Some people will tell you to just ignore message board banter, but I disagree. Despite this, it’s still a great social network for investors to discover ideas in sectors such as technology, biotech, and gold/energy mining companies. OTCBB - Over The Counter Bulletin Board. - SEC - SEC Filings - SEC Filings - SEC Filings - SEC Form Types and Definitions - Secretary of State Sites - All states: Seeking Alpha BioTech Stocks - Shell Stocks - SHO Threshold List - Short Stocks - Stock Chart Patterns - Stock Promotions - Stock Promotions - Stock Research - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning - Stock Scanning -;jsessionid=aEg_MdzO2SH9 Stock Scanning - Technical Analysis - Technical Indicators/Overlays - TheStreet.Com - Trading Halts - Trading Platform - Trading Stations - Transfer Agent Contact Information - Transfer Agents in the United States - Translation Tool - USAToday Business - Red Flag Checklist They want to drive the price down because they are short the stock or want to buy in lower. 10. Best Viewed in Firefox 3+ or Chrome - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use GTG - Got To Go. Can mean the last movement in a issues price ( up tick or down tick ) Also a market indicator. They will go to great lengths to talk about potential deals a company could have, or potential reasons for their demise. Favorite Quotes: “The P/E ratio values this company at (insert number here)” “Let the market decide”. A chart pattern used to indicate a rise in a stock's price above its resistance level (such as its previous high price).,, , ,, , ,  ,   ,   , , ,  ,  ,   ,   ,   ,  ,  , , ,   ,,  ,  ,  ,  , , , adx PTLF FULL STO ACCUM PTLF MA50 MA 200 PTLF SAR PTLF~~ DAYLY AND WEEKLY         NKWEF                                                      ; BCII~~ Analysis BCII daily and weekly BCII~~Accum/Dist and MFI(14) chart BCII~~MA(50),MA(200) and RSI(14) huge BREAK coming BCII~~daily chart BCII~~SAR BCII~~fast sto and full sto BCII~~ADX, 1512g Filings - American Stock Exchange - Authorized Shares for Nevada and Other States - Barrons - BioHealth - BioMed - BioSpace - Bloomberg - Business News - Business News - Business News Portal - BusinessWeek - Candlesticks - Chart Analysis - Chart Video Lessons - Charts - Charts - Charts - Charts - China Business News - China Business News - China Technology News - Clinical Trials - CNBC - - Corporate Bankruptcy - Corporate Records Search - Corporate Records Search - CUSIP number - DD Amanda - DD Machine - Deregistering - Dividends - Document Research - Earnings - Education - Email Address Verifier - EYE ON THE FDA - FINRA Daily Short List - Floats - - Forbes - Form 4 Filings - Google News Business - Google News Home - Holiday Schedule for Stock Markets - High Short Interest Stocks - Insider Buy & Sell Info -;jsessionid=00CD11F05D6090BBECE249167FD45A5B Investing Glossary - Investopedia - Investors Business Daily - Investor Words - Knobias - Level 2 Video Tutorial - Low Float Stocks - - Message, Blog & Twitter Postings - MicrocapMarkets NASDAQ <$5 - MicrocapMarkets OTCBB - Mining - MSN Money Central - Multicollinearity - Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks - Naked Shorting - NASDAQ Stock Market - NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX Stock Info - Natural Resources News & Commentary - New York Stock Exchange - OTCBB Daily List - Patterns - Pinksheets Stock Info - Platform - Precious Metals - Press Releases - REG SHO List - Regional Bank List - Reverse Phone & Address - Reverse Mergers - Reverse Merger Report - Reverse Splits - Screener - Screener - Searching Blogs, News, etc.

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