Mo 29 18:30:09 07CN43 16LI26 11CN01 05GE36 00AR34 24CP15 00AQ12 09TA47 20PI57 24CP08 28GE42 1st: on April 4th, 2020, at 24° Capricorn 53′ (first), 2nd: on June 30th, 2020, at 24° Capricorn 07’Rx, 3rd: on November 12th, 2020, at 22° Capricorn 52’ (final), 13nov7:36 pmMars turns direct in AriesDirect Station7:36 pm EST. Th 04 16:51:35 13GE51 19SC29 07CN23 13GE26 14PI41 26CP35 01AQ30 08TA42 20PI52 24CP39 00CN02 This widget deliberately has a transparent background and no border, to give you maximum flexibility Mo 27 14:21:46 07TA12 20GE52 28AR20 17GE13 18AQ52 26CP45 01AQ48 06TA38 20PI07 24CP59 02CN02 Mo 14 05:32:31 22SG27 13SG09 19SG02 27SC54 20AR30 28CP48 29CP40 07TA08 18PI14 23CP38 19GE49 Geocentric Ephemeris for Sun : 2020 00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) Date JD App. Latitude: Su 13 05:28:34 21SG26 28SC21 17SG28 26SC39 20AR11 28CP36 29CP34 07TA09 18PI13 23CP36 19GE52 For end users are the printable ephemeris files for 9000 years, in Acrobat PDF format Mo 07 23:06:08 14VI50 07TA31 01LI53 00LE45 28AR05 17CP28 25CP44 10TA29 19PI41 22CP40 24GE60 Sa 11 19:17:28 19CN10 27PI26 05CN34 09GE33 07AR34 22CP46 29CP22 10TA11 20PI53 23CP51 28GE04 Sa 21 04:01:50 29SC08 15AQ07 13SC20 29LI19 15AR33 24CP16 27CP33 07TA52 18PI11 23CP02 21GE02 Location: The retrograde transits appear in red. spreadsheet) Fr 04 22:54:18 11VI55 01AR49 27VI01 27CN30 27AR53 17CP32 25CP51 10TA32 19PI46 22CP42 25GE09 We might solve a problem that has been in existence for some time, or capitalize upon a resource that was previously hidden. We seek out comfort and familiarity today with a Cancer Moon. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth. Tu 31 12:35:19 10AR44 23GE49 14PI00 26TA35 00AQ07 24CP16 00AQ37 05TA06 19PI14 24CP50 03CN28, We 01 12:39:16 11AR44 06CN33 15PI17 27TA31 00AQ49 24CP24 00AQ41 05TA10 19PI16 24CP50 03CN25 Su 26 20:16:36 03LE29 13LI13 13CN52 19GE17 15AR26 20CP51 28CP16 10TA31 20PI41 23CP30 27GE17 You can embed this ephemeris in your website. Tu 21 19:56:53 28CN42 02LE08 08CN52 15GE36 12AR57 21CP29 28CP38 10TA25 20PI46 23CP37 27GE32 Th 03 22:50:22 10VI57 19PI42 25VI22 26CN26 27AR48 17CP34 25CP53 10TA33 19PI48 22CP43 25GE13 Sa 12 23:25:51 19VI41 08CN15 09LI36 06LE15 28AR07 17CP24 25CP35 10TA23 19PI33 22CP36 24GE44 Ephemeris lists the planetary positions using the spherical polar coordinate system, a system used by mathematicians and physicians on a variety of applications to plot the trajectory of a moving body. As the day advances, the Leo Moon encourages our theatrical, playful, and competitive sides. Terrestrial Time) on google_ad_slot = "7294050399"; It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Tu 28 20:24:29 05LE23 11SC40 16CN28 20GE51 16AR23 20CP37 28CP07 10TA33 20PI39 23CP27 27GE10 Sa 22 10:05:30 02PI49 14AQ30 10PI51 16AR25 03CP48 18CP01 27CP22 03TA24 17PI49 24CP03 05CN29 It is also available in Th 12 