Upgrade your kitchen cutlery with any of our various options including our hand-forged cleavers, hand-forged chef knives, Serbian chef knives, Kirisuke knives, Damascus Nakiri knives, and more. This collection will be the centre peice of any kitchen.

Absolutely love this knife and it came quickly! We often reward our members with discount codes. Our hand-forged cutlery is of the finest quality and is designed by blacksmiths who carry over two decades of experience in forging kitchen knives. I Agree with the Terms & Conditions [View Terms].

American Made Knives. Buy far my The Cooking Guild knives are the sharpest knives I've ever owned.

You've already flagged this Josh 1 review. Once you’ve experienced what it’s like to use a well-balanced, sharp-bladed, quality-made knife, there’s no turning back.

Without hesitation, Eddie at the Cooking Guild shipped my items as per my suggestion!

Welcome to The Cooking Guild, where we carry an assortment of premium-grade hand-forged cooking knives. These things are fun to use! Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Never been steered in the wrong direction.

After being apprehensive about the marketing blurb, pleasantly surprised and very satisfied. I have the 3 piece master set. The Cooking Guild goes above to beyond to ensure the quality that goes into handcrafting our bespoke kitchen knives is held to the highest standard. They are really well made and unique in design and I'm glad I took a risk on them. Are you the Executive chef at home? I've had friends remark how incredible the knife looks.

If you already own the Master.

The Master Shefu can be bought separately. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. What can I say?

Never been steered in the wrong direction. $139.95 Regular price $199.40.

by Alvin Pagayanan September 04, 2020 To discover more about our hand-forged cooking knives, be sure to browse our store today. It does look great, and - form with function - it cuts great too! Great job! We ensure that the quality that goes into creating our knife sets is held to the absolute highest standard. If you purchase this knife, you'll want to pick up the rust eraser as well.

Full-tang, and insanely sharp. Fast delivery, can not wait to setup my new knives on our new BBQ kitchen next summer ! Have it since june (4 month) and not disapointed. The Cooking Guild is top notch, great people great products!!! Buy far my The Cooking Guild knives are the sharpest knives I've ever owned. Great experience, always.

Our blacksmiths hold over two decades of experience in hand-forging custom kitchen knives.

Delivered right to my door.

At The Cooking Guild, we carry a wide range of hand-forged kitchen knives. Great job! Share. Cheers! When you work with a high-quality knife, you're handling a tool that requires a certain level of care.

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