Does this mean that I won’t be able to use it with my Motorola phone? So please keep up the good work informing us all and fixing the firmware. Anyone else have this kind of problem with the Rhythm+? RHYTHM24 heart rate monitor pdf manual download. The app says to let it sit and run out of battery (since it’s not actively checking, i feel like this is going to take forever). I got this from Clever Training, so I have 60 days before the return period to see if this can really do everything it’s supposed to. In fact, most of my testing of the 24 day to day is with a Suunto Spartan. I mean, in real time it shows the data! Rhythm 24 on my forearm, paired to a 920XT in Cycling mode. I had endless problems trying to get mine to charge.

Yes, it’s a tiny bit more expensive than the previous one, but as long as they maintain the same high degree of accuracy as the Rhythm+ has had, then I suspect they’ll continue to attract buyers, especially once you combine all the features found on the new unit. I’ve got 536874xxx and 2 short runs in and no DMG yet but I fear the worst…. 1st run lasted 8min then stopped by itself. So let’s take this thing out for a run, shall we? ), I am excited to try it…placed my pre-order with Clever Training today. What still is not working is downloading HR data from R24 to Garmin. Of course, the heart rate was a bit useless during workouts, sleep detection was little more than just movement based, etc. It doesn’t record things like stroke, distance, or pace. Either way, to be honest, the only thing that you need to know visually is that the maroon line is the FR645 optical. I have also already informed Steven of the crack issue and sent him my picture. I can pair it with a Wahoo app and get a HR but none of the functionality. I tried looking on the iOS App Store but couldn’t find it. It tested to see if once it is connected for example with an iPhone, there is no possibility to connect with an other iPhone directly, you have to disconnect the first one, and connect to the second.

Serial number: 536875304. I thought I surely must have cracked it the other night. When recording a swim, the Rhythm24 will only capture your heart rate. @Steve, thank you for engaging in this thread. You are correct, there is a set range: 40 to 220. Yes, the new app will replace the old app and work with Rhythm+ and Rhythm24.

I’m glad I got a device with ANT+ and Bluetooth rather than one or the other. We have test this on bikes such as the Keiser M3i and have seen good results. Received at home on June 11th; If the heart rate monitor is paired with another iPhone, you will not be able to use the HRM. (Guess it also needs a way to send that data to something). I saw the downgrade instructions, agree it’s complex. However I see no attempt of the watch to download HR data from the R24. That metal pole is thinner on the 24 than the plastic ‘pole’ on the +, thus, it won’t hook onto the unit. I find it beneficial to tune my resistance level during a spin class based on my heart rate without having to mess with my Apple Watch. I’m tempted by this b/c of the features, but likely will go Wahoo once it’s available on Amazon. “A little-known fact is that when Garmin’s swim-friendly watches download data from their swimming HR straps (HRM-TRI/HRM-SWIM), they actually do so over common standards. Then would do this on start and not get HR. We recommend the forearm or upper arm for placement of the Rhythm HRM’s, as the wrist isn’t a great spot, especially during activities. I’m using Garmin 935.

Even Apple, beloved by most, usually has to release the x.1 version fairly quickly after the release of any new iOS. I can’t seem to find any retailers in Canada that will retail the Scosche24. I’ve updated the R24 to 3.0 using a friends iPhone. Hello Ray; Based on your feedback and others I bought late last year the Rythm+, it has 3.1 on it. Can you recommend a optical HR watch that is also good for HRV?

Design leaves a lot to be desired. For the Rhythm+ we have identified some issues in the 3.01 firmware when using Bluetooth and are working on a fix. The sensor array could be slightly more bulky as it’s out of the way, and could pack in a lot more sensors that work better farther up the arm (or wherever) anyway. I never had problems with the Rhythm+ pairing and Scosche lists it as compatible, but I haven’t had any success even after trying multiple things. Or does it also upload to 3rd party apps like Strava? HRV Expert by excellently fits the purpose. hey ray . we are more than “good enough”? Is the Android version going to work with Motorola phones or just Samsung.

seems also some filtering issues that prevent it from being seen from an iPad (even when filtering for iPhone only apps).

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