It has the classic Jet-Tone B rim and a medium shallow to medium depth cup. It has a high alpha angle for a more gentle slope into the V-bowl cup.

The SH 1.25 has a soft, round, comfortable rim.

The Legends SuperCat was inspired by a mouthpiece played by the legendary Cat Anderson. The small inside diameter and shallow drop V cup are perfect for those demanding solo and lead jazz parts.

This mouthpiece is well suited for legit playing and screaming lead! Our 43 rim is functionally similar to Bach 2 3/4 C, 3, 3E, 3F, and Schilke 16 rims. You can consult our Ultimate Guide to Flugelhorn Shanks, or check with your manufacturer. Legends Brass ships worldwide via USPS Priority Mail and USPS International Priority Mail. Contact as to see what we can do for you.

It has some alpha angle for a more gentle slope into the cup. The Legends Banks has a semi-flat rim, medium to medium shallow cup, open throat and backbore.

This mouthpiece is equally equipped for solo, lead or jazz playing, with extra zing when needed.

Extremely cushioned rim, small inner diameter, extra shallow cup, 27 bore, large backbore. The rim is flat and thin, but comfortable. Standard (Large Morse Taper, not stamped), Bach (Small Morse Taper, marked with a “b”), French (Cylindrical shank for Couesnon-style receivers, marked with a “c”), – Mr. Bass – “Mr. The rim is semi-flat and very soft, with some undercut for chop room and bite. The JT 2D was inspired by the Jet-Tone 2D model. © 2020 Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces. Each cornet mouthpiece comes standard as a two-piece, screw rim model with the modern standard cornet shank. The throat is a #29, which is a little tighter than stock, and the backbore is the Legends Manhattan (very focused). It’s perfect for cool cats playing screaming upper register jazz and swing! INTERNATIONAL: (661) 775-8820 The L-15A4L has a semi-flat rim that is very comfortable. When Bob Reeves Brass inherited the mouthpiece line, he omitted the “C.M.” leaving only the Purviance name. The cup is shallow (similar to Bach E). Great intonation, solid slotting, rich beautiful tone from top to bottom of the range – this mouthpiece has it all. Typically, sound quality and response suffers, so we set out to design a line of mouthpieces that meets these new demands while keeping the core Reeves sound quality. The Legends MF FBL TM: inspired by a mouthpiece made for Maynard Ferguson by Jack Bell in the late 1960’s. Mr. Moss is famous in the world of Drum Corps International for his solos in the 1984 Spirit of Atlanta DCI Drum Corp. Medium-round, semi-narrow, with a medium-sharp bite. The cup is medium depth (similar to Bach C). Once returned, these mouthpieces must then be sold at a discount as 'demo' or 'used' pieces. The cups are designed with sound, intonation, and response in mind. It has a comfortable semi-round rim with a .663″ inside diameter. .626″ 10 1/2 CW (Wide Rim) Trumpet Mouthpiece, .642″ David Perrico Las Vegas Showroom Trumpet Mouthpiece, .680″ Pellegrini Philharmonic Trumpet Mouthpiece, International Loud, High & Tasteless Guild. We will never sell your information and you may unsubscribe any time. The throat is a tight #30 with the Legends Manhattan backbore, which is very focused. Our standard line of handcrafted mouthpieces consists of several hundred combinations of rims, cups, backbores, and shank options that cover all types of performance situations. Use this mouthpiece when you want to bring the fire!

It has a small inside diameter (.590″), a shallow, slightly convex V cup, and a #26 throat. This is very popular on our shallower cups (S and shallower). With this mouthpiece you’ll take center stage! Feel free to contact us if you would like a free mouthpiece consultation. Like to play high notes, but need more chop room? Mouthpieces that are out-of-stock will be made to order, and may take up to 12 weeks to ship. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get notified when we have sales, special events, and when new podcasts are posted.
Vintage and other custom shanks are available by request. The throat is an extremely open #23, and the backbore is a broad-sounding Legends Chicago. Today we refer to the one-piece models on the Purviance blank using the original model numbers, and the two-piece models on the Reeves blank using the RP or ®P model numbers. Shows you just how efficient he was.... Wow I can't imagine playing on a mp smaller than a 6a4a, however, I guess he did with great success, what a pea shooter. I play on a Marc.

The rim is round and the cup is a shallow V. This mouthpiece is perfect for those extended upper register riffs that made Maynard a legend! It has a traditional Bach-style rim, a cup based on a New York 3, and the throat is a #24. This one will take you back to the glory days of DCI! The backbore is efficient yet allows for a full sound and excellent projection. Has a more shallow cup, tighter throat and special backbore. Cat had huge lips. It has a wide slightly round rim and shallow cup. If the product you order is in stock, but you want gold plating, it will take about two weeks for the order to ship. It has a round, comfortable rim and a shallow cup (similar to a Bach E) that were inspired by a vintage Al Cass signature Dizzy Gillespie piece. Try it in the heavyweight blank for easy slotting, superior core, and excellent projection. The Legends JT AH S is based on a vintage re-issue Jet-Tone Model AHS mouthpiece.

