Copyright © 2001 - 2020 Novel Games Limited. • Easily find your friends or let us find you a random opponent to play Grow your civilization during the Bronze Age. Grab upgrades and superpowers, avoid the toxic fog, and be the last one flying! Invite your Facebook friends to play this online multiplayer version of the popular Chinese Checkers game. And More Exclusive features for Premium Members! var _Hasync= _Hasync|| []; See the. Play checkers with the computer or with friends in this free, no sign-in required, easy to use, classic Checkers game! the 4 topmost rows in the opposite area. [Grand Update, Must Download!]

You can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player. Puzzle Games. A move consists of jumping over any other marble into a hole next to it. Play from home, work, and on the go with our mobile apps. Chinese Checkers helps you learn to recognize and develop recognition of different kinds of patterns.

Come on in and join the frenzy! Look no further. Jump over pits of lava and dodge dangerous traps to rescue it. The available spots for movement are highlighted in red when a marble is selected. Your 10 marbles will be placed in your base. On Yahoo Messenger we play regular Checkers, but it' not the same.

Join millions of players playing millions of chess games every day on Your pineapple is trapped at the top of a huge tower! or you will miss the new features here : Cookies help us deliver our services. is your trusted partner for the best, online html5 games. No, Thanks. Make sure to look for every move possibility that's marked in red before deciding where to go. The distance of a jump will depend on the number of empty spots between the moving piece and the other piece, for example, if no empty spot is located between the moving piece and the other piece, the moving piece can be moved to the first empty space after the other piece on the same straight line; and when an empty spot is located between the moving piece and the other piece, the jumping piece can be moved to the second empty space after the other piece on the same straight line. Guest Player. Play online multiplayer Chinese Checkers with friends, family, random opponents, or against the computer! Defend at the end: Towards the end of the game, it becomes much easier to see what moves each player needs to make in order to win the game. It’s best to get all of your marbles moving up the board together as quickly as possible because stragglers will do nothing but slow you down. • Stunning HD graphics on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ltd that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. Would you like your application reviewed on 148Apps? Remember, both you and your opponent can jump over each other’s pieces. Clear as many pieces as possible from the board. • Pass and Play mode for offline fun Checkmate! Beat your opponent in this awesome multiplayer game! © 2020 LLC. Checkers is a classic board game that comes to life online with 24/7 Games' first checkers game 24/7 Checkers. Let's get rolling! Then look for the longest ladder or chain out there and use it to move your trailing marbles across the board as quickly as possible. Register to play Chinese Checkers against friends. Username. Unlike the classical . And if there’s no chain for it to use, it’s going to take forever for that last marble to make it to your destination triangle. 247 Checkers. Conquer the enemy base with your pieces! Welcome to, your zone to play free online games. spins onto mobile in 2021, Mulled 2 is a refreshingly simple ball-putting puzzler, out now for iOS and Android, Physics-based tower defense game Goblin Raiders out now on mobile, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclosures. • Access your games from all of your devices. var hs = document.createElement('script'); hs.type = 'text/javascript'; hs.async = true; Play online checkers game with your friends and random opponents!

After jumping over a marble, you can use that same marble to jump again in the same turn. Find your friends on Facebook or let us match you with random opponents. Chinese Checkers at Cool Math Games: This is the classic board game.. can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player.

And get filthy stinkin' rich. Then look for the longest ladder or chain out there and use it to move your trailing marbles across the board as quickly as possible.

Stocked each day with new free games, including action games, adventure games, board & card games, multiplayer games, puzzle games, racing games, skill games, sports games, and more addicting games. Choose from online blitz, daily games, or play against the computer. Unlike checkers, where only one move can be made in the forward direction, in this game, successive jumps are permissible wherever they can be made in any direction. You'll have to calculate your own score. Fortunately, you CAN summon mountains beneath your feet. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); The aim of Chinese Checkers is to move all your blue marbles (pegs/pieces) from your blue starting triangle base to the green triangle base across the star-shaped playing board.

Pocket Gamer - Mobile game reviews, news, and features. Multiplayer Chinese Chess. Chinese Checkers Are you a fan of Chinese Checkers? Whenever possible, build your chains to go straight through the center of the board. Checkers Rules. Swing through the jungle from tree to tree! Look at the whole board: Most of the time, marbles can move a lot farther than you realize.

