There is far too much of a pressure difference between the two. The chanter has a slightly tapered bore which helps to broaden and amplify the lower notes. Time for them to go to somebody else. I too really never liked the sound of D Scottish smallpipes, and the small size of the chanter. Inside: All bores are polished and smooth. The drones are a bass and two tenor set up. THANK YOU.

They are in perfect condition, play easily and sound fantastic.

Anybody else so blessed? Here is a very nice set of Scottish smallpipes made by Richard and Anita Evans of Carlisle Cumbria. I do not see a set of bellows like these new going for less than 350 $. Another possibility is to fit an English Double Pipe chanter whose harmonies sound even richer and more wonderful when played with three drones as in the Scottish Small Pipe. Calliope House in the setting on this site for example only needs a couple of low Fs transposed up an octave to work. It is in Excellent Condition! Some makers include a second thumbhole which allows minor (dorian) tunes to be played. Excellent condition, still the original bag which is tight. Splits or warps. Download the latest version here. It has been assumed that they were later converted from being bellows-blown. So ask for shipping cost or check by yourself. Up for bid is this Exquisite Vintage IRISH To My Dear Wife Silk Embroidered Fringed Made in Ireland Silk Handkerchief. Kindly e-mail me any questions that you may have and I'll get back to you ASAP! It is a little more awkward for flutes and whistles. PLEASE PAY WITH IN 2 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END-THANK YOU# PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS BEING OFFERED ON OTHER SITES AND AUCTION MAY END AT ANY TIME UNLESS YOU BID-THANK YOU!

And keeping separate chanters in the case is not a great burden, though they should probably be fitted with split stocks to protect the reeds and simplify swapping. We ship Monday to Friday through Canada Post. If you are willing to practice a lot (a lot) then go for Border pipes (by Nigel Richard) instead. £580.00 . /p>. GREEN.

For playing with fiddles, mandolins, banjo etc. If you look at eighteenth and nineteenth century pipes, there are no such things as border pipes. The CDrom contains over 6 hours of audio lessons and 30+ video clips (I haven't added up how long they are). You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Splits or warps in the wood.

Excellent Condition.

______________________. PLEASE PAY WITH IN 2 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END-THANK YOU# PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS BEING OFFERED ON OTHER SITES AND AUCTION MAY END AT ANY TIME UNLESS YOU BID-THANK YOU! Shown in picture. We have covers to suite mouthblown or bellows. The pdf below shows the contents of the Complete with Canmore Bag, Blackwood Chanter, Plastic Pipe and Drone Reeds and Tuning Manual.

That term didn’t really exist until the twentieth century. The price is $1.500. International shipping possible. of this project have been developed into this teaching CDrom. If you are not confident with this set.

This came off my set of David Naill small pipes when I converted them to mouth-blown. CONDITION: In refurbished condition with new leather bag. Sliabh Russell works well for example. Village Maid.

7-12 business days Standard(with tracking) Approx.

Please contact us for shipping quotes. The chanter is made from one piece of wood, with two bores, two reeds and two sound holes for each note. It is made of Blue Silk. Need to make way for other important things and it saddens to me to have to sell it.

If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can sign up now.

Tracking numbers can be provided. 1 Patrice Chanter with 2 practice Reeds. on your computer. This set comes with 2 chanters-one in"D" and one in"A" I bought these used and have owned them since 2006 and I can say that they have been well cared for and never abused in any way.

Visit the podcast site for more teaching materials. Never managed to play them properly, so hardly used. They are a combo A/D set.

The drone and stock ferrules are brass. I know that the most common keys are A and D, but I am not sure which would be best. Thanks for looking! if you would like to look him up) These Scottish small pipes are bellows driven and have a really great sound. I don't have the heart to take it off myself but it would only be a few snips to get them off. They can be supplied in a range of keys to suit different types of music and instrumental line-ups, and provide the perfect accompaniment to fiddle, guitar, whistle, flute, banjo, mandolin etc.

The knotwork on the drones was put there by my father. THANK YOU.

The small pipes in the picture are not for sale. Scottish smallpipes by Evans-2 chanters-fiberglass case-great set of pipes!! Some other tunes work with minimal changes to the settings. This is a unique feature of my smallpipes. Highland Fling. They play well and have a nice tone-great to play along with other instruments and easy on the ears! Synthetic Bag. The outcomes Will ship internationally. Surely if you put a Border chanter into smallpipes the drones would be rendered useless.

BAG COVER& CORD IS ROYAL STEWART IF YOU WANT BLACK WATCH.WALLACE, MACKENZIE,GORDON TARTANS AND BLACK VALET BAG COVER& CORD. it is easy to play tunes that are normally in A, in D. Instead of playing on the A and E strings they use the same fingering but on the D and A strings. No cracks or damage. The pipes are made of Mopane, which gives them a rich mellow sound. or view it on your computer and then listen to / watch the lessons! Very clear and in tune. I am NOT a photographer so there are a few shadows and reflections in my picts.

If I could afford to keep these pipes too I would. SHIPPING NOTE# SHIIPPING CHARGE ALSO INCLUDES INSURANCE-PACKAGE MUST BE SIGNED FOR! The chanter reeds have been designed in combination with the chanters to produce the optimum quality of tone. Sorry. The set’s complete with Simon Hope bellows. The shuttle pipes are made by Jimmy Anderson in Key of A. Bitte stellt Fragen. Only Paypal payments. Two sets of pipes would obviously be a better way but: Money, carrying around, etc… These pipes have hardly been touched. Complete set with shut-off drone switch(a unique feature) and lovely celtic engraving, premium bellows, bag cover, etc. Again in the key of A which means later if you wanted you could buy a D chanter to plug into it. The two most popular keys for chanters are A and D. The combination pipes are a practical and economic way of having both. Well played but in very good condition. So. Which has a lovely grain.

I know that the most common keys are A and D, but I am not sure which would be best. A joy to play. Falls etwas unklar sein sollte. Blue Bonnets. Return to Vicki's Bagpipe Homepage. Not sure what make the drones are but they are African blackwood and comes with SM90 drone reeds. Sword Dance. Much more demanding than smallpipes, but much more versitile.

The PDF tutor book comes free with the CDRom, The tutor is £20 plus p&p. England-northeastern border of Scotland and England. Seriously though, it depends on what you want do to with them. Membership enquiries to But never did. The pipes were delivered in August 2002. For those people who no longer have a CD drive, the tutor is also available on a memory stick. Please contact me for shipping expenses. Mouthblown small pipes when fitted with cane reeds have a reputation for being hopelessly unstable and difficult to keep in tune as a result of the warm, moist breath of the player affecting the very small drone reeds and finely scraped chanter reed. This gives an extraordinary and distinctive tone as each note can be tuned to give a slight beat.

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