Detailed 6 day mountain weather forecast for climbers and mountaineers. A total of ten rivers rise on the mountain slopes, providing water for the surrounding rural and urban areas from Palmerston North to Wellington. ISBN 978-0-473-02613-4. On a New Year’s climbing trip in the Matukituki I discovered Rob Hawes was feeling the same way, and we made a pact to set aside the month of March for Mitre! Edit - It looked kind of scary. Moderate rain (total 18mm), heaviest on Sun night. Yet, despite the drought, a decent window didn’t materialise until mid-March. The ninth step was then to reverse the eight steps to summit, which we did uneventfully, rope and rock shoes staying in our packs for the entire climb. About the website [1] In fact, the saying that the bark is worse than the bite is true of Mitre Peak. 2020 2019   Trip locations Trip types Trip information, Drag and drop upload Upload a Mitre photo | Upload for another mountain. [4], The forest in the northern part of the Tararuas consists mainly of tawa and miro indigenous woodlands. Mostly dry. And we even knew them. Rob happily pitched his tent here. These are the source of an annual rainfall of approximately 5,000 mm, resulting in the dominance of conifers, ferns and shrubs on the western side of the ranges. Collection: TARARUAS Filter by. Arete 1,505m, The Tararua Range, often referred to as the Tararua Ranges or the Tararuas, is one of several mountain ranges in the North Island of New Zealand. Although there is archaeological evidence of exploration by moa hunters as early as the twelfth century, the mountains remained a massive physical divide between the tribal settlements located along rivers, lakes and coastlines to the east and west.


Mild temperatures (max 7°C on Sun morning, min 2°C on Tue morning). Contrary to popular belief, there is a possum trapper’s campsite hidden on the other side of the river – but that’s only useful if you can survive the accompanying mass sandfly attack. South Bannister 1,513m, The 116,535 hectare Tararua Forest Park covers more than three-quarters of the Tararua Range.

Then bad weather forced them off the ridge tops.

The western slopes of the ranges are subject to prevailing moisture-carrying winds, channelled by Cook Strait to the south. Soon after, while searching for a “bathroom” I discovered a spacious and flat area of manicured grass, mere metres from the track, but hidden by trees. We reached Te Anau in the early afternoon, where we organised the boat ride we would need to access the climb.

Well it does if you’re on the nice ground trail on the true left, rather than the rocky ridge crest. Moderate rain (total 18mm) heaviest on Thu night, then becoming colder with a dusting of snow on Sun afternoon. About TTC

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Freeze-thaw conditions (max 2°C on Tue afternoon, min -3°C on Sun night). Third, the drop to the notch. Sort by. Rob aptly kept us en route as we dropped down from the Footstool, avoiding the false trails that led into the fiord-side abyss. 2013-03-9-Mt Ross < Trip Reports > 2013-04-03-West Akatarawa Maunganui, Trip lists: Subsequent erosion contributed to the present pattern of parallel ranges divided by deep river valleys. In spite of such intrusions, the mountain range remained the home of distant gods or hostile wild men (maero). The search was the first in New Zealand to involve radio communications and aircraft, and is generally considered to be one of the major contributing events towards the formation of New Zealand's voluntary Land Search and Rescue service (LSAR). 18 products. Logan 1,500m,

For a wider overview of the weather, consult the Weather Map of New Zealand. It is not as hard as it looks - but it does look a little ferocious, and it is difficult to quell the feeling of nervous anticipation. Other prominent peaks include Mount Bannister at 1537 m (5043 ft) and Mount Hector at 1529 m (5016 ft), which is named after the scientist Sir James Hector. I quickly texted Simon, who had spent so much of his annual leave on climbing other things, that he had none left to come with us. [17] It frequently encounters adverse weather and is not regarded as a suitable event for inexperienced participants.

We were told we would not be able to get a lift until the next morning, but we decided to head to the Milford Sound and try our luck anyway. Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of I found an intact Snickers Bar on this section! The next day we set off just before first light, conscious that we were starting the climb much lower than the ideal high camp, found around the thousand metre mark. It sounded piteously low, but we were able to remind ourselves that the comparison point for Mitre Peak is sea level.

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