Let’s fix a teeny tiny rhinestones too. Glue or staplers to stick together. If you’re creating a gallery wall, find old portraits at a thrift store and dress those in masks. Have a look here. She likes paper crafting at her school & with me too. Then make the rest of the pumpkin face with the black paper and glue it to the mask. She likes paper crafting at her school & with me too. If your paper cup isn't plain white, paint it white using tempera, poster paint, or acrylic paint. Leave room for any strange or creepy facial features you might want to include. Cut out two triangle eyes at the top of the plate. Did you make this project? Super easy & quick craft idea. There is no reason to limit yourself to a white sheet with eye holes. He holds a degree in creative writing from the University of Michigan. Here is the ghost face mask ready! Our free printable template and step-by-step instructions make it easy to craft even a last-minute costume. The knot should be larger than the hole you made on your paper cup in Step 5. My niece enjoyed this part. Step 4: After you cut the bond paper with scream mask picture cut the size of your cut picture in the folder or cillicon,etc and glue or stapler it with the picture. I am Khadija Kiran, A girl blogger, content creator & digital marketer. Your paper cup now looks somewhat like a ghost! In the case of the latter recipe, the proportions will vary depending on the glue. Cut a piece of cardboard to the size of your face or a little bigger. It's pleasure sharing interesting stuff related art, fashion, food and lifestyle. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Have a look here. So we both tried Kids Halloween Crafts DIY Ghost Mask Making. A hoodie, felt and a few other inexpensive materials are all you need to craft a warm, cozy costume for your little tadpole. Learn How To Wrap a Gift with Customized Paper Sheet. Your email address will not be published. This will give the mask a more snug fit, and stop the metal from digging in to your head. Either masking tape or duct tape will work. If you want to hang the ghost from the ceiling, cut a longer string. I’ve received some face dehyderation masks from Garnier? Step 1: Another option is to glue a pair of wiggle eyes and a mouth cut from paper, craft foam or felt. This no-sew costume uses everyday items like a pillowcase, cereal box and flip flops to create a quick-and-easy costume fit for Roman royalty. Ghost costumes can come in many different styles. or smaller, or even re-colour it to your own tast… See more ideas about Cosplay, Ghost rider, Cosplay costumes. Create several of these adorable ghosts to decorate your space for Halloween. Photo by: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith. She likes paper crafting at her school & with me too. Last make the stem and leaves. Pingback: TJ Community: Handmade Crafts | Tip Junkie, Your email address will not be published. It needs to be securely taped to the back of the ghost mask so that it does not fall off. Pull the string all the way until the knot touches the bottom of the cup. Have a look here. Just a few easy do-it-yourself additions will turn clothes they already have into a cute Halloween costume in a jiffy. Keeping in mind the size of your paper cup, draw a pair of ghost arms on white construction paper or cardstock. Cut up a wig and tape it to the back of the mask. Tissue Paper Roll Holder Tutorial | Recycled Art Projects for Fall. This is what me & my niece made together. Glue the tab onto the paper cup. Sketch an open mouth shape onto the back of the remaining black foam; cut out (Image 3). creative collections related Halloween crafts & ideas, TJ Community: Handmade Crafts | Tip Junkie, How To Make Sunburst Wall Art for Fall Home Decoration, Creative Khadija-Tip Junkie Expert Of The Week. Let the mask dry for 24 hours in a warm dry place. He has over five years experience as a professional writer and has been published on various online outlets. They should attach at either side and be the right size to hold it securely to your head. and glue or stapler it with the picture. Paint or color the paper plate orange (or buy orange plates). Draw a large half circle on a piece of black construction paper with a pencil. Last glue on the popsicle stick. Insert the opposite end of the string through the hole from inside the paper cup. Be sure to get all the lumps out of your paper mache. Bend several coat hangers to create the back of your mask. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Eyes & lips part was not prominent so I did it with some red outlines.

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