The Strider 12 Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike introduces babies who are crawling like crazy to the wonderful world of biking. ), the Strider 12 Pro perfectly fits children with an inseam of 30-51 cm (12-20 in.). They’re not going to take hours and hours of hits from rough tarmac, ridden in bad conditions, or jet-washed, so there’s no need for anything more. Lightweight with ideal geometry, they are easy to ride and are maintenance free. Seat Height: 28 - 48 cm (11 - 19 in.) Strider balance bikes are the most popular pedal-less bikes for toddlers in the U.S. Strider Balance Bikes make riding as easy as walking for kids of all ages! Weighing in at 6.7 lb.

For older/taller kids ages 3 and up, the Strider 14x has 14″ tires, taller seat heights, and can convert to a pedal bike. and makes this bike optimally proportional for a toddler’s size and weight, yet durable enough to handle kid-level abuse. for Pro), the Strider is one of the lighter balance bikes on the market. Lightweight, U.S. Patented Design We tested the Strider as at 2.4kg it’s one of the lightest on the market. Kids are focused on FUN. The bike must be the same color and size, sold in the US and not include the use of a coupon. Carefully tucked in below the seat, Strider’s footrest is non-intrusive and out of the way. World's Lightest Strider®: 2.5 kg (5.6 lbs.) This is our high-end model and race ready right out of the box. The Pro also includes a bonus extra-long seat post so it will grow with your child even longer, up to 5 years old! Switching back to balance bike mode takes only minutes, and your child has the best of both worlds. Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike Silver- SKU: ST-P4SI , UPC: 848953000896, Aluminum Frame A little dirt never hurt anyone and a child who wants to go fast and get dirty needs the right tools. For year-around fun, Strider also makes a fun set of skis that Velcro to the front and rear wheels of the bike. Keep the saddle adjusted accordingly. Wooden Balance Bike Star Model Ride-On Toy with Easy Grip Handles/Bag/Bell,No Pedal... PHOENIX Toddler Balance Bike for Girls Boys Kids Ages 18 Months to 5 Years with Air... ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves for Balance and Pedal Bicycles for Ages 1-8 Years Old. FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review. Strider - 14x Sport Balance Bike, Ages 3 to 7 Years, Awesome Blue - Pedal Conversio... Strider ST-S4GN - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years, Green, Strider - 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 3 Years, Red. By learning the key skills of balance and steering straight from the get-go, progressing to pedals is a cinch. In summary, this is what cyclists think. In our quest to turn kids into amazing riders and awesome human beings, we made our own Learn-To-Ride Guide available online when you register your child’s Strider. You steer a bike by leaning, whereas stabilisers turn a bike in to a trike, completely changing the way you steer. I got this for my son at 18 months... it was a bit heavy for him and he didn't like to sit on it because it would fall over. Additionally, the main benefit of the Pro is that the frame is made of aluminum, which results in a lighter bike. (Ages 18 months to 3 years), 12 Sport – Looking for more features than you can shake a stick at? All in all it’s a good package, well put together, easy to maintain and build straight out of the box. Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2019. They will NEVER go flat and never need to be checked; just grab and go!

- 5 years.

Maintenance-Free 12" Foam Rubber Tires Second, congratulate yourself for listening to your friend. In the first 30 mins he learned to steer. They should be perched on the saddle (not sat with all their weight on it) pushing themselves along with their feet more or less flat on the ground, or with their heels just off depending on proficiency. Lightweight bikes are much easier for toddlers to handle as compared to 10 lb.+ balance bikes, such as the Burley, and Schwinn. Just with more Lycra. With a seat height range from 28-48 cm (11-19 in. At 5.6lb, the 12 Pro was light enough for an 18 month old child to lift and carry. There’s no change in feel of the ride and as the act of pedaling is so simple kids tend to be up and running in minutes when progressing to pedals. Children put their feet on the ground and push, just like Fred Flintstone. 99 Banana LT Balance Bike - Lightweight for Toddlers, Kids - 2, 3, 4 Year Olds 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,285 The Strider 12″ Pro Balance Bike detached from the Rocking Base is intended for children 18 mos- 5 years old. Max. In addition to being lightweight, they have well-designed frame. 14″ Balance Bike The Strider 14x helps new and veteran balance bike riders gain confidence and learn more advanced skills on a bigger bike. Inseam and Age Fit (MUST INCLUDE BOTH): Fits children with an inseam 30-51 cm (12-20 in.) (Ages 3 to 7 years). The optional Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit transforms the 14x your child already knows and loves into a pedal bike for instant riding success. Toddlers' legs are strongest when used this way, rather than trying to pedal really short cranks. For my daughter, and for other parents in the CW office, it was a case of leaving the Strider around the house and garden so it can be picked up and used as and when they wanted. With a minimum seat height of 11″, kids as young as 18-months can ride a Strider bike. The Strider 14x helps new and veteran balance bike riders gain confidence and learn more advanced skills on a bigger bike. Performance, Padded Seat The 12 Pro’s light weight allowed kids to move faster than on steel models.

