This is copyrighted material that Dr. Plumb has accumulated by analyzing 500 faces of people in his office. If you have any spots or blemish on your face, then a Chinese acne face reading can be of assistance since it can help you finding the root cause of the problem with your pimples. Prominent cheek bones show that a person is bold while small cheek bones prefer to be private. You may know Dr. Oz from Oprah, or from his own TV show ”The Dr. Oz Show”. According to Chinese face reading, the round and raised moles with good brightness in pure red or dark black are auspicious. Another example on how Chinese face reading can give you clues about your health, is by studying your forehead. Dapibus ultrices in iaculis nunc. However, stress can affect other organs in your body as well and with a Chinese face reading you will get clues on the best treatment program for you. Notice whether the eyeball is set deep in the socket or whether it bulges outward. Thin eyebrows show fewer ideas with more focus. If the nose area (from the bottom to the top of the nose) is large, then ambition is the strong motivator in this person's life. Expressions of fun, thoughts, emotions and decisions are broadcast to the world by the shape and size of the features of the mouth. How to read the children line in female palm? If you want to heal yourself, it’s important to remember that body, mind and spirit go hand in hand. Scelerisque fermentum dui faucibus in ornare. Ear qualities reveal internal dialogue, learning speed and conformity. Go to the bottom of this page and take our Face Reading Self-Analysis. See below for the Chinese Face Reading Chart. Winter Is Here – Time To Balance Water Element, This article is mind provoking. It is true that the eyes are the window to the soul and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is the map which decodes the mind, body, and soul’s silent language. His dress told her nothing, but his face told her things which she was glad to know.” A. Luctus venenatis lectus magna fringilla urna porttitor rhoncus dolor purus. A broad chin can take adversity because it is physically and emotionally tough while a narrow chin is weaker and more tender-hearted. Libero enim sed faucibus turpis in eu mi bibendum neque. This may help you understand what issues you may be having with your body. Mouth angles down: pessimist in conversation, Mouth angles up: optimist in conversation, Straight and level: realist in conversation. Charmers can persuade people with their Blarney lip while reserved people speak with a thin lower lip. What is the Natural Way? Chinese healers have done face readings for thousands of years to diagnose diseases. Quick learners have highly placed ears, meaning most of the ear is above the nostrils. Commodo viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel. In Chinese medicine the water element corresponds to winter. I feel […], Meditation is a wonderful tool to help quiet the mind from the negative self-talk […]. Straight teeth represent good decisions, gaps are puns or jokes, big teeth are stubborn, small ones are kind, crooked teeth are conflicted and the thrust of the jaw can be short and shy or slung forward and aggressive. Compare this with Chinese Face Reading, called Siang Mien. Nibh tortor id aliquet lectus proin nibh nisl. A straight lower eyelid shows this person is more wary and defensive. Slant angles show degrees of optimism or pessimism. Nose qualities reveal money consciousness, work and career styles, and connections with people and family. Large and powerful jaws demonstrate physical strength while small jaws reveal a more refined and delicate constitution. Porttitor eget dolor morbi non arcu risus quis varius. Pharetra vel turpis nunc eget lorem. Hairs are the individual ideas of the thinking process. You see, the area around your eyes is connected with your kidney and liver meridians, according to Chinese medicine face reading. Ear Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy to Calm Your Mind. A large chin is found on a person who is demanding and aggressive while a small chin person is passive and compliant. Bibendum ut tristique et egestas. Forehead largest of three areas: intellectual, Forehead smallest of three areas: nonacademic. Thick at the beginning shows a great starter while thick at the end reveals a great finisher. Larger areas of the face are showing which areas of experience are more important to this person, whether the areas of thinking, ambition or sensuality. If they expand toward the jaws, read peacemaking. Below are some suggestions that may be of assistance in helping your face to heal from spots, acne, blemish, color changes etc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus, habitasse vitae. Chinese medicine healers often apply this technique to find clues about health issues. If you want to understand the root cause for your facial skin problem, then do a simple face reading. If there is a hump then you can read creativity, while if there is a depression you see a person of intuitive skill. The concept of reading someone's fa ce was "pretty out there " fo r me. The Chinese healers have also discovered that the facial skin is giving signs of internal changes much faster than any other part of the body, due to the skin’s sensitivity! Though I have a question, What […], Yes yes yes... this is wonderful it's exactly what I needed to hear. The curve or angle of the eyebrow lets you read the organization of thoughts. Relaxing more and go to bed early, are other important ways to nurture your energy. corresponds to an energy meridian that in turn connects to an internal organ. He opened his class by asking if anyone wanted their face read. This affects the way they see the world, either as a problem or as an opportunity. To get to the root cause with this problem, it can therefore be a good idea to check with a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor for a balancing treatment to improve your energy of the meridians/organs.

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