It has an open throat (#25) and a Legends Chicago (broad) backbore for a free and open blow. Contact us for more information. The Legends Heim 2 is a modern creation that preserves the sought-after vintage elements of the original Heim 2 rim and cup, and adds a modern throat and backbore to maximize playability and sound for the modern jazz trumpeter. Any item can be returned. Wild Bill Davis, Cat Anderson, solos C AT ANDERSON BIO William Alonzo Anderson (12 September 1916 29 April 1981), known as Cat Anderson, was an American jazz trumpeter best-known for his long period playing with Duke Ellington's orchestra, and for his extremely wide range (more than five octaves), especially his playing in the higher registers. These are models we’ve made through the years that are frequently requested: CF – 43W rim, hybrid ES & S cup, 28 bore, 69 backbore, #5 shank, originally bent 12 degrees, JH – 3C rim, deep-S cup, 28 bore, 692 backbore, #4 shank, Zinger – 42 rim, shallow-S cup, 28 bore, modified 692s backbore, #5 shank, Bud Brisbois – Very narrow diameter (36/64″) Semi-flat, medium cushion rim, very little bite, cup similar to Mt. The Parduba-inspired double cup, slightly tight throat and focused backbore help the player achieve a brilliant solo tone and sonorous blended accompaniment.

The Matador rim is semi-flat, but rounded on the inside and outside for comfort.

Finally, a pic of Cat Anderson's mouthpiece. ALL FAXES: (661) 775-8821 Our physically largest backbore, the X is a popular choice for rotary trumpets and when a dark, warm sound is desired. The cup is medium shallow (similar to Bach D). The Power Blank has just enough mass to enhance the core of sound without taking any edge off the range. The Legends JT AH is based on a vintage Al Hirt Jet Tone mouthpiece. The range of cup sizes allow for a variety of playing styles, from high repiano cornet, to traditional jazz, to orchestral and classic brass band playing. Ideal for small bore tenor and alto trombone playing This mouthpiece has a small inside rim diameter (.580″), a wide comfortable rim, an extra shallow V bowl cup, and the Legends Vegas backbore. The cup is medium shallow, similar to Bach D. This piece is great for lead, legit, or any style of playing! Jeez, how'd he get a sound out of that thing? There is some undercut for chop room. Good if you like to power the upper register.

Contact us for more information. The Legends Fat-tastic: this model has a unique extremely wide and flat rim.

The post above or below may contain nuts. Vernon 3C mouthpiece, which he allowed us to scan. The L-BL3 has a semi-flat rim that is very soft and has a nice comfortable inside roundness. It has an inside rim diameter of .656″ and medium cup depth (similar to Bach C). It’s a bird! The rim is semi-flat but rounded on the inside and outside edges.

The Legends JT MF was inspired by a famous Jet-Tone mouthpiece played by the legendary Maynard Ferguson.

It must be in new condition (no exceptions). The throat is a #27, and the backbore is a Legends S. This is a good mouthpiece for solo, lead, and general playing. It’s a nice piece for general middle register playing. Special backbore with a “J” throat. The inside diameter is a small .590″.
The rim (.656″ ID) just melts into the cup, which is a medium shallow convex V. The Legends JT ST was inspired by a Dave Stahl Jet-Tone mouthpiece. It has an extremely wide round comfortable rim, but a small inside diameter (.600″). Shipping is free inside the USA. It has also been successfully used in major auditions to do the same.

Darker and broader tone than the 69 backbore but still with a well defined core. Legends Lightning: This is an extremely shallow, low cup-volume mouthpiece. An extremely efficient backbore. – 11C, one or two piece, standard small shank “Mercury Blank” 24.8mm rim, medium shallow cup. The cup is a very shallow drop V (similar to Bach F).

The Legends Showtime is a great piece for those players who need a little extra grip on the rim. The Legends S MF is based on a Schilke MF mouthpiece from the late 1980’s. The 692 works great for strong players who don’t prefer the efficiency of smaller backbores and for players who have tighter horns. The JT 7M is based on the Jet-Tone Studio Model 7M. The Superbucket will save the day! The restocking fee is meant to discourage this. If you’re really “Something” on lead trumpet, this mouthpiece is for you! Moderators:Moderator005, Moderator003, Hollywood70. The rim is round and the cup is a very shallow convex V. This mouthpiece is perfect for those extended upper register riffs that made Maynard a legend! The Legends JT CS was inspired by a Jet-Tone mouthpiece played by the legendary Charlie Shavers.

The Legends 7C: inspired by one of those traditional mouthpieces with which we all started, but updated with a Legends S backbore. The cup is very shallow (similar to Bach F). The inside rim diameter is .595″, and the cup is a medium shallow to shallow convex V. With this mouthpiece you’ll get that high voltage sound you’ve been searching for! This usually takes 8-10 weeks. The rim is semi-round, not too wide, and has some good undercut going into the cup.

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