Before you say that nobody asked for a feature, remember that an online game is not a democracy. I just redid Jabberwocky. In 2155 Rebels from oppressed worlds were on the verge of breaking the Empire's rule. Want the latest information on Star Trek Online?

We come in peace, SHOOT TO KILL! In 2063 Zefram Cochrane killed the first Vulcan to set foot on Earth with a shotgun.

The Terran Empire is a state of the mirror universe, a parallel universe that exists on a different dimensional plane. ... and VIOLA, tons of missions for getting the accolade for Terran ground, pick one, run it, get the accolade as well as the endeavour. However no point of divergence from the Prime Universe has been established. The Terrans looted the Vulcan ship and reverse-engineered its technology. I had an alt that was just about to start Jabberwocky anyway.. Star Trek Online Volunteer Community Moderator, Community Moderators are Unpaid Volunteers and NOT Employees of PWE/Cryptic.

By 2256, the Empire controled all of known space. what mission has Terran grond units in them? I did Ragnarok as well, and finished leveling up my Ryn'Kodan in the process, too. In 2372, inspired by their prime universe counterparts, a group of Terran rebels working on Terok Nor (DS9's mirror counterpart) manage to take the station from the Alliance.

Honestly, I just opened the Foundry lists, did a title search for mirror, and VIOLA, tons of missions for getting the accolade for Terran ground, pick one, run it, get the accolade as well as the endeavour.​​. Personally i really liked missions from user “parekema”, they are really good and can work for both ground and space from only one mission. I cleared out Leeta's troops, beamed out, left the system, then just continued. Assault on Terok Nor. After the second set, I had my 20, so finished the mission by capturing the changeling to take back. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... all ground oens that reweard terran marks #1. Ships in Imperial Starfleet are similar to their Prime Universe counterparts and may have been created from stolen plans. There are however missions within those arcs that do not tie directly into the overarching story. 0. Unfortunately these reforms also weakened the Empire and made vulnerable to conquest by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. U.S.S. While her plans were thwarted, and the Discovery returned to the past, Killy remained at large. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The mission arcs were previously referred to as Episodes, however the term "Feature Episode" is now prevalent for an new individual mission. The Terran Empire was forged in several brutal wars. There is a foundry mission called "Mirror universe ground accolade". The Humans of the mirror universe (typically referred to as "Terrans") are openly nationalistic and fascistic, deeming themselves the born master race. Episodes and missions follow a very si… Using force rather than diplomacy, the Terran Empire is the counterpart of the United Federation of Planets and a military dictatorship ruled by an Emperor. At the time you were forced to do both and ground missions were 50% of the game time. Assault on Terok Nor I believe? All rights reserved. Using force rather than diplomacy, the Terran Empire is the counterpart of the United Federation of Planets and a military dictatorship ruled by an Emperor. In the mission Ragnarok, last one of the Future Proof campaign you have to fight dozens of terran ground units after the inital space combat.

Play on Advanced if you want to get the elite reputation mark as well. The founding date of the Terran Empire is also unknown, but in 2155 it was said to have existed for "centuries" (suggesting at least the 20th century) and Roman-like allusions have been made by Terrans. Having your weapons at a higher Mark level will greatly increase the damage they deal, to help with damage and kill endeavors.

There is a foundry mission called "Mirror universe ground accolade". That one is a ground with lots of Terrans. Many of these rebels were, however, wiped out by the Emperor's flagship. The Terran flag is subsequently planted on Luna (by an astronaut in a 22nd century spacesuit) and Terran forces rapidly conquered Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar Prime, Denobula, and Gorlan by the 2150s. Spock subsequently rose to become Commander-in-Chief of the Empire and began to implement a policy of change (peace and disarmament). I was thinking about that one as well. Defiant and succeed in pushing back Alliance forces. I needed some space combat EXP to finish leveling a ship and there's the boarding action on the Enterprise-J with Terran troops. Defiant (a Federation Constitution-class starship from the 23rd century), again infusing the oppressors with new advanced technology, giving them the advantage necessary to foster their dominance.

I just Ran Ragnarock yet again until I got the reward, then beamed out. Enterprise managed to capture the U.S.S. I wish the endeavour system would have some suggestions where to find things like this. I am also having other issues in tailor being unable to equip helmets that I use to have . Discovery was displaced from the 23rd century and led to Captain Killy seizing Pahvo. A transporter accident in 2267 resulted in an exchange of personnel between the Prime and Mirror universes - the Captains of the U.S.S.

So basically follow the quest/mission line of the game and it will give me random ground missions … The Empire fell, and Terrans and Vulcans became a slave caste of the Alliance. (In the CR below Admiral Quinn on ESD). Additionally, Imperial ships use an "ISS" prefix (Imperial Star Ship) instead of the prime Starfleet's "USS" (United Star Ship). MeisterGlanz. Enterprise travel to their counterpart's ships. ( “Message from Another Universe V”). Login Store ... Star Trek Online. The following year, Admiral Leeta defeats the Iconians 200,000 years in the past and takes challenges the Emperor's power using a combination of future technology from the Temporal Liberation Front and aid from the Pah-wraiths. What do you suggest? That was very helpful once I figured out how to start it! what mission has Terran grond units in them? Assault on Terok Nor definitely has an abundance of Terrans to kill but I don't recommend it if you are looking for a quick endeavor solution. I have completed the terran task force rep and got all three items of the ground set been awarded title of vet but am unable to find the outfit visuals in the tailor. I got my kills rerunning Ragnarok, the mission at the end of the Temporal War arc. ... Star Trek Online Volunteer Community Moderator. Thanks. Easiest way to get this done I believe. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Anyone else …

Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?! The Emperor however subsequently disappeared in a coup attempt, and the coup leader and his forces were killed when the Emperor's flagship were destroyed. The military arm of the Terran Empire is Imperial Starfleet, which mostly consists of Terrans.

Instead of the 22nd century vessels which were adorned with yellow markings, 25th century starships utilize red markings instead.

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