They are absolutely thee best dogs I’ve ever had. I had a stafy pitmix that died 13 years. Pitbulls originated in Britain. She will listen to you but she can be stubborn and strong willed so there may be times when she just does not want to do it or she feels she knows a better way! Females are shorter by about an inch or two. Dog DNA Tests; Other Names . It is not a hunter, after all. December 6, 2019 Just head over to our quick-and-easy photo uploader! He is my best buddy, loves to play, cuddle, socialize with other dogs is protective and loving. She’s the very best companion I’ve ever had!! These are quite common, but they can be addressed by sound nutrition. It is imperative that the American Bullboxer be walked at least 60 minutes twice a day. While the 1990s is generally thought of as the period when people began looking at crossbreeds with greater interest, these dogs have been around for many years. The Pitoxer takes many of the fine (and not-so-fine) qualities of its parents regardless of what designer dog breeders tell you. Lily is described as wanting to please, so she will stop when she is told no. But there’s something about the Bullboxer Pit that makes it quite an adorable medium-sized hound. Just head on over to our photo submission page and load ’em up! When socialized from an early age, the Boxer Pitbull Mix makes friends with everyone: other dogs, people, even other pets in the home. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. It may also allow for the possibility of a mixed breed shelter dog to find a forever home. Both of their parent breeds can exhibit a guarded and suspicious nature, the GSD more so than a Boxer. He perhaps wanted to create a dog that has all the characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier, but with the gentler and more amiable character of the Boxer. Australian Shepherds are herding canines and Boxers have backgrounds as hunters and guards. The Pixoter, American Bullboxer, or Bullboxer Pit… whatever you call this special breed, one thing is for certain, they are loyal, intelligent and vibrant! She will need you to include her in family activities, offer her lots of attention and affection, take her for a moderate amount of exercise and stay positive when training. They are more commonly found in brindle or fawn. Below we look at 20 of the most popular boxer breeds along with a little information about each of them. Other than that, you’ll barely hear a peep from them – that and their house-shattering snoring! He perhaps wanted to create a dog that has all the characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier, but with the gentler and more amiable character of the Boxer. These days, some breeders breed the Boston Terrier mixed with purebred Boxer i.e. A well-adjusted Boxweiler is energetic, playful and very sweet. He does not do well in either extreme temperature. Due to other commonalities between the Boxer and Border Collie, this mix is certain to have high-energy and high-intelligence with vigorous exercise demands. Best suited to active families, who are super energetic, this mix needs upwards of 60 minutes exercise every day. As a family pet, this exercise can be split up among all members or taken as a family unit. When she was younger, she would chew up things when we were gone. Both breeds own similar features except by their sizes. They are family pets that can be trained to have good social skills, but they can still be touchy about their territory, so keep an eye on them. This can affect their trainability and they require an owner with a disciplined and patient approach. This mix provides a wonderful alternative for families looking to adopt a Boxer but does not have space for a large-sized companion. You can share with us your thoughts about the possible origins of this designer dog breed and we’d be happy to share it with the rest of our avid readers. Without proper stimulation, this clever breed is likely to get into all kinds of trouble, including destructive behaviors. Given proper boundaries and training, this mix is incredibly affectionate and loving but requires a firm handler who can wrangle their more aggressive and stubborn tendencies.

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