rubbing waxes in the colors most demanded by our customers; [3], When stone rubbing, one should be careful with stones that are deteriorating, as they can collapse under pressure.[3]. Many cemeteries now ask for permits before you are allowed to do rubbings. A word of advice, DON'T use shaving cream , chalk, flour or anything else on tombstones!.

This email address is being protected from spambots. Used for storing clean paper and finished prints. The spray bottle, should contain only water and not detergent or chemicals of any kind that would damage and further erode the stone's material. 27 inches by 36 inches to give you more rubbing surface. Each Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains: 5 sheets of “Aqaba” rubbing paper measuring 27 by 36 inches. With either charcoal or chalk, insure that a fixative is used. The end result is a very sturdy and frameable rubbing that could last many lifetimes. The NEWLY updated Old Stone Rubbing kit retails for $29.95, The butcher paper is usually taped on to the stone or grave, which contains the inscription desired, with either masking or paint tape. Extra Aqaba paper and additional waxes in the following colors may be ordered separately: Purple, Burgundy, Black, … Learn to use Zoom in this beginner-friendly course. Inquire within. In response to our customers requests for wider rubbing paper, To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The half inch wider width also gives you more space for storing your rubbings.

They do however usually need the spools returned. Carefully line up the bottom edge of the rubbing paper with the bottom edge of the board, then gently smooth the paper upward onto the board using light pressure with a roller. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. are all manufactured here in the USA. Rub lightly to start with, and then apply more pressure to darken in the design if it suits you. Interfacing is white fabric available for about $1.00 per yard at your local fabric store. Here's a list of supplies that you'll need: Non-fusible medium weight interfacing. Pellon works well, never is brittle and you can even find it in colors in many cases. Launder them first, but do NOT use fabric softener. The important thing about this paper is not to let it get hot, as the wax will melt and then the paper will not make good rubbings. Scrape and Scrub Your BBQ Grill. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; [1], After doing either of these techniques, an ink, created through grinding an ink stick and adding water one drop at a time to achieve the ideal consistency, is used to retrieve the calligraphy. Each Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains 5 sheets if “Aqaba” rubbing paper measuring 27 by 36 inches. For we feel it is important to give back to what had started as an enjoyable hobby. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The most popular color? After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It "sets" the charcoal so that it does not smear.

You may also want to bring a small spray bottle of water for gently cleaning dirt and debris from the stone.

It is best to work slowly when you do your rubbing as some gravestones are very fragile. If you wish to accommodate any size tombstone, you could take a (partial/whole) roll of butcher paper, tearing off what you need for each tombstone. Also, wheat paste, which the flour essentially becomes when that first rain pours down (or the first dew forms) is a great adhesive. Here are the materials and techniques we use when doing a headstone rubbing. It will also melt and turn dark or "waxy" with age and ruin the natural color and patina of the stones".

The Oregon Historic Cemeteries Alliance offers the following instructions on making your own rubbing crayons. These are quite likely the single most destructive implement to ever be introduced into a cemetery, and there are hundreds of examples of the damage that these tools have sauced to stones by people that use them to clear away grass and weeds by base of the stone. Using rubbing wax, a large crayon, charcoal, or chalk, gently start to rub along the outside edges - creating a "frame" for your rubbing. DIY Sugar & Salt Exfoliating Scrub Making Kit - Learn how to make skincare products at home with supplies from Grow and Make! Tape the paper over the gravestone and gently rub from outer edges in to get the boundaries of the headstone. We have put together a sample permission form for your use in attempting to gain permission, with instructions. Special carbon fiber paper for taking exact impressions of shaped carvings, designs and inscriptions. An excellent job. one black wax and one rust wax. % of people told us that this article helped them. Place foil on marker, dull side up so the sun doesn't reflect back into your eyes Using the damp sponge press gently so as to not tear the foil around the carving or writing areas and instantly you have a 3-D impression of the marker that you can keep or ball it up and put it into your recycling bag. Don't trespass! Make sure it is NON-YELLOWING. Interfacing is white fabric available for about $1.00 per yard at your local fabric store.

Gloves - Both work gloves and rubber gloves. Pellon comes in a variety of stiffness. It can be used in two ways to retrieve the calligraphy.

Look for plain with no iron-on dots on it. Remove Graffiti from Stone, Brick, and Masonry. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 1998. Some printers will even give it away. Easy to use. Tape the paper over the gravestone and gently rub from outer edges in to get the boundaries of the headstone. Be very careful and gentle. Make sure the stone is clean and completely dry. Iron on a low setting, just high enough to melt the crayon into the fabric. projects. your rubbings. We have made the tube wider for easier access to its contents. Crayola Tracing Paper 8 1/2” X 11”, Great for Light Up Tracing Pad, Gift, 150Count, Multicolor, Model: Teagas Chinese Calligraphy Brush Ink Writing Sumi Paper/Xuan Paper/Rice Paper for Chinese Calligraphy Brush Writing Sumi Set, 14 x 10 Inch, Faber-Castell Tracing Paper Pad - 40 Sheets (9 x 12 inches), Imperial Tool Milbar 41W Reversible Wire Twister Plier with Automatic Return, 9", Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet, Gift for Kids, Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, Colored Pencils, Professional Art Kit of 72 Colors, Ideal for Coloring, Sketching & Shading, Vibrant Artist Pencils for Beginner & Pro Artists, Soft Wax-Based Cores, Sketching and Drawing Pencils Set-26pcs,Art Supplies Drawing Kit,Graphite Charcoal Professional Pencils Set, Kids & Adults Beginners Student Artist, Artestia Double Cooking Stones in One Sizzling Hot Stone Set, Deluxe Tabletop Barbecue/BBQ/Hibachi/Steak Grill (One Deluxe Set with Two Stones), Luna Bean -XL- Family Size Keepsake Hands Casting KIT | Clasped Group Hand Holding & Molding Kit (Cast up to 6 Hands). 5 sheets of "Aqaba" rubbing paper measuring 27 by 36 inches. The paper that has been used by Chinese scholars to transfer the calligraphy from stones is made from plant fiber. If it is wobbly or the surface is crumbling, then DO NOT do a rubbing.

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