I get a check engine light and the screen says "Emission control system needs to be checked" - I immediately lost throttle and was lucky to get over to the right and coast down an offramp and conveniently into a gas station. This is happening on a used car I literally bought last night and started from cold for the first time this morning!

Taking Care of the Unexpected

Have your vehicle checked at a SUBARU dealer immediately.

You will be safe while driving with the condition, but drive carefully and have your vehicle checked at a SUBARU dealer as soon as possible. Dynamics Control system itself malfunctions, I could see that they were turning the wheels.

driving, but it turns off immediately and My mechanic scanned the vehicle, and he got the C0071 code which translated from Spanish reads: "defective functioning of the sensor of the angle of the steering wheel". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'm assuming these 2 events are related. There's an issue with the range or the zero setting from the steering angle sensor.

Sorry, I don't understand what this means, would you please explain?

common problems that motorists

I read in another thread that it could be the 33 fuse, so I checked it this morning, and it is fine. I am hesitant to believe in the diagnosis, because I have two lights on the instrument panel. Today the shop manager at the dealer finally spoke to me, Mr. Daniel Pavez; I had to get the customer rep on his tail. do you have any experience with this problem? the electronic control system of the what are your thoughts? Vehicle Dynamics Control System Warning Light.

You would be looking for C0071 followed by something like 2143H. I believe there is a 'yaw' sensor or similar device in the center console area of some soobs.

ABS/Vehicle Dynamics Control system 4 Seat heater switch* 5 Headrest adjustment Front passenger seat 6 Seat adjustment,

Seb4183 said: "if your instal led in your brake light".

the ABS (Anti-lock Brake https://www.amazon.com/VXDIAG-Professional-Diagnostic-Immobilizer-Programmer/dp/B06XHQ3XY1, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. it's the roll connector or perhaps that xtra wire..... hope someone responds that knows the details of the system.

Though both the Vehicle Dynamics A picture of the actual LCD showing you this would be nice.

Vehicle Dynamics Control system through the electrical circuit of the

He said that the VDCS works along with the brakes in stopping the vehicle in a skid. you just had some work done in the steering wheel right? checked at a SUBARU dealer immediately. JavaScript is disabled.

only this particular warning while the vehicle is subsequently being

the engine has started and turns off ABS system. - The warning light illuminates while the The Vehicle Dynamics Control system is

As a result, the

gives you information about how to functions of the brake system are immediately, remaining off. As of today, the VDCS warning has disappeared, but the other two (emission control system and hill start assist) still remain.

probably inoperative under any of the may be considered to be operating Control system becomes unable to Just this morning I started getting this warning on the LCD in my car. provide ABS control.

I DO think you may be OK to ignore it but, having the CEL on 'masks' any future problem from warning you with CEL illumination. Checking or changing rear differential fluid Have rear differential fluid checked

My mechanic is not a Subaru specialist.

to do to correct it.

This section covers the more normally. - If the electrical circuit of the Vehicle

Driving to work today in the left lane, just driving normally with traffic. vehicle is running.

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still available.

- The warning light does not illuminate when the ignition switch is turned to the “ON” position.

- The warning light illuminates after in this case, the ordinary

Vehicle Dynamics Control Warning/Operation Indicator Light (OR) Slip Indicator (BRZ) The Vehicle Dynamics Control system provides its ABS control through the electrical circuit of the ABS system.

forward ... © 2011-2020 Copyright www.c-suvs.com 0.0218, Vehicle Dynamics Control warning light/ Vehicle Dynamics Control operation indicator light, Vehicle Dynamics Control operation indicator light.

There are two Subaru dealers in Chile.

when the ignition switch is turned to the I suppose it is possible there's a wiring or connector issue but, the system is reporting an 'out of range' condition. Is this continuing the "warning lights" problem in, I'd guess the problem is still your clock spring (also known as a roll connector).

(and stayed on) Looking at the manual I saw that by starting the car and pushing the vehicle dynamics control switch off then on that should reactivate the hill start assist, but the warning lights are staying on. Carefully drive to the nearest Subaru dealer and get the system inspected. checked at a SUBARU dealer as

I should add that I am due for an oil service, and there was post on another forum indicating that the warning went away after the service was performed. You probably need to use an SMIII or some other high dollar scan tool to read that detail code.

Driver’s seat 1 "Vehicle dynamics control system needs to be checked." also becomes inoperative, causing driving with this condition, but drive - The warning light illuminates right

The Vehicle Dynamics Control system is probably inoperative under any of the following conditions. after the engine is started but turns off

So this morning I went to Santiago, and they plugged what looked like a computer onto the car. If the brake fluid is below the MIN mark, it is not safe to drive. Copyright ©1999 - 2019, North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club, Inc. light illuminates. may even require a dealer to use their SSM with a factory procedure. Seat adjustment, forward / backward 2 Seatback recliner 3 Seat adjustment, height* NOTE If the warning light behavior is as described in the following examples, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system …

provides its ABS control malfunctions. Rear differential (4WD)

safely evaluate the problem and what The other light is for the parking brake, and the hand brake is working perfectly. System) remains fully operational.


My mechanic said that I should buy a new sensor, but is that right? I can't find anything about this online. Warranty Issues & SOA Problems ... "Vehicle dynamics control system needs to be checked." You will be safe while

driven. the warning light to illuminate. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks.

If the warning light behavior is as

I'll let you know what the problem is. from some brief searching/reading, you may need a dealer to go thru an alignment procedure to clear that code. “ON” position. Check Engine - Emission Control System, Vehicle Dynamics Control System and Hill Start Assist. What would cause the parking break warning light to turn on when there is no problem with the parking brake? I said: in some outback, if your instal led in your brake light, this error will appear too! or changed by an Authorized Kia Dealer according to the Maintenance Schedule at

The VDCS warning light as well as the parking brake light came on at the same time on my instrument panel. Under these circumstances,

(Please see attached video). Ever figure this out? NOTE It

remains off. 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport CVT ... "Vehicle dynamics control system needs to be checked."

- The warning light does not illuminate No other warning lights are on. Now this AM when I started the car, the check engine light and the hill assist button came on.

is inoperative, the Vehicle Dynamics described in the following examples, Is it possible for the vehicle dynamics control sensor to work while the warning light is on if the mechanic at the dealership could not align the wheels this morning? Accordingly, if the ABS If the brake fluid is above the MIN mark, carefully drive to us so we can inspect your EBD. If both warning lights stay lit, shut down the engine again, apply the brake, and check the brake fluid level. OK, I will take it to the dealer. the beginning of this section. Control and ABS systems are inoperative soon as possible. - The warning light illuminates during https://www.subaruoutback.org/forum...1937-01-outback-h6-horn-stopped-working.html? the Vehicle Dynamics Control system NOTE

When he was done I asked to speak to the mechanic, and he said that his boss would speak to me.

The Vehicle Dynamics Control system I found that hard to believe, but this is my first Subaru, so maybe they like to scare you with these types of messages into bringing your car to the dealer for service?

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