[99] Another operatic work starring Hatsune Miku, a short opera buffa entitled "Weebmalion", appeared in 2018, this time featuring a real soloist, tenor Aleksander Kunach, singing with her in a love duet written by Polish composer, Krzysztof Żelichowski. 42kg Because of Miku's success, Crypton Future Media were able to open up services to allow more support for their VOCALOIDs, including websites such as Piapro and KARENT, concerts and merchandise. Well, this is exactly what happened to me when I was making my second MMD video. In Miku's default form, she has teal eyes and turquoise hair. Anyone could use Hatsune Miku in all music genres, so she was the perfect vehicle through which developers expressed their creativity. During Miku's development, Crypton decided to take a different approach from that used by the other Vocaloid sound bank publishers.

Miku is the protagonist of a manga series named Maker Hikōshiki Hatsune Mix, written by Kei Garō.

Figurines based on the design have also been featured. [32] In September, it came in 2nd place and went back up to 1st in October.


• Mo Qingxian, Non-commercial

[20], Crypton Future Media do not approve of using Miku in politics. Miku also appeared in the anime Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Animation as a recurring character.[71]. She was originally aimed only at professional producers; the amateur and Otaku market hadn't fully formed yet, and so it was not initially considered. Amazon.co.jp stated on September 12, 2007 that they had sales of Hatsune Miku totaling 57,500,001 yen, making her the number one selling software at that time. Crypton's website promotes Miku's popularity having her voice used in over 100,000 unique songs. • Ueki-loid

It will be released on August 31, 2013 via digital distribution. However, Miku was the first to actually be featured "live" in the concert whereas MIRIAM's concert featured just her vocal.

Miku's clothes also appear in Phantasy Star Portable 2 as a costume for the player's female character, as well as her hairstyle and leek-themed weapons.

In late November 2009, a petition was launched in order to get a custom-made Hatsune Miku aluminum plate (8 cm x 12 cm, 3.1" x 4.7") made that would be used as a balancing weight for the Japanese Venus spacecraft explorer Akatsuki.

Fuji (Page 3)", "GT300の痛車といえばやっぱりコレ。初音ミクレースクイーン特集【スーパーGT第4戦・SUGO】", "Collection of Race Illustrations by saitom – Part 2", "SUPER GT2013 第2戦 富士 GSR 初音ミク BMWのレースクイーンさん", "EVバイク✕レーシングミクでマン島TTに挑戦する - Komatti-Mirai Racing", "レーシングミク2014 ver. • MAIKA • V3 Gackpoid • Yuecheng, • Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken Also, in 2013, Saki Fujita voices Fei-Yen HD, a character based on one of Hatsune Miku's modules, in Super Robot Wars UX; this appearance does not use Miku's vocal library. Miku's personification has been marketed as a virtual idol and has performed at concerts onstage as an animated projection (rear cast projection on a specially coated glass screen).[2]. During the 2011 and 2012 Sapporo Snow Festival, a tram has been covered with Hatsune Miku art inside and out, with announcements recorded by Saki Fujita. In 2010, Crypton Future Media produced a ranking of the VOCALOIDs they sold on their website; since then, Miku has consistently led or been close to leading.

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