Believe that their presence is true. It happened at the midnight. Maybe she should read SFK more. They believe that if you encounter the spirit in female human form, it is an omen of death.

If you met him on the street, it means that you or someone you know will die.

This is a good thing. The woman sped off down the highway, only to find the freaky old lady was keeping up with her, running next to the car.

La Mala Hora takes pleasure in driving humans insane. These appear mostly in lonely hill road where people don’t come much….. Oh gawd…not again…I WANT SOME DAMN SLEEP! - a demon with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth - she appears at crossroads when you are traveling alone - she is a death omen - she makes you go insane and paralyzes you - if you see her your loved ones will die - when she wears white she will try to seduce… Awesomeness! At other times, it transforms into a wicked woman, a female personification of evil. it almost creep me out but not that creeped out, i was alone in my room tonight :D. That woman in the picture is really beautiful. In Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico, they tell of La Mala Hora (or La Malora or La Malogra). The woman looked in her rear view mirror. “The Evil One. The spooky woman began clawing at the window, trying to break the glass. The woman screamed in fright and slammed on the brakes, screeching to a halt. For a moment, the woman tried to regulate her breathing to calm down. More ... Julie Vega (full name:Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo) was a very famous Filipino child actress, singer, and model. It usually lurks in the darkness at a crossroads, waiting for an unwary traveler to cross its path.

“‘Alohamora’. The old lady proceeded to try and claw her way into the car. Storyline: Veteran actress Nova Villa got her biggest break in the early 60’s when she starred in the movie Daniel Barrion wi... Story Some people think that taking Cortal (a local brand of aspirin) and washing it down with Coke would induce abortions. Because he will make you not able to move as if hypnotized.

The Haunted Plane in Singapore International Airport. It can also can change size rapidly, growing larger and smaller. "The Spirit of Evil. The name means the Spirit of the Evil. La Mala Hora is a scary story and urban legend from the folklore of New Mexico. It is also known as La Malora, La Malorga or The Evil-Doer.

The car was faster and a frightening figure was eventually left behind. I would stay alone if I was gonna see that thing.

For a second, the woman breathed a sigh of relief.

If you happen to see her at a crossroads, it is very likely that you or someone close to you will be dead soon. People in New Mexico say that she seldom appears in human form, but when she does, it is considered to be a death omen.

Description: It is a fireball seen by dozens of Filipinos, especially those living in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The officers approached her, asked her name and broke the terrible news to her. The name means The Evil Hour or The Evil One. The Wizard of Oz is little less than the stuff that dreams are made of. Terrified, the woman put her foot down on the accelerator and the car took off down the road.

She is like a spirit or wind floating along without touching the ground with her feet. The police then approached her, asked her name and tell him the bad news. It was just after midnight when she left her house and drove down the lonely, deserted highway. said her friend. Initially he appeared in the form of a black, large and kept moving. Songs are created by song writers to express their feelings, to tell their stories, and to say their disappointments for something.

La Mala Hora is a scary story and urban legend from the folklore of New Mexico. It was scientific... Storyline: Richard Gomez allegedly had an implicit affair with no less than Jaime Zobel de Ayala during the early 80’s.

For a few moments at the time, she was also running alongside the car and still clawing at the window.

Anyone who is unfortunate enough to set eyes on this demon runs the risk of being driven insane. She had the twisted face of a demon, glowing red eyes and short pointed teeth. Right beside her window, looking in at her, was a hideous old lady. When she hit the brakes, the shadow disappeared, and in its place was an old lady with red eyes and sharp teeth. She made sure not to drive by the crossroads again, fearing that the demonic lady would appear once more.

Awaiting until morning, she went back returned to her home. She appears wearing black clothing, her hair long and unkempt. Turns out her husband had been murdered just after midnight the night before. La Mala Hora is an evil spirit that wanders along quiet roads waiting to pounce on unsuspecting travelers. It is said to be a wicket spirit or an evil demon that wanders the lonely country roads after midnight and terrorizes those who travel alone.It usually lurks in the darkness at the crossroads,waiting for an unwary traveler to cross its path. Is she a siren, a sheepskin, or a harbinger of death? The last thing she saw the figure was getting bigger and bigger, as large as a tree. He was shot in the head and died instantly. As if that wasn’t enough, this dark spirit also hypnotizes and paralyzes people and then attacks them while they are in that weakened state. La Mala Hora, also known as La Malora or La Malorga.

If you encounter her at a crossroads, it usually means that you or somebody you know is going to die.

She waited until morning, then drove home.

La Mala Hora said to be a figure of evil spirit or a demon that roamed the streets of the town were deserted and attack those who was there alone. I was eating a sandwich when I read this… Now I have a fear of bologna. Love the pic man. Her husband had been mugged on the way back to his hotel the night before. The woman returned to her house the next morning and found police officers waiting for her.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them?

