Weight (g/m): 27.6, Due to current delays with USPS and increased fees, we have switched to UPS for 1 pound and over packages.

The Bee-Line 3/8" (10mm) eye to eye stitched tail allows the user to create a closed friction hitch, such as the Schwabisch, Prusik, or the Distel. Once a decent amount of rope weight is underneath it it will generally self tend very well if the rope & hitch are clean. Appropriate for use on 5/8” and larger flipline lanyards. Your cart:  Items,   It’s not immediately clear why this is but it has a lot to do with the fact the Wrench doesn’t actually take 50% of the load [as one length of rope would in DdRT]. Again, experiment for the best results. Hand spliced, steel locking snap. It also has a cool name. Hitch performance and characteristics are VERY dependent on the relationship between the chosen hitch cordage & rope - there are innumerable options so just experiment and find one that works for you. It’s quick, relatively low cost and keeps the stiff section above each eye as short as possible, thus allowing for the most compact hitch possible. The two-inch stitch pattern that creates the eyes is It lends itself towards guyline restraint systems when rigging. It combines reliable grabbing with relatively smooth opening into a sophisticated and still very relevant hitch. Most climbers’ experience of this hitch will be as a footlocking prusik for use in the [now redundant] footlocking event of climbing competitions. - 3/8" (10mm) eye to eye stitched tail - Available Length: 26" and 30" - Allows the user to create a closed friction hitch such as the Schwabisch prusik or the Distel - There are other hitches too; all require the user to practice tying and use prior to working at heights Though there are other hitches, all require the user to practice tying the knot and using it before working at height. Partial returns are accepted for only compete items. For a lanyard this isn’t a big deal. Our hip prusiks measure 28" from eye to eye. This can give you less control for landing big swings with style if used in a climbing system. In the same way as the Knut it may be a bit short to give you the control necessary for your main system. Our newest hitch cord is born from arborists’ constant requests for ever more durable gear that is also easy to manipulate in all types of weather conditions. 28” Eye-and-eye hip prusik made from Sterling 8mm prusik cord. There is less “sit back” with a Hitch Climber system. These wire-core prusiks had been tough to find, and our Canadian climbers had requested them for years. 28” Eye-to-eye. A Prusik Line with the Neon Orange and Tan, 8mm or Blue and Tan, 10mm!

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