Clips. • "JAW$!" The triplets are messing around by shooting at Webby's cork board, and accidentally hit Lena's picture.

's controls and controls the android boy to kill Louie. After Della reassures him that she'll be there for him, Huey lowers the barrier to head for the checkpoint, only for a large flying monster show up and wrecks the crops. Just then, Mr. Drake announces Doofus' presence with an elaborate performance, only for the latter appears behind Louie. Louie privately calls her out on this, and Goldie freely admits that she never wanted a partner; she plans to send Louie home so she can steal the bags herself.

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill! Louie and Goldie smirk at their success until Boyd rams them out of the pool with a shove. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill! However, Doofus has seized Beaks's cellphone with B.O.Y.D. Just then, Launchpad's avatar arrives trying to slay a dragon. • "The Great Dime Chase!" Louie and Goldie rationalize that if they expose the others as frauds, they can make off with all the gift bags. • "Moonvasion!"

Predictably, this gets Flintheart's attention and causes him to get into a fight with his dummy son. Beaks is thus ejected from the party by an angry Doofus.

Della blasts the dragon out of the sky with her arm laser cannon, granting her and Launchpad XP which they cash in for new jetpacks as Huey watches on wistfully.

Then a dream Beakley says she "needs to call animal control", which turns out to be another image of Magica. transfers half of Doofus' inheritance to his own bank account, which he generously shares with his new parents. As he only came into existence a day ago, the logic bomb causes Boyd to realize he's a robot and not a real boy, prompting him to go on a killer robot rampage, wrecking the party and falling into the pool, shorting out.

She shakes it off, but by the time she gets back, the boys and Violet have all turned in for the night. • "McMystery at McDuck McManor!"

• "Escape from the Impossibin!" • "The Golden Spear!" Awakening in the middle of the castle, Lena is now fully green, and Magica is now full in front of her, trying to use gaslighting to convince Lena to come back to her. Realizing that Beaks would have posted his son's baby photos for the social media attention, coupled with the B.O.Y.D. The scene when B.O.Y.D. So, they enter Dewey High, where Dewey sings because that's what you do in high school, water fountains put out basketballs, the cast of Dewey Dew-Night praises him. After getting smacked around, Magica uses a mirror to tell Lena to just give in since all this being good was just leading to hurt. Francisco AngonesMadison BatemanColeen EvansonChristian MagalhaesBob Snow • "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!" In the hallway, Louie tells Scrooge that working hard to make money doesn't work for him.

System!" His vision of himself as a "tall, distinguished, mature oldest sibling." • "Friendship Hates Magic!" The helmet Magica uses to enter and manipulate Lena's dreams comes from a Don Rosa comic in which the Beagle Boys try to do the same thing to Scrooge. • "Let's Get Dangerous!" • "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!" FANDOM. network, Louie deduces that Boyd is a robot designed to be the perfect son. Nighttime at Mcduck Manor. So, the whole group take to the sky to fly! "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" Glomgold is thus ejected from the party. A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!/Clips | DuckTales Wiki | Fandom. • "The Missing Links of Moorshire!" Since the Bin is no longer on a hill in the series, it now means the hill on which his mansion is built.

Louie reveals that Doofus accidentally left B.O.Y.D. Back at the party, Doofus swims while Louie chats with Sharkbomb about Goldie having the hots for Flintheart. Goldie easily sees through Louie's attempt, but the green-shirted triplet's knowledge of cons convinces her to stay.

Shocked, all the kids form a magical chain, loaded with blue friendship magic, pulling and trying to protect their friend.

While Lena is in denial about their situation at first, Violet deduces that they're clearly in a shared lucid dream brought on by Lena's magic. When probing a bit deeper, Lena eventually admits she's been having trouble sleeping, and wants to wake up to get them out of this situation, but as Huey points out, waking sleepwalkers is bad enough for the sleeper.

is the nineteenth episode of DuckTales's second season and forty-second episode of the full series overall.

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