The first Hijet received a 360 cc two-stroke engine, as was dictated by the kei car laws of the time. The Daihatsu Hijet is powered by a 1.3 liter … The eighth generation Hijet entered the marketplace in January 1994, after having first been shown at the 30th Tokyo Motor Show in October 1993, and continued to be built until replaced by the ninth generation in 1999. [14] Called the "Hijet Wide 55", to draw attention to its wider body and bigger 550 cc engine, this was the first Hijet to reach export markets in any serious numbers.

Daihatsu Hijet Truck Vehicle Specifications.|You can find good deal information of used car from here.|TCV [former tradecarview] is marketplace that sales used car from Japan. Since the Hijet Cargo also forms the basis for the passenger use Atrai, it too now has a front-mounted engine. Exterior dimensions also increased from 3.0 m × 1.3 m (118 in × 51 in) to 3.4 m × 1.475 m (134 in × 58 in). [18] There was also a handicap accessible version of the Hijet S65V, which could accommodate a folding wheel chair. [6] In February 1972, a new Van was presented, originally marketed as the "Slide Van" as it now featured sliding doors on both sides in addition to a top-hinged tailgate. From October 1983, this became a separate badge in the Japanese market,[6] where the Atrai remains separate from the more workmanlike Hijets. CRUISE TURBO SA III HIGH ROOF 4WD AT 0.66, CRUISE TURBO SA III HIGH ROOF 4WD MT 0.66, SPECIAL CLEAN SA III HIGH ROOF 4WD AT 0.66, SPECIAL CLEAN SA III NORMAL ROOF 4WD AT 0.66. "Hijet", when transliterated into Japanese, is very similar to "Midget", one of Daihatsu's other mini-trucks. This version continued in production until being replaced by the eight generation version in 1994. ※ Note that this price may differ in your country. In 2019, only 95 units of Hi-Max were sent to dealerships, compared to nearly 36,000 units of the larger Gran Max. In September 2014, the tenth generation Hijet cabover trucks was introduced, replacing the S200 line which had remained in production for a full fifteen years. In 1964, the Hijet received a facelift, replacing its cheerful body-colored grille with a more conventional chromed unit. From 1982, export versions generally received a torquier 843 cc three-cylinder engine (CD20), called the Daihatsu 850 Cab. [24] The two-wheel Jumbo was available with a fifth gear, as were some versions of the Atrai passenger van. JAPAN TIME: Nov / 06 / 2020 03:23 AM (JST). The New Line Cab was built from February 1966 until March 1968. Bigger bumpers meant that all Hijets built after this date are slightly longer, as the 360 received the same external changes simultaneously, including a new front clip. There was also a Hijet Climber series (two- or four-wheel drive), these were fitted with bigger off-road tires and a limited-slip differential.[25]. [32] A fuel injected, SOHC 6-valve engine with 44 PS (32 kW) (EF-ES) was standard on automatic cars and optional on five-speed manuals, which otherwise received a carburetted version with two horsepower less. In May the "Hijet EV", a fully electric version of the van, appeared - replacing the EV version of the seventh generation Hijet. Daihatsu Hijet dimensions (1986-2004) Load volume is excellent at 2.9 cubic metres.

Price of a brand-new car in Japanese market. This version has long outlived the original Hijet and is still in production. [15], Three months after the introduction of the pickups (in June 1977), a glassed van with sliding doors and also a "panel van" version were released.

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