I am exactly in that type of region… Anyways good job …. Good story!! When she finally arrived at her friend's house, she ran inside and locked the door.

Frightened, the woman then immediately drove up and drove away from there.

He usually skulk in the darkness on the edge of the road, while waiting for the people who passed on the path it without suspicion.

Then, she turned to her right and saw something that almost gave her a heart attack. La Mala Hora is a creepy story from the folklore of Mexico. On another occasion, La Mala Hora will be transformed into an old woman or a witch, which is commonly identified with evil spirits. La Mala Hora, also known as La Malora or La Malorga.

Warning this blog contains about real horror, ghost, mystery, creepy, urban legend, fiction, and many more stories. Powered by WordPress. She couldn’t sleep a wink that night. In one story, there was a woman whose husband was away on business. It first appears as a large, black lump, constantly moving and changing shape. A story, there is a woman who has a husband who was out of town because of work.

When the woman reached her friend’s house, she ran inside and locked the door behind her.

In an apparent run-in with La Mala Hora, a woman was driving down a deserted highway just after midnight when a black shadow appeared at the crossroads ahead. But when she was accidentally turned to the right, she was saw something that almost made him a heart attack.

He had been shot in the head and was killed instantly. She could not sleep, even closed her eyes that night.

One night, she decided to go to stay with her friend in Santa Fe.

One night, the woman decided to go out with her friend in Santa Fe. La Mala Hora means: "In Evil Hour" or as others know it as the "bad hour".

Created in 2007 by ScaryForKids. Horror and Ghost Story since 2016.

The urban legend of Carmen Winstead emerged in 2006 when chain letters began circulating online. He usually skulk in the darkness on the edge of the road, while waiting for the people who … La Mala Hora takes pleasure in driving humans insane. Right beside the window, an old woman with the a scary face staring at him.

Citizens of New Mexico refuse to talk about it, simply referring to it as an evil thing.

Her face was like the devil, with the red eyes and teeth were awful.

The demonic lady began clawing at the window, trying to break the glass. Reading the title made me think of ‘Alohomora’ the spell xD, yeah!! The woman explained what she had seen at the crossroads and her friend gasped in horror. If you accidentally looked into his eyes, it will make you crazy.

She convinces herself for not passing the streets again, afraid of a creepy old woman reappeared before him. Since 2016 until this year.

After a while driving, she arrived in a small downtown street when suddenly a dark shadow appeared in front of her car. LOL. She eventually outran the specter and saw in the rearview mirror that the evil old lady had grown to the size of a large tree.

Usually when you ask about this demon, people in Mexico are reluctant to tell and simply replied, "Es cosa mala" (That's something wicked).

Legend has ... Creepy Urban Legends Of Madness And Suicide, Mythological Creatures. Everywhere you look now a days, you will see a sign against bullying and abuse. The woman cried out in surprise and stepped on the brake pedal with alacrity, dragging the car down to a bus stops. ….A large ball of black fog or a large black cotton ball……Remind you of an obscuro, anyone??? “It must have been La Mala Hora,” said her friend. The following morning, the poor wretch is found dead at the side of the road. When she arrived at her house, she found a police car was parked in front of her.

Said she only showed himself on the edge of the road to the people who will soon die ". The woman was then controlled by fear. Its totally sick and suh-weet.

When she looked up again, the dark shape had disappeared. The last thing she saw was the demon growing taller and taller, until it was as large as a tree.

According to people, La Mala Hora even more frightening from the the demons who ever existed.

They say she only appears at a crossroads when someone is about to die…”.

pinoy urban legends, Richard Gomez and the “light bulb” scandal, Woke Up To A Ghost Of A Soldier Sleeping Next To Me, 10 Philippine Urban Legends that Still Haunt Us Today. Travel killers….. Oh my god… I have heard about this before… These devils are really dangerous….

The woman was overcome by a feeling of dread and impending doom. I’ve read this before, but no sleep for me…, I have heard of this before, a really scary and upsetting legend, Copyright © 2020. For a few terrible moments, the demonic lady ran along side the car, still clawing at the window. The name means The Evil Hour or The Evil One. The next day, your body will be found on the roadside with lifeless. They say it looks like a ghostly black shroud or a large black cotton ball. When she turned to see what was passing before, the dark figure was gone. When he attacked, he will be hurtling toward you, wrap and make you breathless with his form. Her husband had been attacked on the way back to his hotel in the previous night.

Women Writers of Folklore and the Fantastic: Zen Cho; ... Mexican Monstresses, features La Mala Hora (“the evil hour”). Then, the car sped up and she fell behind. People in Mexico said she usually appears in the form of a man, but when she does, it means she is spreading the curse of death.

After a while, she approached a small crossroads, when suddenly a dark shape appeared in front of her car.

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