Alex Oldenburg is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed. The bump on the back of a puppy’s head that causes them to look like a pointy head puppy is officially known as the occiput.

Why Do Dogs Get Bone Spurs? A histiocytoma is a benign skin tumor usually seen on younger dogs, often three years old or under. Fewer than half of lumps and bumps you find on a dog are malignant, or cancerous. Many dogs with heart failure cough and this coughing of course concerns many dog owners. This large bump on the dogs head is actually the occipital bone which can be more prominent in both breeds and individual dogs. In this article, we’ll be exploring the reasons for a pointy head on your puppy, if you should be concerned about it, and breeds that are prone to this condition.

You can read about lumps and bumps in dogs here If the lump has a small hole in the center with mucus in it then it might be a cuterebra larva. Unless you’re sure about the cause of a lump or bump, bring your dog in for an exam. If so, surgery can usually remove the lump. In the majority of cases, a pronounced occiput is perfectly normal in a growing puppy. On one schedule of intelligence, a Labrador Retriever may rank incredibly well for their ability to work with their owner and their high level of train-ability. Did it seem to appear suddenly?

Read our, The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. All lumps should be checked by a veterinarian, especially if your pet acts lethargic, seems to be in pain, has a drastic change in habits, or keeps licking or rubbing the lump. If your dog develops any new suspicious lumps or bumps on his head, please see your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The bump is often referred to as the “Smart Bump” or the “Knowledge Bump” after all. Due to its protruding feature, the possibility to bump on hard surfaces is also possible. For instance, the bump is particularly noticeable in hounds, particularly the bloodhound. Still, they can look the same from the outside, so it’s hard to tell. Occiput or Wisdom Bump: A Dog Feature That Is Often Linked with Intelligence. She is an avid dog lover and runs her own dog training company, MESSY Dog LLC. Many dog owners though still like to proudly refer to it as their dog’s “smart bump” for the simple fact that in the old days having such a bump at the top of the head was considered a sign of intelligence. Even the popular dog from Disney, Pluto has that noticeable bump on his head. These usually appear around the head where the fur … Does a pointy head indicate intelligence in my puppy. Marie Capell is a life-long dog lover and together with her husband founded HoundGames. Some dog owners proudly call the bump on their dog's head the "smart bump" because in the olden days, dogs blessed with this bump were thought to be more intelligent, and the more pronounced the bump, the smarter the dog. Rather, in dogs fainting is, more often than not, not triggered by a strong emotional response, but sign of something not right in the health department. “phewww.” At one … Read more Can Dogs Get a Concussion? If you notice any large changes in the occiput, or you find any additional bumps on the dog’s head, it’s definitely cause for concern. Of course, it also goes without saying that this bump doesn’t detract at all from what a gorgeous animal they all truly are. She is also the founder of The Vetitud, a site for veterinary professionals. However, if you are concerned, you can absolutely have your veterinarian take a look at your puppy. What was the initial shape, color, and size, and if any of these details have changed since the first discovery?

Occiput which is the official name of the bony protuberance in the head of the dog is also known as wisdom bump, knowledge knot, or knowledge bump. While these symptoms are common to MMM, the official diagnosis occurs through a muscle biopsy or a blood test. The same goes for lumps that are in certain areas, like the face or paws, where surgery -- if needed -- is more complicated, the bigger the growth. A histiocytoma is a benign skin tumor usually seen on younger dogs, often three years old or under. The dog's occiput is a bony protuberance on the dog's head and its primary role is to protect the dog's bones of the skull and brain. This type of skin tumor usually has a bright red button-like appearance and can appear overnight. What causes lumps and bumps on pets? Dr. Smith is part of The Spruce Pets' veterinary review board. This is one of the reasons that you should take your puppy to the veterinarian if you notice changes in them or their structure, including the pain associated with MMM. When dogs get yeast infections on their feet, they tend to develop annoying signs such as licking and biting the paws.

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