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I appreciate the high output of 1800 lumens and the 3 user modes are really great.

I came across an interesting compact flashlight that would be fun to take a look at. There are no questions or answers for this item. I’m seeing this dual switch design on more and more tactical flashlights and I really like it. The P22R power on takes place via a rear button (tail switch) with the possibility of both intermittent and fixed lighting. You bet! It gives the flashlight itself a different look from other lights on the market. -> 380 Lumens (3h 30min) -> 75 Lumens (18h) -> 1 Lumens (250h) -> Strobe 1800 lumensPower peak: 17200 candlesMaximum illumination distance: 262m.Power on method: Rear button with "Momentary On" system for light signals and Rear button "Mode" for immediate access to the strobe function, which remains active as long as the button remains pressedLight selection method: when flashlight power on, pressing the "Mode" rear buttonHead: aviation aluminumBody: aviation aluminumFinish: anodized, Type IIILens: ultra-transparent hardened glass with anti-reflective treatmentBatteries: it works with a rechargeable battery NL1835HP, 3.7V, 8A (included in the package). Constructed from premium grade aluminum alloy with a hard-anodized finish and a scratch-resistant optical lens, this light can withstand the rigors of any harsh environments or working conditions. By closing this banner, scrolling the page, clicking on links, or continuing the navigation in any other way, you agree with the use of cookies. 18650 lithium-ion batteries are still a great option. The Strobe Ready™ mode button is for mode adjustment and instant strobe access. Lithium Ion Flashlight Battery Sizes – What’s the Difference? The Nitecore P22R is the newest member of the Precise family of tactical flashlights. The battery fits in a metal sleeve (the piston) which slides inside the body of the light and is activated by pushing the piston into the head to make electrical contact.

You have the turbo at 1800 lumens, high at 380 lumens, mid at 75 lumens, and low at 1 lumen. It’s intuitive and a quick operation. So the beam is going to be a good balance between the hot spot and spill. Save coupon code P22RFLASH and then visit on February 13 & 14 to score the P22R for 25% off. Between these three modes, all tactical modes seem to be covered. The XHP35 LED is a 12V LED but with the same size footprint as the XML and XPL LEDs. The Nitecore P22R delivers 1800 lumens, a great amount of light. If you’re using the flashlight as a general use tactical flashlight, that Daily Mode is the way to go.

This light has the invaluable asset of being able to accept one 18650 (included) or two CR123/RCR123 batteries with the help of the included battery magazine.

The incredible outputs, long runtimes and instant strobe mode makes this a favorite among law enforcement, military, and security professionals. The first thing you notice, when you pick up this tactical flashlight, is that it is better quality than... Olight always impresses the flashlight community whether they come out with a handy keychain flashlight or a bright tactical flashlight. How many lumens is good for a flashlight? You can switch between the modes pretty easily which is definitely a plus. The power indicator is conveniently located next to the tail switch so you can be aware of remaining battery power without changing the position of your light. I have to say I’m a little disappointed not to see another brightness level in between the high 380 lumens and the turbo 1800 lumens. I was surprised that this flashlight is not a 21700 flashlight, but I still do appreciate 18650 flashlights. It features dual tail switches which are by far my favorite tactical flashlight user interface. For me personally, I prefer... Did you know that JETBeam has a lot of really cool tactical flashlights?

I've been reviewing a lot of 18650 and 21700 flashlights. It’s an impressive handheld tactical flashlight that’s a little too big to be considered everyday carry. There is a power indicator on the tailcap that flashes and lets you know how full the battery is. It features a more focused beam so you have a nice hot spot that diffuses into that spill. Andere Cookies, die den Komfort bei Benutzung dieser Website erhöhen, der Direktwerbung dienen oder die Interaktion mit anderen Websites und sozialen Netzwerken vereinfachen sollen, werden nur mit Ihrer Zustimmung gesetzt. Sneak a Peek at this Upcoming P22R Flash Sale Celebrate Valentine's Day with a flashlight ANYONE can love! In turbo mode, if the light reaches a certain temperature, the light will step down in lumens to protect inner components and the battery. This is a huge jump between numbers and I think they could have made a 1000 lumen or 900 lumen brightness level to go in between the two. This 2nd generation switch design is new and improved with an inset pedal that prevents accidental activation. The 3.18 cm diameter head has the crested end to which three Silicon Nitride Ceramic spheres have been settled to increase its effectiveness as glass breaker. Lumens Vs Candelas – What’s the Difference? The user interface on this LED flashlight is quite robust.

