A lot of businesses have vanity numbers that are actually 1800 toll free numbers such as: If you answer the call you likely won’t hear anything but static on the other end. crazily funny ways to answer the phone. Well, this line allows you to talk to the man in charge of deciding who gets what for Christmas. There are lots of other fun ones out there. Unless of course they used 800-Junk-Hunks. This method will never get old.

While the concept of funny numbers to call sounds interesting, many people are still left wondering what a funny phone number is. The entire process is quite hilarious too, making this one of the funniest yet somewhat useful prank numbers. Therefore if a call comes in the middle of the night, then you can say these legendary lines as it is one of the funniest ways to answer the phone. Why? Answer your next phone call by saying, “hello, it’s the fish market. This recording ends with some kind of creature roaring & the man delivering the message screaming before the line goes dead. Are you unable to tell whether you are drunk or sober? This one allows you to call the SCP Foundation. This can serve as an anonymous, yet subtle hint to conduct a post-meal breath-check. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thelifevirtue_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',161,'0','0']));daftly funny ways to answer the phone. But to fans of the games it sounds a lot like the phone guy.

So muster up all your acting skills as you will be answering the craziest call ever.

It will give your conversation a lively start for sure, and you might plan a meetup. Marketing is an investment, and like everything else in your portfolio, you expect to see a return. Whining and groaning, inconsiderately?

Imagine you saying this when a call comes in. Phone numbers to call when bored. So if you call the number & you can hear the sentences loud & clear then you have a strong connection. If you feel like things just aren’t going your way, give 605-475-6964 a call. It gets crazy like this when friends get together. 15 Ways to Let the World Know About Your Awesome Business, Using Educational Content to Win Over Your Ideal Customers. And the longer you listen the creepier these sentences get. Each city gets over 50,000 calls a month. You've reached the Rejection Hotline.". Apply your same skills when you answer the call or even make a call. Due to an emergency condition, we are operating with a reduced staff, and you may experience delay.” Did this give you inspiration to make your own hotline? You’ll also likely recognize a portion of the melody that plays when one of the animatronics is preparing to attack. I am sure it will be amazingly fun! Apply your same skills when you answer the call or even make a call. People have been able to translate the code which turns out to spell DEATH. My name is Dice Rollen. Response from the caller is unimaginable; What will he be wondering? According the experiences that some people have had with this number it could either be some sort of telemarketing scam or a deceased loved one trying to make contact with you. Here's the message you'll get, "Hello! If the boyfriend calls for a patch-up, utter these crazy lines and have a good time! 800-44-Store Public Storage may not have gotten the exact vanity number they were looking for but you get the point and it's easy to remember. Ever thought of reaching out to Santa months before the Christmas period?

407-734-0254 I rate it as the craziest one in the list of funny ways to answer the phone. f*uck You Quotes; 55+ f*uck You Quotes with Images to Read Now! You can then, theoretically, leave a message detailing what you witnessed.

Do you think you are having a bad day? Whether it’s a topic you are passionate about or based on your favorite fictional character, we have the right number for you.

There are personal numbers, emergency numbers, and automated message numbers among other useful ones. Laugh like crazy- no 1 Funny way to answer the phone! All rights reserved. 957. If you want to stop unknown number calls then simply go into your phone settings then call settings and select the option of call rejection and then place the unknown number or select the option of unknown on auto reject list.

RingBoost is America’s biggest and most experienced provider of vanity phone numbers. I am a shark; how can I help you?”. That’s right.

Ouch! The voice on the other side of the call will give you information related to locating the legendary platform 9¾, as well as your admission details. Why?

