Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps • He declared war on creation itself, one which will not end until the very end of everything. Rasmin Yelkov • SCP-173 • He declared war on creation itself, one which will not end until the very end of everything. Rasmin Yelkov •


5: Zalgo(chaos) is nothing but like a failed version of Scarlet King, SCP have better stories than creepypasta and Zalgo was rejected of being a SCP SCP-1499-1 • SCP-035 • SCP-023 • SCP-122-1 • Known initially by his birth name Khahrahk, the king was the only of his siblings to possess self-awareness. her screaming cries did shake the skies, as she called out for her King. SCP-XXXX. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It resides in SCP-231-7 and is prevented from existing by using Procedure 110-Montuak, developed by Robert Montauk, a scientist. Orok • SCP-024 •

Rikki Robinson-Huntington •

SCP-990 • SCP-106 • Chaos Insurgency • James Franklin • He appears in countless articles and tales across the SCP site, often tied to the end of the existence itself. SCP-553 • He is a creature of truth.

their lanterns bright, they wait at night for the new world he shall bring.

SCP-017 •

The group has gathered massive amounts of wealth, weapons and anomalous objects over the years, to the point in which the GOC cannot destroy them in secret. Modernity helped shape him, defined the contours of his rage, but it was when modernity started interfering in his kingdom that he was crystallised. The thought of light outside the abyss and the shade of the Tree of Knowledge pained the king even more, driving him to decide that existence was pain and that would be best if nothing existed at all. Goals the fifth one’s crown was bearing down upon the fox’s set. Nadox •

He is the idea of the ancient in a world which discards and fetishes it.

she stopped her life with a surgeon’s knife, and gave it to Our Lord. SCP mythos The seven brides and their Leviathan-spawn are referred as following: The Scarlet King has gathered many followers, among them other gods, among them were The Factory, Jeser, Goran, Moloch and Hastur. SCP-953 • SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements ⚠ Object Class - Keter K-class-scenario, Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under.

Oh, well, I’m sure there are many SCPs that’s hard to see. Church of the Broken God • As the Daevites and the influence of the Scarlet King spread further West, the People of the Two Trees became aware of the threat he posed, and their champion Hevel travelled east to fight the Scarlet King's forces. when the first had given birth, then all the birds did sing. Other gods and older beings agreed to follow him as well, among them were Jeser, Goran, Moloch, and Hastur.

The seven brides and their Leviathan-spawn are referred to as follows: The Scarlet King has gathered many followers, among them other gods, among them were The Factory, Jeser, Goran, Moloch, and Hastur.

A friend dared me to combine dryads and the Scarlet King, from the SCP universe.

SAPPHIRE • It is also speculated that he is the nephew of Yaldabaoth. Cornelius P. Bodfel III • SCP-2845 •

He started by consuming his siblings and growing stronger on their essence. SCP-973-2 • SCP-553 • Crimes It is also speculated that he is the nephew of Yaldabaoth. SCP-079 • the cretin moon no more is howling, gone its mourning black. SCP-137 • Thus began the Flood, which wiped the earth and time itself clean.[4]. Adytum's Wake • on the sixth’s day, the walls gave way, and the oceans turned to ash. You know now what the Scarlet King is. He wasn't a monarch, and he wasn't always red. If this is true, that is presumably why in one canon, "New Job", the O5-Council decided to stop the Protocol, which resulted in the birth of SCP-999. Adytum's Wake •

Reduced all of creation to nothing more than ashes when clashing with The Brothers Death), Speed: Immeasurable (Able to fight on par with entities as powerful as The Hanged King, who can interact with and encompasses countless higher dimensions) | Immeasurable (Should be vastly superior in speed to his previous state of being), Lifting Ability: Immeasurable (Is a Countless-Dimensional Entity), Striking Ability: Hyperversal (It's lesser offsprings are capable of damaging constructs such as The Tree of Knowledge, which encompasses all of existence, including a countless number of higher dimensions in the form of narratives) | Hyperversal (Destroyed all of creation from it's mere clashes with The Brothers Death. [4], Al-Leshal led the Scarlet King's forces to the valley where he had once lived and slaughtered his former allies, including all of his family bar his brother Set. Seven girls taken away by raiders in the cold, as the wind demon howled and howled. SCP-1337 • He was the cold hunger of a famine that had no rhyme and reason but the cold apathy of a supernatural beyond us.

Impregnate seven young girls with monstrous abominations (succeeded), Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under. Due to the lack of canon, the Scarlet King has no true form.Artists often draw hima as a classical Devil-like figure with antlers, sometimes having also tendrils/tentacels coming from his body, likely a reference of his Lovecraftian inspiration. Scarlet King (SCP Foundation) View source. Godmodes Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. the princess in the tower is hidden far away. Scarlet King is an almighty deity in the Multiverse and, according to the 05 council, he is the most malevolent force within the Multiverse. SCP-939 • Sanaa died after birthing them, and the King took his seven daughters as his new brides, sealing them so they would not die as their mother had. Jeser • in their dreams its face is prowling, come to take them back.

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