03:26:21 20SC03 04LI48 01SC10 18LI13 15AR16 22CP43 26CP53 08TA13 18PI15 22CP51 21GE30 Sa 30 16:31:53 09GE03 07VI08 01CN39 16GE30 11PI22 26CP52 01AQ40 08TA27 20PI48 24CP43 00CN18 Sa 18 19:45:04 25CN50 22GE15 06CN55 13GE35 11AR23 21CP52 28CP52 10TA21 20PI48 23CP41 27GE42 Jan  -   Feb  -   Mar   -   Apr   -   May  -   June  -   July   -  Aug   -  Sep  -  Oct  -  Nov  -   Dec, We 01 06:40:29 10CP00 16PI08 04CP23 14AQ24 28SC23 06CP40 21CP24 02TA42 16PI16 22CP23 08CN14 The following table is a geocentric News | Fr 03 12:47:09 13AR42 03LE10 17PI56 29TA21 02AQ13 24CP38 00AQ48 05TA16 19PI21 24CP52 03CN19 Tu 27 02:23:16 04SC02 13PI34 01SC15 28VI42 17AR23 20CP22 25CP58 08TA52 18PI28 22CP37 22GE21 October 2020 Ephemeris << 2019 Ephemeris : 2021 Ephemeris >> Ephemeris are calculated at 00:00 GMT. In fact, we tend to want to be consumed by them! We 23 00:09:13 00LI26 16SG43 24LI48 18LE37 26AR54 17CP34 25CP22 10TA07 19PI15 22CP31 24GE09 The ephemerides usually provide information about celestial bodies through the centuries, including those that are to happen in the future. Mercury is in Scorpio from November 10-December 1, 2020. Mercury first formed a lower square to Saturn on September 23rd and then, while retrograde, returned to the square on November 1st. Tu 25 10:17:20 05PI50 20PI40 08PI04 19AR49 05CP52 18CP36 27CP40 03TA30 17PI56 24CP08 05CN20 We 30 06:35:35 08CP44 07CN03 14CP28 17SG54 26AR30 02AQ20 01AQ24 06TA49 18PI27 24CP07 18GE58 Click to enlarge: 21nov8:21 amVenus enters ScorpioPlanetary Ingress8:21 am EST, Venus enters Scorpio 3) Place the Aries glyph in the first outer-wheel (house #1), Taurus glyph in the second outer-wheel (house #2), and continue using the twelve zodiac glyph signs all the way around. Sa 07 03:06:38 15SC02 26CN06 26LI50 12LI05 15AR34 21CP55 26CP34 08TA25 18PI18 22CP46 21GE46 Mo 09 03:14:31 17SC02 22LE19 28LI13 14LI32 15AR24 22CP14 26CP41 08TA20 18PI17 22CP48 21GE40 The retrograde transits appear in red. Su 13 23:29:47 20VI40 21CN18 11LI05 07LE21 28AR04 17CP24 25CP33 10TA22 19PI31 22CP36 24GE41 the Sun 05novOverview of the DayNovember 5, 2020Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: thursday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview, Thursday, NOVEMBER 5 2020-Nov-03 … This is vital information which allows the astrologers to ascertain the impact of stars and celestial bodies on an individual (. Mo 15 17:34:57 24GE22 13AR20 14CN22 07GE25 21PI50 25CP44 01AQ01 09TA13 20PI57 24CP26 29GE27 We 18 03:50:00 26SC06 04CP25 08SC57 25LI36 15AR20 23CP44 27CP19 07TA59 18PI12 22CP58 21GE11 Sa 15 09:37:54 25AQ45 13SC49 12PI32 08AR22 28SG59 16CP37 26CP37 03TA10 17PI34 23CP51 05CN51 Mo 20 19:52:57 27CN45 18CN30 08CN07 14GE54 12AR26 21CP37 28CP43 10TA24 20PI47 23CP38 27GE36 Mo 21 00:01:20 28VI28 18SC12 22LI14 16LE21 27AR15 17CP31 25CP24 10TA10 19PI18 22CP32 24GE15 Sa 28 12:23:30 07AR46 17TA06 10PI22 23TA44 