Raise the vehicle and secure it with jack stands. Sales and Group Purchases from our Great Sponsors! You need to a plastic gauge each one and it must be within factory specs. My 1001 Toyota Pickup Piston & Rings. I... Oil Change & Filter Replacement Honda Civic, Spark Plug Replacement Mercedes Benz ML500, Throttle Body Actuator Service Toyota Prius 2. This is a discussion on replacing rod and main bearings...do's and dont's? Under- and oversized bearings are … Usually when a bearing spins it also causes extreme heat in that rod or main cap. 3970010 MEMBER; 1983 TOYOTA PICKUP; 100 MILES; Need feedback on main & rod journals. Tap the cap lightly with a plastic hammer on one side, then the other if it sticks. Polish/grind? When the bolts or nuts are tightened on the cap, they will crush down to a proper fit. Examine the bearings before removing them for any obvious, visible causes of wear and make any necessary corrections. Always wear safety glasses when performing automotive repairs. Be sure to rotate the crankshaft in the proper direction to raise the bearing's lock out of the notch in the cylinder block. Remember to never work under a vehicle supported … Send Private Topic View Profile. Then remove the spark plugs to relieve engine compression. replacing rear bearings bolt in differential stuck. ; 1986. Machine work is generally required not only on the crank shaft, but the main cap and/or rod. Can I replace crank/rod bearings without machine polish/grind? When removing or installing the upper half of the rear bearing, hold the oil seal in place within the block to prevent it from coming out of position and take care to not nick the seal. Be very careful not to damage the cap and mark it in some way to identify which journal it came off of. Also do not file the edges of the bearing halves, even if they stick slightly above the surface. If it is forced, it could become distorted. If they are, they look good. 04-18-09 08:37 AM - Post# 1679317 I restored my 1970 C10 almost twenty years ago. Raise the vehicle and secure it with jack stands. Loosen the bearing cap nuts or bolts and remove the bearing cap and the lower half of the bearing. I Hooked Up My Code Reader And It Read A Bad Oxygen Sensor. Loosen the bolts slightly, by one-half turn as before, then proceed to the next bearing. They measure within the factory service limits but I would like to know if the bearings need to be replaced or if the crank needs machining. Place the other half of the bearing in the cap and install the cap. They are usually replaced along with other internal parts while the engine is out and completely disassembled. However, it is possible on some engines, to replace them with the engine still in the vehicle. It should slip in with reasonable ease. If The Intake Manifold Failed, Would I Experience Sudden Loss Of Power, Intern Leading To Loss Of Oil Pressure? If the bearing is doweled in place, the crankshaft will have to be removed. Refill the engine with oil, then start the vehicle and check for leaks and unusual noises. My Check Engine Light Recently Came On. Need feedback on main & rod journals. Then loosen all other bearing cap nuts or bolts a half turn. Yes, you can replace them without grinding providing the journals are in good shape. Main journal diameter:2.3616-2.3633 (.0010-.0022), Are these clearance readings on the bearings? (0 members and 1 guests). Generally speaking if it's knocking (rod or main bearing) even a very short amount of time and there is probably some damage to the bearing journal surface minimum. Install the new bearing half by making use of the tool again and by turning the crankshaft in the opposite direction from that which it was turned to remove it. If it is rotated in the wrong direction, the lock will jam itself further into the notch. When Pluged Back... 2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 41,000 Miles. Be sure to use cloth work gloves and rags when handling hot parts. If the head has been removed for any reason, there is no need to remove the spark plugs. Post: replacing rod bearing without rebuilding engine (Topic#214883) truckulent Member Posts: 6 Reg: 05-30-04. Use a crankshaft journal micrometer to measure the diameter of the journal, while rotating the crankshaft to check for any taper or out-of-round condition.

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