Supporting Makoto, Byakuya and the remaining students voted for Hope - causing Junko to fall into one last episode of despair shortly before she executed herself in The Ultimate Punishment. ", "That's true enough. If you're 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Ultimate Affluent Progeny (超高校級の「御曹司」, chō kōkō kyū no “onzōshi”; English: "Super High-School Level Heir"). Byakuya has a tall, slim figure and usually dons a black suit. Ultimate Imposter He is also quick to zero in on suspects without alibis - or those who seem to be most suspicious - as shown in the fifth school trial when Kyoko did not have credible alibis to support her absence, although it became obvious that, having spent much time within a highly competitive environment, he was unable to account for the human factor, thereby committing errors in judgment when attempting to resolve the death of Sakura Ogami. Is this really how much you care about me?

Perhaps the intel itself was a trap to lure us here..." (, "So you don't even know Monokuma? It's true what you said. ", "It looks like you guys have stopped playing nice. During Chapter 5 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, if the player chooses to call out Kyoko Kirigiri's lie, it triggers a non-canonical bad ending in which Kyoko is executed. Makoto tried to intervene, but became the target for Mondo's attack instead, resulting in Mondo knocking him out in a fit of rage. At the conclusion of the incident, the survivors found Byakuya, who explained that the event they had just suffered through had to happen to so that a future prophecy could be fulfilled. You look tired. You have no right to decline. FANON Before he entered Hope's Peak Academy, all of the schools he enrolled in to were exclusive ones. Dislikes He assisted the survivors in escaping Junko Enoshima's clutches and returned with them to the real world, where he reunited with Kyoko Kirigiri. Byakuya chose to fight the Dark Presence alongside the Diver until a time when he could return home.

Later, he became more and more arrogant, considering himself (and his opinions) to be superior to everybody else. ", "If you just skim over the surface of a source of information, it slides right off of you.

Makoto's speech to Byakuya helped him move past the initial shock of what Junko had revealed about his family, and he declared that as long as he were alive, the Togami Family would never truly die. ", "You know how much I hate being annoyed. Falling asleep unprotected is the height of folly. His given name Byakuya (白夜) means "white night", referring to the Midnight Sun experienced in the Arctic or Antarctic circles.

For example, when they started considering a light novel with Togami as the protagonist, the conversation got derailed into jokes like "It’d be nice to have a story where the Togami Conglomerate goes bankrupt and Togami lives in poverty", "Togami is a very proud man, so he would totally dress fancy to pretend he’s not broke".[7]. Whilst at the library, before going back to his room, Byakuya noticed Mondo leaving the girl's changing room and had a look inside, noticing the dead body of Chihiro Fujisaki. He has a silver pocket watch in his suit breast pocket and had the pin of his former highschool on his lapel. Even if we're far apart, our feelings towards each other will never change" he counters her delusion by saying "Yes, that's correct. After the further deaths of their classmates, the students were forced into an investigation to identify the missing 16th student and ultimately deduced that the true mastermind of the killing game was Junko Enoshima. Wanting to end despair across all universes, the Future Foundation gathered what info they could, eventually learning of the Arch Demon and the threat he was to the multiverse. Considera a casi todo el mundo como inferior, ya que siendo el menor, consiguió vencer a sus 14 hermanas y hermanos en la lucha por ser el heredero único del grupo Togami. It was then that the lights went out and the school began to shake. ", "New clues won't magically appear by standing around here.

I'm trying to...apologize here.

Byakuya would try to escape, only to come out into a cold and snowy place and eventually die from his wounds and the cold. Byakuya took this opportunity to take control of the situation, revealing that the bracelets the players were using as keys worked even after the players died. After he landed, Byakuya had Hiro and his men planted explosives to blow open the sealed entrance. Feel free to begin calling me that, in fact.".

Tiene conocimientos avanzados de francés. Isn't it obvious? In the finale of Danganronpa 2, when the real Byakuya Togami appears, Akane believes it's the Byakuya that she knew and pities him for being so skinny.

Byakuya became a member of the 14th Branch of the Future Foundation, 14th Division, which was tasked with public relations; spreading news of Future Foundation's activities to the public. Not that someone like, "Fate dictates that members of the herd such as, "Honesty is a virtue, but also a good way to shorten your life span. Goodbye. People speculate that he likes Makoto Naegi, which is unproven. He wears a black suit, with a white shirt and a green tie. To cement this plan, Byakuya took out the gun he had secretly taken from Meira's body and shot Jason Cortez Wilson dead. If you want to be acknowledged by a Togami, get results. We agreed this is what we have to do. Anything can happen, so prepare yourselves. ", "I don't want to kill anyone. The remaining survivors: Aoi, Byakuya, Makoto and Yasuhiro live peacefully inside the school for the rest of their days, with Aoi having the children of Byakuya, Makoto, and Yasuhiro. Byakuya thanked Makoto for giving the Class 77-B the chance for redemption, expressing that hope was infectious even though it came at a heavy price. In Class Trials, Byakuya is usually the first to spot weaknesses and apparent logical fallacies within others' statements. ", "Everything comes down to this moment. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. A menudo es frío, contundente y taciturno, pero tiene una tendencia sinuosamente manipuladora. Non-binary/Slash. You better not be hurt by anyone else. Unknown Byakuya suspected that Monaca Towa was behind the killing game, and contacted Toko and Komaru, who are still in Towa City, to go after her, and sent some of his own men to go find her. So I don't. Tiene un alto concepto de su persona, rayana en la perfección, y desconfía de todo y todos. In Chapter 6, he killed Toko. Queer Coding Edit. Byakuya was later found at the final door, where he had Bailey taken hostage. Like the battle he had faced with to earn his place in the Togami family, he decided to treat the Killing Game as the game is claimed to be, one he intended to win.

Understanding that someone had to be made to pay for what occurred, Byakuya allowed himself to be arrested by the Coalition. Free Time Events are also considered somewhat questionably canonical due to the nature of how Free Time Events are accessed (in that some characters' Free Time Events cannot be fully completed during the course of the canon game storyline due to limitations on the number of interactions you can have with them during one playthrough, and thus can only be accessed after they have canonically died either through a second playthrough or via School Mode). I would lose my temper if you got yourself hurt without my permission. He has short blond hair and he wears white framed glasses. ", Chapter 2: "Hmph, still so much to learn.

It gives me chills to think I'll have to live here along with you unwashed masses... Well, whatever. Byakuya reasoned that the true goal of the game was for the non-players to realize this, take out the players, and use the bracelets for themselves. He has short, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and wears white framed glasses. However, due to a number of holes in Tsumugi's story which make her an unreliable narrator, whether or not she was telling the truth is deliberately left up to the player's interpretation; as a result, it is up to the player whether they believe Byakuya's story within the Danganronpa series was real, or a fictional story written by Team Danganronpa and performed by an actor. As the players were to travel into numbered doors in order to unlock different areas of the school, Byakuya joined one of the groups, learning that non-players could move freely without restriction as long as players led the way.

I fear just looking at you can get something stuck to me.”, “That’s coming from the girl whose hobby is touching bodies. Status of Relationship Later when Toko and Makoto went to see Byakuya, he told them to get out and told Toko to take a bath, commenting on her smell. (, "The Captives are safe, thanks to the relative of that idiot we know so well.

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