To see others or ourselves being treated unfairly, mean, disrespectfully, or be bullied, this might trigger INFJs’ anger. At that moment, I realized he’s right. INFJ rarely expresses their angry in front of others. When you think of INFJs, one of the last things that will come to mind is someone tossing over tables and screaming at other people. We cut people off before we become angry. They also have a compulsion to take care of the emotional atmosphere and take care of people in an emotional and physical sense. Bear in mind though, INFJ males and females might handle and act out their anger differently, especially in terms of intensity and styles. What underlying reason could the friend have to spread this rumor? Trying to express reasonably why an offense is wrong, being very particular with your choice of words, and staying tuned into the emotional affect those words are having. During my episode of depression, a part of me was feeling intense anger but it wasn’t able to express itself. 4. In his book, Anger, the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, suggests writing love letters in advance. But hate can also be easily softened by love. INFJs back-up their Ni with Fe. It finds logical relationships, inconsistencies, and checks to make sure things align with one’s logical principles. For example, imagine that you’re an INFJ and you’re angry because someone slacked off on a commitment and now you’re running late on a deadline for work. It’s not always meant as a passive-aggressive instinct. 7. How to Take Care of Yourself When You Have No Time for Life? Because only I know how turbulent my insides are… But thank you sooo soo much for sharing these. But it can also make us feel guilty for expressing our anger and desires. Anger is a very normal emotion, something everyone experiences in their lives. Fe is what helps INFJs to be attuned to the emotional wavelengths of the atmosphere they’re in. There was an error submitting your subscription. When they witness someone they care for in pain, the INFJ can become extremely protective. Their insight into future possibilities and implications can be transformative at best and uncanny at worst. INFJ: Hard to get angry, since they are very loyal and committed to maintaining harmony. Next Post: Do You Need to Be Needed? 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The healthy INFJs knows how to cope with the little things which bother them on a day to day basis, but it is often dealing with people and humanity which bothers them. Otherwise, the anger will keep coming back until you get the message. This function is one that INFJs tend to “play” with. Acknowledge that your anger exists and accept it. How to be Authentic and True to Yourself? Even when they realize that they made the right choice, it still becomes something that they will have doubts about later on. Or you can take the official MBTI® here. It’s difficult to imagine how a gentle and quiet person like an INFJ can be angry. I just need the space and quietness to do my work. These are things that INFJs might not be aware of. Being angry opposes our identity of being empathetic. We might be absorbed by some meaningful, inner vision and walk into the corner of a doorframe because we’re so transfixed by what we’ve imagined and lost track of what’s outside of us. He is watching this episode unfold… Without a word, he charges towards the guy attacking the bus driver, pulls him off the driver, gives him a few hard jabs to the nose, pushes the guy out the open door into the snow, and then throws his Christmas tree on top of him. (Sorry, my family members!) INFJs who are angered will tune into Ni to find out how the offense will play out in the long run and how it impacts the big picture of their life. Se is keenly aware of details and facts and knows how to interact and engage with the environment in a resourceful way. I never get to express my rage toward my classmate and defend myself. This is a passive-aggressive way of fixing our anger. When you are in a loving state, write an individual letter to the people in your life that you care about and say how grateful you are to have them in your life. When INFJs are sincerely angry and choose to express this, it can actually be something which leaves others feeling frightened with just how intense it is. 9. If there is anything you want to tell me, you can tell me when I come out of the room.”. INFJ rage is as rare as the INFJ personality type. Owning your emotions is related to the Fi function because when you have emotions such as anger, it actually tells you what your personal values are or that your boundaries have been violated. But I can definitely see this happening because when INFJs come back to our senses and the extraverted feeling function (Fe) kicks in, we are able to see the harm we inflicted on others. For example, I used to not want to close the door when I’m working on something because I didn’t want my family members to feel bad about watching TV or having a conversation with each other in the living room. What I mean by vent is to let the anger express its needs and concerns. I'm sorry I can't give you specific advice because I'm just a stranger on an internet, but I can share some things that have helped me. I. When INFJs continuously witness injustices in the world it can cause them to become distanced from the world, and in some cases causes them to become very angry. Glad you mentioned about loud noises and overstimulation. If INFJs are in a state of grip stress they can be more harsh, reactive, blunt, and critical than usual. Before reacting to an offense we’re going to mull over it in our minds for a while to make sure we’re not being rash or impulsive. It’s as though I’ve killed or disassociated that angry part of me. On the outside, they might appear unreadable or lost in thought, and when they finally have decided to express their anger, the situation might have deflated or passed them by. A couple of times, I told my friend that I might punch someone in the face if I am placed in a situation that’s traumatic for me and they think that I’m joking.

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