This site is biased, somewhat immature and ranks are arbitrary, but here’s a link of all of them:, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. While it is true that the student body at Tulane is comprised of myriad students from the Northeast, with a persevering stereotype popularizing the nickname 'Jewlane' (T-Shirts were sold on the quad last year due to popular demand), Tulane University benefits from the geographic diversity that is the reality.

Also, the first question people tend to ask when hearing a student goes to Tulane is "Oh, you must be smart, huh?".

Yes, there a ton of outings and alcohol is readily available. That said, people often over estimate the amount of drinking that takes place, and it seems to me that there are usually a few people in any group of friends who don't drink at all. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! Greek life is not very large on campus according to the percentage on our schools website.

And isn't that what college is about?

Associates with:Zeta Beta Tau FraternityKappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Pi phi is the top house in every category at Tulane.

You may have heard some people refer to Tulane as "Jewlane". Fortunately, the student body is turning away from the Pre-Katrina dynamic of rich kids looking to party, towards a more academically and socially driven kid who is happy to party in New Orleans.

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As the prestige of Tulane University mounts each year, the school is becoming more selective. Most students are able to experience what New Orleans has to offer and have an fun, while still doing well in school. Most kids are super friendly, but the stereotype would probably be rich white kids. Students at Tulane are quite diverse, however. The student body at Tulane is sometimes thought to be a rich, white upperclass group of students. Yes, many people here ARE Jewish, but that does not define who we are as a community. Chi O- Southern belles. plan on rushing and MEET THE GIRLS. No cliques and no drama in this house. I graduated in 2015 so things could have changed, but when I was there the sororities considered to be “top-tier” were: Pi Phi- Hot (usually dark-haired for some reason) girls that are a blast to hang with, but a bit high maintenance. While it is true that there are many entitled partiers and frat kids, the majority of the student body is unified by values other than copious amounts of alcohol. It's important to remember that people come to Tulane (and NOLA) for tons of different reasons, so there really is no typical student. More important than partying, most Tulane students are kids with a heart who are attracted to New Orleans either because of its culture, music, romance, or overall charm, and because they know that the surrounding community is one which is still recovering from one of the worst natural disasters to hit the US in the past decade. Students from different regional backgrounds are drawn to the culturally rich party city, as over 75% of its students travel over 500 miles from home to attend. If you are from one of those areas and like the social climate, great!

In short, the stereotype of Tulane would be drinkers. New Post New Poll Page 1 of 111 . Work hard play hard kind of students. Although it is a stereotype, the most prevalent one is partiers. I think you get the idea. AEPhi- The first two, but Jewish American Princesses (JAPS).

If you're like me, and stem from the beaches of California...expect a fair amount of culture shock. Pi Phi has it all. Look past the make up/money/chapter stereotype.


I don’t think anyone disliked them. Many people have called Tulane "Jewlane" because of the seemingly high population of Jewish students. Narrow down over 1,000,000 scholarships with personalized results. Tulane has only a small percent of students involved in Greek Life, so it's there if you are interested.

Jessie. As long as you eventually find the balance you should do great. Expect designer purses on girls, and guys wearing button ups to a dive bar.

I would argue that a more accurate stereotype of Tulane students would be friends and compassionate. These girls are the fakest people you will meet on campus.

And the on campus radio station WTUL and local music scene attracts tons of more indie/hipster kids.

When many people think of Tulane they immediately think of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

They are the least friendly to girls that are not in their sorority and they think they are cooler than everyone when they aren't.

Not as pretty or wealthy as as Kappa but every frat boys bff. Press J to jump to the feed. A lot of people stereotype Tulane as being a predominantly Jewish school (jokingly nicknamed "Jewlane") and, as much as I don't like to perpetuate stereotypes, this one is pretty accurate.

Tulane students are most often stereotyped as rich white kids from up north who want to go to New Orleans and party it up all the time. The stereotype maintains that the girls are more attractive than the boys, and this is confirmed on a daily basis. There is a definite contingent of girls from Long Island walking around in designer clothing, but this is not the majority. Associates with:Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternityKappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. This is partially true, but we generally work really hard academically, then drink... heavily.

