0000096996 00000 n

See Caterpillar Asphalt Paver for sale ironplanet.com. 0000004538 00000 n

Operating Weight W/ Screed. 0000016592 00000 n MOUNT, SWIVE... CONTROL, BASE CAT G&S SYSTEM �L�3&_=���%�X�̟�|V4�pDg᱉?m700 INDICATOR, TOW POINT 0000001676 00000 n HÅÍâ0H=Èí%T3nsE¼�F{ȤEÎî ¤\jd€ízœYªQ�J��FÉtÎC-z˜Šï*Ø0ÈñƒRšÙ

Paving Width - Std.

0000026314 00000 n

PEDALS, DECELERATOR 408 0 obj <> endobj xref 408 24 0000000016 00000 n

See Caterpillar Asphalt Paver for sale rbauction.com. H��W�nG����>���r�)ű� � �@P4E��L�V�GA�Ƽ�.CQ�Cf�����^�bRu�����+%b6b�. 2012 CATERPILLAR AP1055E Track Asphalt Paver.

¹¦D™ã!L¤0kÈ°“nªfZZ"*r®†ıdÎêxE$rãB ¡¸lt8Ÿà Céºî)òğSÃØ�.ì&�Rq÷lé¶V–´ê Cat C6.6 with ACERT.

Cat® C6.6 Engine with ACERT™ Technology Gross Power (SAE J1995) at 2200 rpm 129.5 kW/176 hp Net Power (ISO 9249) at 2200 rpm 121.9 kW/165.8 hp Operating Weight with AS4251C Screed 19 165 kg AP655D ® Asphalt Paver


0000005408 00000 n SEAT, VINYL SUSPENSION 0000001738 00000 n


%PDF-1.4 %���� 4560 EDMONTON, AB. Hopper/Paver . Find Caterpillar AP655, AP-655D, AP655C and AP655F and other asphalt pavers for sale on Machinio.

8.6 lb. 10118 EDMONTON, AB.

0000001890 00000 n x�b```�N>+a`e`c`a��dhppP��acdPwp�(Q(S�^%��Z��ς��Y��=`��uc��9*�L9�?㐻d���3��'eRg� �,�R8-q�a��r��g2&�l�q�7\T)c(js�Ye��dL�\�V��Ϟ EQUIPPED WITH: SCREET 8-16 FT | AUTOMATIC GRADE AND SLOPE CONTROL | SENSOR FEEDER | DUAL OPERATION STATION | VENTILATION SYSTEM | CANOPY | 80% UC | ORIGINAL PAINT | EXCELLENT MECHANICAL CONDITIONS.

CAT 3056 6 cyl - Extend-A-Mat 8' to 16' Ext Screed - Crown&Grade&Slope Controls - Dual Controls - Rubber Tracks - Ready to Work!USA EQUIPCO makes no guarantees as to actual hours; we can only report what can be v... Extend-a-Mat 8-16B - 8 ft - 16 ft hyd ext screed - Hopper exts - Dual ctrls - Rubber tracks - Ready to Work!USA EQUIPCO makes no guarantees as to actual hours; we can only report what can be visually observed. ��� ���[������ �`Р����4��Ḃ��&n� ��m�H0qy�s�;P������,EL� Z�S܂n0D02�T0Yr~`(Opg` � _Ɖ�Ӂq���v@�t�~ �0 �T~� endstream endobj 409 0 obj<> endobj 410 0 obj<> endobj 411 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/ExtGState<>>> endobj 412 0 obj[/Separation/Black#20Special 419 0 R 428 0 R] endobj 413 0 obj<> endobj 414 0 obj<> endobj 415 0 obj<>stream CATERPILLAR Asphalt Pavers Parts Catalogs, Service (workshop) Manuals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals in PDF format. S... TRACK HIGHWAY PAVER, CAT A53251C SCREED, WELL-MAINTAINED PAVER, READY TO WORK, Costruttore: CATERPILLAR | Modello: AP-655C | Condizione: Used | Hours: 7019, SCREED, ELECTRICAL HEATING SYSTEM Hours: 1325 h, 8 ft - 16 ft hyd ext screed, crown & slope ctrls, dual ctrls 42251.6 lb. 0000019738 00000 n ... Find Caterpillar AP655D Asphalt Paver for Sale . LIGHT, HAZARD 0000001815 00000 n Operational . Find Caterpillar AP1055D Asphalt Paver for Sale . 0000017069 00000 n

8.4 ft in.

lÉ"å¸ÑTºx2£ªy,™ÚµAµZe�VIܺ½›ˆYA¢¡Qœà2êí¤B–Kù˜*« ênä dâêkBj‰Lº“EõR�b$úAA}. For Sale Price: USD $89,000. 0000001241 00000 n 0000001458 00000 n

0000005606 00000 n Click request price for more information. HEATER, ENGINE COOLANT, 120V

0000015782 00000 n 0000004811 00000 n 2006 CATERPILLAR AP1055D Asphalt Paver. 0000001325 00000 n

0000096041 00000 n EXT, POWER FOR MANUAL ENDGATE 0000000776 00000 n

2012 CAT AP-655D.


Good condition Caterpillar AP655C Asphalt Pavers available between 2003 and 2005 years. Cat® AP555F Paver Features: Specifications: Engine – Powertrain Cat C4.4 ACERT™ Engine* 106 kW 144 hp (M), 142 hp (I) * Two engine options are available to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards as well as emissions equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA , and China Stage III.

�et4���$ؐ9���\$���R�VĚ ��Ј��! Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification.

2011 Caterpillar AP655D Tracked Asphalt Paver, Dual Controls - CATAP655KGNZ00370.

ADAPTER, VIBE SCREED CONTROL, BASE CAT G&S SYSTEM Fuel Capacity. Have 5 seconds to help us improve the results. Paving Width - Max. 11000 TORONTO, ON. 9425 PHOENIX, AZ. 2008 CATERPILLAR AP1055D Asphalt Paver. 0000004847 00000 n Track Asphalt Pavers Asphalt Equipment. GUIDE, STEERING EXT, POWER FOR MANUAL ENDGATE 0000003353 00000 n trailer <<665D67004FD311DCBD90000A95AC8154>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 431 0 obj<>stream KIT, DEFLECTOR AP655D Asphalt Paver features Cat® C6.6 engine with ACERT® Technology that is U.S. EPA Tier-3 engine emission compliant, dual-operating stations with Advisor Monitoring System, tilting consoles, exclusive Mobil-trac undercarriage or steel track undercarriage, high-capacity cooling system, belt or hydraulic-driven generator system, and Caterpillar's® material handling system with … ENDGATE, SIDE CRANK, HEATED ENDGATE, MANUAL 76.9 gal. 2008 CAT AP1055D Asphalt Paver.

Hopper Capacity. PUSH ROLLER, OSCILLATING FLASHING, STR HYD FOLD, MTS 0000105091 00000 n

Purchase today for USD $1,495.67/monthly* Hours: 5750 ... TRACK HIGHWAY PAVER, CAT A53251C SCREED, WELL-MAINTAINED PAVER, READY TO WORK Updated: Mon, Oct 26, 2020 7:38 AM. 0000004752 00000 n 4M Iron.

Located in USA and other countries.

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