Who will pick the last petal - you or your opponent? Want even more fun? The idea of Multiplayer Chinese Checkers is to beat your opponent by clearing. Objective of the Chinese Checkers is destroying many pieces from the game board. Play Google Play's top rated Checkers now! Checkmate! Conquer the enemy base with your pieces! Chinese Checkers. Similar games such as Checkers and Chess do this as well. You may select 2-6 players, any of which can be human or computer. Chinese Checkers teaches you how to think ahead strategically. The game is played on an 8x8 chequered board, essentially a chess board. You can now play checkers versus the computer or with a friend whenever you want! You can play against one or two players. Play the classic game, or mix it up with an all-new action mode: fireballs, blasters, gravity wells, and more! Checkers is known as Draughts in England and there are multiple variations of it all around the world. Register now and join us in the Chinese Checkers community. When the game starts, you will be given a checkerboard in the shape of a hexagram, and the board is divided into 6 bases of different colors. Your Move Chinese Checkers lets you play in real time or receive push notifications when it's your turn to move. No stragglers: Some players want to leave a marble behind so their opponent can’t fill out the entire triangle. Your Move Chinese Checkers is the most stylish and easy-to-use Chinese Checkers game available for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and it's completely free! The goal is to be the first player to get his 10 pieces in the camp of the opponent, namely the symmetrical area of yours from the center of the board. hs.src = ('//'); Invite friends to play Watch other games Log in Sign up Player Rankings.

Trademarks mentioned are the properties of their respective owners. Play our awesome rendition of the old classic. Play checkers online Platforms Download Windows client Play on Facebook Chrome Store application Android client iOS client Capture all of your opponent’s pieces by jumping over them or leaving him with no place to move on a 8x8 checkerboard.

We have Chinese Checkers at Great Day Games! HELPFUL CHINESE CHECKERS STRATEGIES & TIPS. • Dozens of achievements to complete, each with different rewards Note that a piece cannot end its move on the 4 topmost rows of the areas other than its own or its target base, but can jump to it and jump out of it immediately. _Hasync.push(['Histats.start', '1,4230676,4,0,0,0,00010000']); Play against your 1-6 friends or against the computer! Home of gallery ideas and inspiration of crafts, arts & hobbies, home ideas, designs, kids & babies and thousands of DIY ideas & references online of our everyday life. Players Online: ? You can move or jump the marbles in any direction as long as you follow the lines. Pocket - Mobile games industry news, opinion, and analysis. Capture the opposing general to win. Online version of the "Chinese checkers" board game where you will face the computer in 2-6 player games. Tractor games swept the country, the official visit Google Play Store, The Only Online Chinese Game Hall in Play Store. Opponent . Play online Chinese checkers today. play chinese checkers online with your friends and family, up to 6 players .

When you have finished making the moves, click the moved piece again. Ninja Chowdown, an endless runner with a love for food puns, is available to pre-order now for iOS, Distract Yourself With These Great Mobile Games on Sale Right Now, Genshin Impact Guide - How to unlock Taishan Mansion, Perspective puzzler Hocus 2 landing on iOS later this month, Here's everything you need to know about XCOM 2 Collection ahead of release, New update for Rumble Stars adds new character, modes and more, Genshin Impact - Marvelous Merchant Event Explained, Overdox's latest update sees the arrival of its Halloween event alongside a legendary longsword, Lamplight City is a detective adventure game that's available now for iOS, Genshin Impact Progression Guide - Mid-Game (Adventure Ranks 25-35), Pixboy, the hit retro-themed platformer, finds its way to iOS and Android, Raziel: Dungeon Arena's newest character is elven druid Sarah “Pirrosa” Mander, Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! • Elo rating system tracks your play Play online Chinese checkers today.

I have a friend that doesn't go to the same school as me and we don't see each other that much but love to play Chinese Checkers together. Your Mastery Level: Sixteen Musashi. Note that you need to finish your turn within the given time limit as displayed by the timer on the screen, or you will lose. Game is multiplayer version of Chinese Checkers. Collect food, research technology, defend yourself from other civilizations, and build a world wonder! Enjoy a myriad of games from action-packed shooters, speed-of-light defying racing games, bridge-dangling adventures, to head-scratching puzzles.

Similar games such as Checkers and Chess do this as well. Who will pick the last petal - you or your opponent?

Coolmath Top Picks.

• FREE! Chinese Checkers at Cool Math Games: This is the classic board game.. can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player. You'll be surprised how fast some of your marbles can move up the board. Chinese Checkers teaches you how to think ahead strategically. • Challenge your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to your favorite game Test your aim in online multiplayer! Race your opponent to get to zero first. A move consists of jumping over any other marble into a hole next to it. The more your marbles move off to the side, the longer it will take them to reach their final destination. It is very simple, but a lot of fun! All Rights Reserved. So don’t leave pieces in place if they help your opponent more than they help you. Have fun and play against 1-6 friends or against the computer! You and your opponents will take turns to make the moves. Novel Games - Mastering All the Games in Human History.

Your goal is to be the first to move all your marbles to the opposite base, i.e. The game lets you play head to head against a friend on the same computer or .

Play the classic game of strategy. Beware of your opponents' aggressive moves! You can jump over another marble in a straight line - even skipping empty spaces. Challenge your mind and adopt clever strategies as you battle in this classic board game for 2 to 4 or 6 players! helpful chinese checkers strategies & tips Find the longest hopping path: Get as many of your marbles out of the blue triangle as possible and start moving them up the board.

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