neko kyattsu nyaa). While the two are having sex for the first time, Saga whispers that he loves Ritsu, using his first name. His actions are close to being a stalker, as he borrowed almost all the books Saga had borrowed. Ritsu Onodera  (小野寺律, Onodera Ritsu) is a main character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. However, after a moment, he allows Masamune to kiss him. Mangaka Haru had considered this as her first date. In the midst of the sudden confrontation, Ritsu spontaneously confesses his love for Saga. Keiki Tezuka • Like most male characters in the series, Ritsu is relatively tall - being slightly taller than average height. However, like most of the couples of the series, he is significantly shorter than his lover, Masamune. Name Chinatsu Yoshino • Takafumi accepts this and the two finally begin a less aggressive relationship at work together. He often makes this apparent when he becomes worried about his health. 小野寺律 She urges him to accept his feelings for Takano so that he can finally find personal happiness, but warns him to make sure that his feelings are not half-hearted to avoid further heartbreak. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi However, similar to most of the couples of the series, he is significantly shorter than his lover, Masamune. While their relationship is still somewhat difficult, Takafumi has a better level of respect towards him than before. Three years later, they meet again in a similar situation in high school. Napping Ritsu tells Takano that he loves him, who fails to hear due the noise drowning out his voice. First Appearance Kanji Deceased 1366x768 Tags: Anime, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu, Kiss ... 1024x853 Ritsu Render by LucarioRose24 by LucarioRose24 on DeviantArt, 1024x1334 SekaKoi: Takano Masamune X Onodera Ritsu by thenzcchi on DeviantArt, 1280x1024 ... , Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu, Wallpaper 5:4 Ratio, Strawberry, 2122x1461 ... Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi r wallpaper | 2122x1461 | 64706 | WallpaperUP, 1366x768 ... , Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu, Glasses Off, Flower Background, 1024x768 ... Ichi Hatsukoi Wallpapers HD wallpaper and background photos (32429261, 1122x1600 ... Ichi Hatsukoi images Takano X Ritsu HD wallpaper and background photos, 1200x900 ... Ichi Hatsukoi, Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu, 1200x900 Wallpaper, 1024x844 Hiroki y Takahashi Ritsu Onodera by TakahashiRitsuOnoder on DeviantArt, 1024x768 Onodera Ritsu by spyhyunart on DeviantArt, 3507x2480 ... Ichi Hatsukoi, Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu, Interlocked Fingers, 1024x1207 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Ritsu X Takano by XOtakumiX on DeviantArt. She confesses to him again, but Ritsu turns her down once more. Looking for the best Onodera Ritsu Wallpaper? During a particular romantic encounter, Ritsu asks Masamune his opinion of Ritsu's skill in love making to which Masamune teases that Ristu is inexperienced and that if he wants to improve then he should just practice on him. -Ritsu has light brown hair and long bangs that frame the sides of his face. When he was fifteen, his hair was styled differently with his bangs parting in the middle. He has wide, green eyes and fair skin. An original animation DVD was bundled with the fifth and sixth volumes of the manga series, released in March and September 2011. While taking the gifts, he brings her to a taxi. Blood Type This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. After this, she confronts Ritsu about her theory. After their first meeting, Ritsu slowly fell in love with Masamune. Status Soft-looking brown hair, lithe shoulders, and a … Masamune jokingly tells Ritsu that he had also been stalked and Ritsu instantly gives Masamune a very formal apology, but Masamune tells him that he didn't mind. [10cp], Living Art: Delivery- The user takes drawings on paper and turns them into shuriken which are then sent at the target, hit or miss Ritsu will have the drawings come to life and attack the target, for a dangerous and often unseen two fold attack. Ritsu later finds out that his father had him placed in the shoujo manga department instead of literature during his transfer to the company, deliberately having him switched for unknown reasons. 1280x1288 Onodera Ritsu x Takano Masamune anime kiss | Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ... 1029x1463 ... Hatsukoi images Onodera and Takano HD wallpaper and background photos. Name: Ritsu Onodera. Ritsu usually tells himself that he will quit working at Marukawa as many of the workers like to pick on him for being a "newbie" or that he frequently butts heads with Takano. Feel free to send us your "Onodera Ritsu Wallpaper", we will select the best ones and publish them on this page. 3. Ritsu is a medium height boy with brown hair and green eyes. Hobby An ongoing manga series with 13 volumes. Kamiki Ritsu We choose the most relevant backgrounds for different devices: desktop, tablet, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Sasmsung Galaxy, etc. 1024x768 Takahashi Misaki And Onodera Ritsu Genderband Art by OsakaYamatsu on ... 1600x1200 Takano and Onodera on Sekai-ichi-Hatsukoi - DeviantArt, 1024x1488 Render takano y Onodera by YaelRukia on DeviantArt. The first volume was published on July 1, 2008, and the ninth on August 29, 2014.Tired of accusations that family connections got him his current position, Ritsu Onodera quits his job as an editor at his father’s company and transfers to Marukawa Publishing. When seeing Takano watching them nearby, she demands that he better not hurt Ritsu - vowing that she will never forgive him if he does. Kanji When he was 15, his hair was styled differently with his bangs parting in the middle.

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