5-6:"BACK RIVER UPPER HUNDRED, 1763"[Among those listed are:]Cockey, JohnCockey, JoshuaCockey, WilliamRidgley, Charles Sr.Ridgley, Charles Jr.Talbott, EdwardGudgeon Mary"Ibid., p. 11:"LIST OF CREDITORS OF SAMUEL HYDE, 1764"The following notice appeared in The Maryland Gazette on September 13, 1764: 'Pursuant to a letter, which I received lately from John Hyde, Esq., of London, I hereby give notice to those persons who were creditors of his brother Samuel Hyde, of London, Merchant, for the sums affixed to their respective names mentioned in the following list, or to their representatives, that the subscriber will attend at the house of Mrs. Orrick, in Baltimore-Town, the sixth day of November, to pay the said sums to the perons, on their appying to him at that time and place; but if any whose names are insterted, did proceed by way of attachment against the effects of said Samuel Hyde, so as to run him or his estate to any costs, they need not apply; for payments are only intended for those who did not proceed o recover their debts, or those who may have proceeded and did not recover without burdening him or his effects with costs. ----From the book Inhabitants of Baltimore County 1763-1774 by Henry C. Peden, Jr., Westminster, Maryland, 1989, pp. Mary was born on 10 Dec 1716 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States), was christened on 10 Dec 1719 in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States), and died on 10 Dec 1768 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States) at age 52. That the family bore arms is proved by the seal to the original will (dated January 7, 1742), of Caleb Dorsey, of Anne Arundel county, which displays: 'on a fess between three wolf heads, a lion passant, guardant. • Removed to: Pennsylvania from Wales, 1683. with Hugh Roberts. "[60] Dafydd succeeded Llywelyn as prince of Gwynedd, but King Henry was not prepared to allow him to inherit his father's position in the remainder of Wales. Marriage Notes: Source: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~paxson/southern/owings.html has m. 9 Mar. 30.]

Ann married Philemon Dorsey on 16 Aug 1770. De Montfort was to die at the Battle of Evesham in 1265, a battle in which Llywelyn took no part. • Moved: Moved to Omaha, Nebraska, Unknown, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, United States. [Dugdale II. 446 F    vi. Surprisingly, Llywelyn choose to fight on the side of his uncle.

Dorothy married Wendell J. Peters. Warfield, A.M., Baltimore, Maryland, 1905, p. 400:"Patuxent John Dorsey's father was Edward Dorsey, oldest son of Hon. Adam of Usk states that she was a legitimate daughter by Joan, although some sources claim that her mother was Llywelyn's mistress, Tangwystl Goch. If no issue, to go to the three youngest grandchildren of my daughter, Deborah'I give to my grandson, Edward Dorsey, son of my son, Edward Dorsey, de ceased, "Dorsey's Advanture" and "Whitaker's Purchase" adjoining it. Five groups of figures facing each other and in the attitude of prayer are seen with much blazonry, among which, as might be expected in the Griffith family, are the Saxons' heads and the heads of stags caboshed. 133 M    v. Edward Puleston was born about 1500 and died in 1567 about age 67.

Transaction may have taken place in August 1704. 100 F    i. Margaret de Ros died after 1423. By 1320 his greed was running free. Still riding high from the excitement of the royal family’s new addition, the Prince of Wales told well-wishers he was “pleased as punch” with his “wonderful” first grandchild and revealed the affectionate nickname. Research Notes: FamilySearch.org AFN: 1563-GP5http://www.srdunn.net/Steve%20Dunn.pdf has b. abt 1645 in Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia & d. 1713 in Baltimore Co., MD.http://www.rootsweb.com/~mdannear/firstfam/dorsey/d221.htm#P221 has: John DORSEY was born after 1638 in maybe in Virginia. (fn.

and co-heir of David ap Grono ap Ierwerth. Alexander Wells [Jr.] was born on 6 Mar 1756 in Garrison Forest, Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States) and died in Harrison, Ohio. Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, lines: 27-27, 29A-27, 29A-28, 132C-29, 176B-27, 177-7, 184A-9, 236-7, 246-30, 254-28, 254-29, 260-31.

And only a few months later, or about Jan 1644, he married the widow, Elizabeth (Bacon) Holloway, a "person of quality". However, he was one of those leading citizens who, on 25 Mar 1651, signed the "Submission to Parliament", from Northampton County, which leads one to believe he may have been serving as one of the Commissioners at that date, if not before. The king of England took the view that the marriage was a plot to rekindle dissension within his kingdom, and such a notion may also have been present in Llywelyn's mind. "He was one of the first to contribute to the fund for establishing free schools in Maryland, was a trustee of King William and Mary School, and was given authority to conduct the arrangements for the building of St. Anne's Church, of which he was a vestryman. 309 M    ii.

+ 143 F    i. Jane Stanley was born about 1463 in Holt Castle, Cheshire, England. Another name for Eleanor was Eleanor Goch verch Philip. Research Notes: Source: Archaeologia Cambrensis, The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, Vol. 2 (Baltimore, 1913), pp. Pryce, H., ed.

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