But people who researched this number found that it’s not a Red Room number, so it’s real purpose is still uncertain. Join thousands of small business owners and startup founders who are gaining insights from our stories. DIY: Top 6 birthday party decoration ideas. That’s right, you can call Harry’s stomping grounds to enroll today! Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this.
For years, people all over the world have been receiving creepy messages from the phone numbers 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666. Compared to most marketing tools, vanity phone numbers. There are some weird things that only your close friends understand. It is a legit funny way to answer the phone as the other person will surely laugh. Callin’ Oates: Your Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline Jam out between client calls with a Hall and Oates classic. I can relate it to my personal experience because my friend told me that he got a call like that, and it was pure fun for him. Tuneful rhyming is your go-to option if you can’t come up with some fabulously funny ways to answer the phone. There are numerous phone numbers all over the world which vary in their primary uses. Mostly English phone conversations always start in the same way like hi or hello and by introducing yourself. There are numerous phone numbers all over the world which vary in their primary uses. Since my last video covering cursed phone numbers a lot of interest has been shown on the subject & I’ve received requests to look into more of these numbers. Giggling is an old school, so make way for the legendary “Hee Hee Huu Huu Haa Haa.” Treat your next caller with this epic funny way to answer the phone. They are spoken by a man & a woman & go on for as long as you stay on the line. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Reactions as DJ Cuppy shares video of white man trying to 'famz' her Ferrari in London, Moving out already? Okay, so I have also said this over the phone numerous times.
Its purpose is supposedly so phone companies can ensure the strength & quality of the signal. Change ). There are phone numbers for everything now, and we mean EVERYTHING. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your email address will not be published. But unless things start really getting out of control, you may call your network service provider and have that a specific number impassable or blocked. Ignore, reject, or simply don't answer the unknown calls. This is one of the best dial a joke phone numbers. Such numbers not only add a personal touch, but also create funny phone numbers that can have a lasting impression. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thelifevirtue_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_20',152,'0','0']));This phrase might freak out the person at the other end. 000-000-0000 Since it's Friday we thought we'd have a little fun and show some of the lesser known 800 numbers out there.

Also, he can’t object because you gave him the message to spare you for five minutes!funniest ways to answer the phone. You know, in case some really bizarre thing happened that you need to report to a team of people who are supposed to handle such odd creatures & occurrences. See ya later! I am a shark; how can I help you?”. 6 Reasons Why Technology is Taking Over Society – Are You Safe. But if you really want to please do further research on them first.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a like to let me know. 951-572-2602 This is a number that is linked to a popular scary game. Exit your iMessage and open the dial pad, you’re going to want to give these funny phone numbers a ring. What you would hear would likely seem like complete gibberish at first. You can call Hogwarts at 605-475-6961 (apparently Hogwarts is in South Dakota??). 1 (701) 347-1936 All calls from unknown numbers will be blocked by this method.

Do you know someone who is perpetually complaining about their high-class problems? eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thelifevirtue_com-netboard-2','ezslot_23',158,'0','0']));You can also say this to your friends who recently broke up. So that was my countdown of some more haunted & cursed phone numbers that you probably shouldn’t call. That’s right, you can call Harry’s stomping grounds to enroll today! Well, in this guide, you will discover the top phone numbers to call whenever you feel bored. When calling this number you would be greeted by a series of recorded sentences that really don’t have any connection or meaning. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});October 31, 2019 By Fatima Sajjad Leave a Comment.

The messages on the other side of the call range from humorous short stories to wacky voicemails. By dialing 1-603-413-4124, one is able to get in contact with Santa. Therefore, the next time your new friend calls in, just start your verbal parade by saying this. You can take solace in knowing that things could actually be much worse. So what do you have to do? These odd things/your crazy side is only disclosed to the people whom you can trust. An unnatural screeching sound can also be heard occasionally before the recording abruptly ends & it starts all over again. Whether or not that eases any anxieties is up to you.

And you will get the conversation rolling like it is meant to be.

PLEASE do not call any phone numbers that are dedicated to helping people (911, Red Cross, Suicide Hotline, etc.)

That lady will surely get a good laugh. Isn’t it a crazy fun way to answer the phone? It just sounds one of the funniest ways to answer the phone. But it is funny! We ain’t gonna be covering any of those 3 AM challenge numbers cause we all know that’s some bullshit! Just for a laugh, here are 3 funny vanity numbers that made us giggle: 800-RU-Mouse Mouse Systems Corp.. 800-IGo-HoJo Howard Johnson's. Funny Phone Numbers. 17. It will sound best if your friend is a horror movie geek, and you say this as soon as he says hello. If it's very important they will leave a text for you. Because it gives them a break from the monotonous routine of answering your call with a boring Hello”! omg me and my bestie called these and they all worked im so creeped out rn. Perhaps he’s lost in tunnels somewhere. The voice on the other side of this line helps one appreciate their life by letting them know that others are having it much worse. By having them dial 605-475-6959, they will be directed to the bad breath notification hotline.

Despite what the recording or anyone may claim a possessed animatronic won’t show up at your house in 24 hours to murder you… Probably. So, if anyone gets this just disregard it, ok, and hang up.".

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