If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. Strider is often the first name parents turn to when buying a balance bike, but with countless other companies entering the market, Strider’s competition is fierce. As a general rule, a balance bike should be no more than 30% of a child’s body weight. Strider Pro 12" Kids' Balance Bike - Silver, undefined out of 5 stars with undefined reviews. On several other brands, the footrest protrudes too far out from beneath the seat, causing kids, especially toddlers, to hit the rear of their calf on the footrest when riding. The only thing is my daughter takes time to learn but practice makes it perfect. In other words, you’ll never have to fix a flat. What is a Balance Bike? Just keep an eye on their feet as they use it. Fully Adjustable with Easy-Adjust Clamps The color is great and it rides so smoothly! for Pro), the Strider is one of the lighter balance bikes on the market. The low weight of the Strider doesn’t come with any durability issues. Handlebar height should be at the lowest setting for children 6 – 24 months old, mid-height for 36 – 48 months old, and at the highest setting for 48+ months old. No-Tool Assembly

BikeRide is reader-supported, and sometimes we receive commissions for links you click on. No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. The build took just a few minutes, important if given as a present. Performance, Padded Seat While you cannot add pedal to the Strider 12 balance bikes, you can add pedals to the larger Strider 14x. (Ages 18 months to 5 years), 12 Pro – Performance meets perfection with the Pro’s all-aluminum frame. At £80 the Strider is quite pricy. In addition to traction, foam tires provide NO cushioning for the rider. There are cheaper balance bikes on the market, but do bear in mind the weight. Just mind your lower back. Balance bikes allow a child to learn to balance and steer while having their feet in contact with the ground. Underneath that is a brake mount for a foot-operated brake. From a rocking base for babies, snow skis for year-round fun, to almost unlimited accessories combinations (see more below), the world of Strider has you covered.

Strider® Bikes have taught millions of children how to balance and ride on two wheels-without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. The seat-tube, extending below the downtube, could catch on kids’ ankles. The Strider 12 Pro is the premium Strider Balance Bike model. 8 Designs for Boys & Girls, Kids Bike Helmet, CPSC Certified, Adjustable and Multi-Sport, from Toddler to Youth, 3 Sizes, Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet, Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years, Joovy Noodle Helmet Extra Small-Small, Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet, Black, Strider - 14x Sport Balance Bike - Pedal Conversion Kit Sold Separately, Strider - 12 Classic Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 3 Years. With the Strider Rocking Base attached, this product is intended for ages 6-18 mos. However, for the average rider who plans on riding mainly on paved surfaces, foam tires perform just fine.

4.8 out of 5 stars with 33 … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I remember what happened. Shiny foam tires rolled with less traction and ease than inflatable alternatives.

This may not seem a lot but can be 50 per cent of a toddler’s inside leg measurement. I was concentrating so hard on my balance and pedalling that steering and braking became too much for my brain to process. This one is my favorite so far! The tires are made of an EVA polymer, which provides two key benefits. The Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike is the bike of choice for kids who don’t just want to go fast but need to go fast… the rest of the world will catch up later, if it can. Starting at 6 months, Strider inspires kids to experience two-wheeled freedom. Strider - 12 Pro Balance Bike, Limited Edition Black Pearl, Previous page of related Sponsored Products. The overall quality of Strider’s components isn’t as high as similarly priced bikes, If you’re planning on riding on non-paved surfaces, a bike with air tires is a much better option (Strider’s air tires are a $50 upgrade).

Owners said the 12 Pro was solid, standing up to drops and crashes.

14X SPORT The 7cm grips either side of the padding give a 34.5cm wide bar. That sits in a hole in the frame behind the dropout. In addition to having the widest seat range, it also has adjustable height handlebars that can grow with the child as well. Ages 18 Months to 5 Years. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 73 reviews. It’s super-duper light, lighter than any other balance bike that we have tried. Neither do stabilisers teach a child to balance – that’s where balance bikes come in. Check out our handy inseam graph below. Strider’s standard 12″ balance bike is available in three models: the Classic, Sport, and Pro. The progression happened pretty quickly. I don’t know why, but I’d been scared of using my brakes. An all-aluminum frame that barely tips the scale at 2.54 kg (5.6 lbs. Easily adjustable to fit a wide range of ages, Frame design makes it comfortable and easy to ride, Narrow saddle, handlebars, and grips to fit little bodies, Widely available and comes in a variety of colors.

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