The activities are endless. An incoming Tulanian should expect many opportunities to drink, but more importantly she should expect many opportunities to create new social ties, hear people's stories, and learn to handle herself in a friendly conversation. However, there is definitely a party hard work hard atmosphere. I remember leaving a strip club early in the morning several times with groups of Phi Mus. Even if you can't see variegated skin tones wherever you go, the different socio-economic backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints that coalesce at Tulane is sure to provide one with stimulating conversation and experiences that you can find "only in New Orleans, only at Tulane.".

I have yet to meet someone here from my hometown. Once you arrive there, however, the new stereotype is that we are all a bunch of rich, spoiled, white kids from the Northeast. LGBTQ ????? The most common stereotype is that the students are rich Jewish kids from New York and surrounding areas. A subreddit for TU students, faculty, and admins to discuss everything Green Wave related! Another stereotype is that everyone drinks a LOT, it is in New Orleans and I know from my friends at other schools that we do have more access to bars (which are more often to those 18+ instead of 21+) and there is clearly a drinking culture.

Tulane students have a reputation for partying. Tulane students are more well balanced- they'll get their work done and then go out. Financial status does not matter once you are here, and almost everyone here is involved with on-campus jobs to help pay for school. However, when students partake in such festivities, they do so in style. Stereotypes always have counters and Tulane is no exception. The vast majority of Tulane students come from over 500 miles away, with states like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut being the most common.

idk why Pi Phi is still considered top ranking - it's a leftover from years ago when the pretty rich white girl sororities were the best. However, it is an advantage to join because you automatically meet +50 more people who become your new "brothers/sisters". The information on this site is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid.

I’d be wary of any new chapter unless you’re really confident you love the girls, and in that case fuck it.

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So much self-ranking on this site.

Frat and sorority types are very common on campus.

The typical stereotype at Tulane University is that the student body is full of rich kids and also a majority of Jewish kids. Some of my good friends are in here and everyone I’ve met is so sweet!

Didn't find your school?Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. Kappa- Pi Phi but blonde, and a little more chill. 10 Sororities Poised For A Good Spring Recruitment, The Best Sorority Tumblr Pages In The South, 10 Best Sororities Based On Rating - Fall 2019, Top 10 Most Famous Sororities And Fraternities. The school is about a third Jewish. I’m interested in rushing and wanting to know about the reputations or focuses of the sororities on campus? For this, it ends up drawing primarily upper-middle class white students from California, Chicago, and the Northeast.

Tulane is undeniably white. Don't let the location fool you, Tulane is an East-Coast prep school through and through, merely air-lifted to the deep-south.

I would say that Tulane has a party stereotype. Sometimes the university is referred to as Jewlane.

The girls in Pi Phi are fine enough.

It's difficult to argue against stereotypes at Tulane due to a lack of diversity. As a somewhat shy person myself, it helped me branch out and feel more comfortable when going to bars and recognizing more students. Not friendly with other sororities and a meh sisterhood at best.

Most of the people I've met are down to earth, and don't get caught up in material things. Nice girls, but they had been known to start shit with other sororities. seriously so helpful, thanks! The school is heavily northern, and my of the students come from areas around the country's large cities. Some (though not me) might perceive them as stuffy or reserved, but they’re chill as fuck and great to be around.

Any sorority not listed here- If I didn’t name them, that means they’re either new or just being reinstated from a long suspension, and it’s really difficult to recruit good people the first few years. Simply put, lots of Jews go here. Fairly typical Tulane rich girls that can party. If nothing else, we have a very active campus Hillel and many students that walk around wh the assuption that one third of the people they'll run into on any given day are Jewish. Kappa- Pi Phi but blonde, and a little more chill. While we definitely party, everyone knows that work comes first. I had watched Legally Blonde a lot and I thought I was way more smart-alternative-cool-edgy than sorority girls. Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank.

Students are normally working, going to school, and extremely social creating a motivated and driven student body.

Second, you'll notice plenty of frat kids, as Greek life thrives in the Big Easy. Great girls.

All of them, especially Chi O, tend to take the sorority thing (ritual, rules, etc.)

In actuality, though, it would be more correct to refer to socializers. However, I do not believe it is accurate.

No other sororities compare, Associates with:Sigma Alpha Epsilon FraternityKappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Parties are fun and, provided you remember them, will give you material for great stories to tell at other parties, but if it's not your scene, it's all too easy to avoid. Nice feminists with style and vibe who are bests with SAE and Sig Ep. I also have many friends who did not join Greek life and they know just as many people as I do and are invited to many of the events Greeks hold weekly.

The guys are pretty bro, but there are tons who are much more laid back.

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