Meow! Occasionally, We have Retired Adult Cats Looking for Forever Homes. All of our cats and kittens are registered and shown with CFA - Cat Fancier's Association. and Best Bicolor/Bicolor Van for 2015/2016 in Region 6.

Use tabs at top of this page to view more . Our goal is to produce healthy, socialized Cornish Rex kittens for our exhibitor program, and for loving pet homes. Report suspicious listings by clicking on . particular and it is your responsibility to investigate before making a purchase

All Yarn Ball cats and kittens going to their new families, sign an agreement that they will NOT declaw their new cat or kitten. He has been potty trained and is very playful. Welcome to the Carolina Rexes Cattery, a Cornish Rex breeder. Please contact us @ our "Contact Us" page if you have further inquiries. Adorable and Precocious "Kesha" is currently Reserved. Here are frequently asked questions regarding our cats and kittens. – Healthy,loving curly babies from […] //-->,