28CP02 23CP53 00AQ25 04TA57 19PI08 24CP47 03CN38 Su 15 11:32:14 24PI52 07SG26 29AQ20 10TA36 19CP00 21CP58 29CP26 04TA18 18PI39 24CP34 04CN19 Tu 30 18:34:06 08CN41 00SC42 10CN25 05GE45 01AR10 24CP08 00AQ08 09TA50 20PI57 24CP07 28GE39, We 01 18:38:02 09CN38 14SC59 09CN49 05GE56 01AR46 24CP01 00AQ04 09TA52 20PI57 24CP05 28GE36 Fr 24 20:08:43 01LE34 14VI29 11CN36 17GE46 14AR27 21CP06 28CP25 10TA29 20PI43 23CP32 27GE23 Tu 25 22:14:53 02VI16 22SC30 09VI28 16CN58 26AR22 17CP59 26CP18 10TA39 20PI02 22CP52 25GE41 Th 26 12:15:37 05AR48 23AR15 08PI08 21TA47 26CP39 23CP37 00AQ17 04TA51 19PI03 24CP46 03CN44 We 25 04:17:36 03SG10 04AR26 19SC24 04SC16 16AR01 24CP60 27CP53 07TA43 18PI10 23CP07 20GE49 Mars is retrograde from September 9th to November 13th, 2020. Su 10 15:13:02 19TA48 24SG24 25TA54 21GE38 27AQ49 27CP12 01AQ57 07TA22 20PI27 24CP57 01CN21 Or, enter your birthdate and get a quick transit or forecast report. Th 02 12:43:12 12AR43 19CN38 16PI36 28TA26 01AQ31 24CP31 00AQ44 05TA13 19PI19 24CP51 03CN22 Su 19 19:49:00 26CN47 05CN13 07CN28 14GE14 11AR54 21CP44 28CP47 10TA23 20PI47 23CP40 27GE39 march 2020 date sid.time sun moon mercury venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune pluto node . Th 15 01:35:57 22LI05 26VI17 11SC37 14VI18 20AR45 19CP01 25CP33 09TA21 18PI42 22CP31 22GE59 does not make any warranty as to the suitability of this ephemeris data for any purpose. google_ad_client = "pub-6551255594736534"; Su 24 16:08:13 03GE18 17GE48 22GE55 19GE33 07PI21 27CP06 01AQ49 08TA08 20PI43 24CP48 00CN37 Ephemeris 2020 January, Astrology Ephemeris Online 2020, Astrology Online Calendar, Free Planetary Ephemerides Calculator 1800-2100 Online Download .PDF. Th 28 16:23:60 07GE08 09LE42 28GE57 17GE38 10PI02 26CP57 01AQ44 08TA21 20PI47 24CP45 00CN24 Chicago (41.85°N; 87.65°W), Dominic We 12 09:26:05 22AQ43 00LI13 10PI45 04AR53 26SG55 16CP00 26CP17 03TA05 17PI27 23CP45 06CN01 Tu 09 17:11:18 18GE38 29CP30 11CN35 10GE23 17PI58 26CP15 01AQ18 08TA57 20PI55 24CP33 29GE46 2020 10nov4:55 pmMercury enters ScorpioPlanetary Ingress4:55 pm EST, Mercury enters Scorpio The retrograde transits appear in red. 68.2 Th 13 21:27:34 20LE43 05GE11 15LE44 05CN01 22AR59 18CP54 27CP01 10TA41 20PI20 23CP05 26GE19 and Venus is in Scorpio from November 21-December 15, 2020. Mo 20 13:54:10 00TA23 26PI32 14AR57 13GE00 14AQ01 26CP18 01AQ36 06TA13 19PI54 24CP59 02CN25 In astronomy, it finds use in determining the movement and the centre of the planets, stars and galaxies. The updated ephemeris is now a text formatted table instead of the image that we used in the past. Su 22 11:59:50 01AR50 05PI42 04PI10 17TA49 23CP52 23CP02 29CP59 04TA38 18PI54 24CP42 03CN57 Fr 29 16:27:56 08GE06 23LE17 00CN20 17GE05 10PI42 26CP55 01AQ42 08TA24 20PI48 24CP44 00CN21 Resources | We may feel a little out of sorts, which can ultimately prompt us to make some useful edits. The updated