Intensity selection takes place through the interaction of the two controls, ensuring one-handed operation without changing the grip. With this rotary switch, you don’t really need to worry about losing that port cover. Led: 1x CREE XHP35 HD - with a life cycle of 50,000 hoursOperating Modes: 5, electronically regulatedPowers and Durations: 1800 lumens (30min.) Nitecore P22R Ultimate Performance Tactical Flashlight 2nd Generation Design. Once the flashlight is turned on, simply press the MODE button until you find the desired degree of brightness, while for the strobe function, simply press and hold the MODE button both with the torch on and off.It is also possible to select 3 different operating modes: Daily, Law Enforcement and Tactical. It features knurling surface with also some millings to ensure greater grip as well as fixing place for the pocket clip. I think that this is one of the best tactical flashlights because it’s so versatile and features those three user modes that are great for any tactical situation. The Nitecore P22R passed all the tests in admirably way: the dimensions make it usable for person with both small and large hands; the possibility of one-hand light adjustment are a plus not indifferent, as well as the possibility to customize the operating mode of the flashlight; the skeletonized sheath greatly speeds up the extraction of the flashlight. The P22R belongs to the Nitecore's Precise Series line which has always been dedicated to the study and development of tactical and hunting flashlights.The flashlight body is made in aircraft aluminum, black anodized Type III, and it is 15 cm long with a diameter of 2.54 cm (1 inch). P22R Nitecore flashlight. If I had to pick, I’d say Nitecore might be one of my favorite brands because they create incredible tactical flashlights that are really durable. You’ll notice that there are two small sections on the flashlight with a knurled texture rather than having knurled texture all over the body of the light. If I had to pick, I’d say Nitecore might be one of my favorite brands because they create incredible tactical flashlights that are really durable. Note the lack of fins for the flashlight vertical positioning which, given the main fields to which the instrument is addressed (Law Enforcement, Military), would have been an obstacle to power on, especially with gloves worn. I do like this design because with many other silicone covers you can pop them off by accident, especially if you don’t push them down all the way.

If you’re using it as a police officer or security guard, that Law Enforcement Mode or Tactical Mode may be perfect. The P22R features four brightness levels and a strobe mode. This light has three user modes (daily, law enforcement and tactical) that all have different brightness settings that would aid you in how you use it. This is a great mode for extreme tactical situations where self-defense may be necessary. So let’s get into the features of this LED flashlight and I’ll tell you my opinions at the end. The light levels are four: 1, 75, 380 and 1800 lumens. Also, the USB-C port in the flashlight is waterproof so if you forget to close off the port and take the flashlight out in the rain, you should be totally fine. Copyright © 2020 So I came across the Nightcore P22R tactical flashlights and, of course, I had to review this.

The Nitecore MH25GTS uses the CREE Xlamp XHP35 HD led. All rights reserved. All three user modes have access to strobe, and this flashlight's strobe mode has a unique, randomly changing frequency. Note. Therefore it is prohibited reproduction, even partial, of texts and images without written permission from the author. The Nitecore P22R tactical flashlight has a maximum output of 1800 lumens Cree XHP35 HD and is powered by 1 x 18650 li-ion or 2 x CR123 single use batteries. Learn more. Wanting to use the P22R as an impact tool, the crested edge has a rather interesting thickness which, apart from the ceramic spheres, gives a sense of solidity to the structure. This HD led … This website use cookies.

Obviously, these are some of my favorites, but I think it's important... © Copyright 2018 - All Rights Reserved - BestTacticalFlashlights.Org, Nitecore P22R Tactical Flashlight User Interface.

All reviews are copyright protected, since they are press magazines publishing. Unlike other rechargeable flashlights that will feature a small silicone protective cover on the port, the P22R features a rotary design that allows you to twist it to reveal the USB-C port.

Next is the Law Enforcement Mode where you can access the turbo mode and the mid mode as well as the strobe. Best Searchlight Flashlight Review – Klarus G35 Flashlight.

The torch is rechargeable via a Type-C port and comes with a Nitecore NL1825HP 8A 18650 cell. It has a maximum beam distance of 262 meters. All Rights Reserved,

The changing strobe frequencies have a stronger dizzying effect and can stop a threat in its tracks better than a traditional strobe. The field test was carried out by five different instructors, at shooting range in Busto Arsizio (Italy). Always be prepared. Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD LED and advanced optical system, this light can produce 1800 lumens and shine 262 meters into the night on its highest setting. Near the control buttons, the flashlight has the battery charge indicator. I've reviewed a lot of monster pocket flashlights that deliver insane outputs. Just hold the switch down to get the strobe and, when the light is on, click the switch to cycle through the brightness levels. Diese Website benutzt Cookies, die für den technischen Betrieb der Website erforderlich sind und stets gesetzt werden. Solid built highly recommended. I came across the Acebeam L17 and immediately became interested because of the different LED color options and the impressive beam throw.... Surefire makes incredible LED flashlights! Despite the not too wide parabola (the maximum illumination distance is "only" 260 meters), the light beam is powerful and excellent for short distance engagements, so much so that the 1800 lumens could disturbing the user during indoors uses. So if you’re a police officer or security guard or are wanting a tactical flashlight, check out the Nitecore P22R. The retail price of the Nitecore P22R is € 115.

My one friend asked me what it was and brand etc because it was so cool looking. To top it all off, the Nitecore P22R tactical flashlight is USB-C rechargeable! The first mode is the Daily Mode where you have access to a momentary on, a memory mode, all four brightness levels, and the strobe. The flashlight comes with: a rechargeable battery NL1835HP (3.7V, 8A), a clip, the wrist strap, a spare gasket and a USB cable. batteries excludedAccessories: wrist strap, NTH20 tactical holster, spare o-ring, clip, spare rubber rear buttonWaterproofing: IPX-8 standard, submersible up to 2mt. depth for 30min.Sheath: polymer tactical holster adjustable on different heights, MOLLE compatibleImpact resistance: withstands drops from 1.5m in height.

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