If you want to get added by others in Monster Warlord, you can leave a comment with Alliance code below: “add me plz xxx xxx xxxx”. Farm “Find Treasure of Ancient Heroes in “Ancient Relic” Questline.

If you level up, you will gain 3 skill points. Below is a list of the stat points and what they do for you. More information about combining can be found here. LVL 61: 100% ultimate. You can also use jewels to reset your spent skill points, in the shop. You can go to Buildings and mines for more information about buildings/mines and their prices/requirements. Because stamina is used for boss battle and attacking other people.

Below how the battle against the Monster Warlord World Bosses works.

LVL 81: 70% Ancient – 25% Chaos – 5% Ultimate. The way it’s calculated is your (Damage / Boss HP) * Reward. Welcome To The Monster Warlord Tips And Guide! Each level lets you enable 5 additional alliance member. This game is mainly about monsters. Monster Warlord Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. LVL 1: 70% epic- 25% legend – 5% ancient. More energy means doing more quests and leveling up faster.

The stronger monsters the better. More Energy = More Quests completed. This is the last step for your entry where you can click "Confirm" to complete your game data that will be used throughout your game experience. View unanswered posts; Forum. You should get as many alliances as you can earlier in the game. 1 Stamina and 1 Energy split till level 30.

You will get 1 XP if the attacker loses and you will not get any XP if he wins. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In this guide we will go over some of the pros and cons when you decide to go one way or another. Current date/time is Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:25 pm. Click "Previous" if you still wish to make some changes about your data entry.

Energy is only used for quests. LVL 80: 70% Epic- 25% Legend – 4% Ancient – 1% Chaos.

https://monsterwarlord.fandom.com/wiki/Beginner%27s_Guide?oldid=25789. Gameplay showcase: Gameplay from Monster Warlord (much older version but a lot of things are the same). LVL 61: 70% legend – 25% ancient – 5% chaos. At the same time, join in battle and kill weaker players on your alliance, in general, you want to target people with less alliance members than you. Your main objective is to get the strongest monsters in the game. You can combine special monsters of the very same rank to get a robust larger level monster. No comments: Email This BlogThis! This way you can deal damage while leveling up in one single world boss fight. You can spend them by clicking on your profile. LVL 21: 70% rare- 25% epic- 4% legend – 1% ancient. Howdy! Join alliances with other players and become clansmen! You can go to Quests for more information. In taking part in Monster Warlord, you embark on a journey into a odd globe, the place your goal is to capture the strongest, most strong, and rarest monsters. LVL 81: 100% god. Mines are important as well, because they generate jewels! Some monsters have Leader Effect. The World Boss are one of the best places for you to earn gems and gold in the game. Through questing, you can easily obtain monsters up to the Ancient level.

LVL 61: 100% chaos. Quick Link: Monster Warlord Wiki Monster Warlord Forum. If you are looking for a complete strategy guide that leads you from a complete beginner to an intermediate player, you have come to the right place. Completing the various quests can earn mastery items. However, after you have obtained a pool of them, you can start going for higher ranked monsters in Monster Warlord. You can also click on the portrait of your lead monster next to your name to open up a menu with all the types of Leader Effects. You can gain experience only from quests or by attacking other players. And after that, your tutorial is COMPLETE! You need to find balance between stamina and energy. working with this sort of Monster Warlord Cheat v3.56 you might usually have limitless Gold and Gems to obtain a much monster warlord guide better encounter taking part in the game.

You are always losing health when fighting. This is a Beginner's Guide Page compiled to you by the Admins of this wiki. This means that every level can enable you to have 25 additional useable monsters during battle. Based on the build that you wish, you should combine the monsters accordingly so that you can get more Dark elementals. LVL 101: 70% Legend – 25% ancient – 4% chaos – 1% ultimate. You can use the following guidelines to build out your character. Each alliance enables to use 5 additional monsters / level. The easiest way to progress in game is to focus on working through quests, while keeping up the stats as stated in our guide earlier. After the tutorial, you can only change your name/class using jewels in the shop. We do not recommend spending skill points on Attack or Defense, because even the weakest monsters in the game will give you more of these stats than wasting skill points on them. Quests are used for gaining experience and leveling up. If you have more monsters than allowed, the highest combined total of monsters will be used in battle. You can only lose from 1 to 24 HP. Tycoon is weak because you can use either Energy or Stamina to earn even more gold. If someone attacks you (you are defending), the rules are almost the same with a few differences.

If your opponent's total attack is bigger than your total defense, there is a high chance that he will win a fight against you. Energy or Stamina is always a tough questions when it comes to player builds in Monster Warlord. And get items in Eastern Seaside & Stormy Hill for stamina recharge reduce items. The amount of monsters that will be used to calculate your battle stats is based on alliance. You will mainly get your monsters through questing, however, you can also get them through monster eggs and monster combine. If you would like, you can leave the alliance member codes here to help you gain more alliance members. 100 Energy 80 Stamina Health 150 1 Stamina and 1 Energy split till 123 Energy Focus only on Stamina afterwards. LVL 101: 100% ultimate. Buildings are very important. Attack (Weak): Increase your chance of winning when attacking another player and increase boss battle damage. If you have 2 monsters of the same tier/level and their tier/level is Uncommon or higher, then you can combine them to get a monster from a higher tier. Click Confirm to proceed.

You can buy more skill points from the shop using jewels. Defense (Weak): when being attacked by another player, you will have better chance of winning Health: increase the maximum pool of your health point (good when you are already strong, bad when you’re weak) Energy: Energy is used to complete quests. EGGs MONSTER EGG ( limited ) [ 5 jewels ]: LVL 1: 70% uncommon – 25% rare – 4% epic – 1% legend. LVL 21: 70% epic – 25% legend – 5% ancient. If you have any questions that are not answered below or somewhere else on the website, please leave a comment & will find out the answer to your questions as soon as possible.

While leveling up to 100, join the battles against World bosses and deal at least 1 hit to get some jewels. LVL 81: 100% ultimate. How to Combine Method Best Analysis| Monster Warlord, Monster Warlord Complete Combination Guide, Chance to discover a monster increases by 2%, Stamina charging time decreases by 5 seconds, Energy charging time decreases by 10 seconds, Chance to successfully capture a monster increases by 2%, Stamina charging time decreases by 10 seconds, Energy charging time decreases by 15 seconds, Chance to combine monsters increases by 3%, Increases usable Monsters in battle by 50, Increases useable Monsters in battle by 100, Increases useable Monsters in battle by 150.

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