ephemeris is now a text formatted table instead of the image that we used in the past. We 08 19:05:38 16CN18 20AQ25 06CN16 08GE10 05AR52 23CP09 29CP35 10TA05 20PI54 23CP56 28GE14 Our emotional needs and personal life stand in stark contrast with our responsibilities. Fr 07 09:06:22 17AQ39 16CN32 05PI11 29PI01 23SG30 14CP57 25CP44 02TA58 17PI17 23CP36 06CN17 Sa 29 10:33:06 09PI52 08TA11 03PI48 24AR19 08CP38 19CP22 28CP04 03TA39 18PI05 24CP14 05CN07, Su 01 10:37:03 10PI52 20TA11 02PI48 25AR26 09CP19 19CP33 28CP10 03TA41 18PI07 24CP15 05CN04 Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound, and analytical. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer. However, there can be a willingness to make sacrifices if it seems the best way to make improvements. Th 09 13:10:48 19AR36 02SC21 26PI35 04GE37 06AQ23 25CP19 01AQ08 05TA36 19PI33 24CP55 02CN60 You are welcome to reproduce the data below for We 26 22:18:49 03VI13 06SG27 11VI19 17CN60 26AR35 17CP55 26CP15 10TA39 20PI00 22CP50 25GE38 Mo 27 08:22:60 06AQ29 00PI08 17AQ30 15PI57 15SG59 12CP34 24CP28 02TA45 16PI56 23CP15 06CN52 Sa 25 08:15:07 04AQ27 05AQ33 14AQ03 13PI33 14SG37 12CP08 24CP14 02TA44 16PI52 23CP11 06CN58 Our drive is toward intense closeness, but blind faith in our partners is extremely hard for us now. including electronically on the Internet, without written permission of the author. FAQ: What time zone and time is the ephemeris table cast for? su 01 10:37:03 10pi52 20ta11 02pi48 25ar26 09cp19 19cp33 28cp10 03ta41 18pi07 24cp15 05cn04 mo 02 10:40:59 11pi52 02ge22 01pi53 26ar33 10cp00 19cp44 28cp16 03ta44 18pi09 24cp17 05cn00 tu 03 10:44:56 12pi52 14ge49 01pi03 27ar39 10cp42 19cp55 28cp21 03ta46 18pi11 24cp18 04cn57 we 04 … We 02 22:46:25 09VI59 07PI26 23VI41 25CN22 27AR41 17CP36 25CP56 10TA34 19PI49 22CP44 25GE16 The above chart is excellent for seeing the fundamental influences and chart pattern of this New Moon. Su 23 10:09:27 03PI49 26AQ39 10PI01 17AR33 04CP29 18CP13 27CP28 03TA26 17PI51 24CP04 05CN26 We 05 08:58:29 15AQ38 19GE28 02PI20 26PI39 22SG08 14CP32 25CP30 02TA55 17PI13 23CP32 06CN23 06novOverview of the DayNovember 6, 2020Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: friday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview. Tu 15 23:37:41 22VI37 18LE48 13LI60 09LE35 27AR57 17CP25 25CP30 10TA19 19PI28 22CP35 24GE35 Fr 24 14:09:57 04TA17 14TA11 22AR26 15GE32 16AQ48 26CP35 01AQ43 06TA27 20PI02 24CP59 02CN12 Sa 13 17:27:04 22GE27 19PI30 13CN44 08GE17 20PI33 25CP55 01AQ07 09TA08 20PI56 24CP29 29GE33 Su 09 09:14:15 19AQ41 15LE20 07PI44 01AR22 24SG52 15CP23 25CP57 03TA01 17PI21 23CP40 06CN10 Th 23 20:04:47 00LE37 00VI11 10CN36 17GE02 13AR57 21CP14 28CP29 10TA28 20PI44 23CP34 27GE26 JPL DE405 planetary and lunar ephemerides click here. It can be a time of personal growth and expansion.

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