Consider Professor Quirrell when he ran into the manifestation of Voldemort wanting a host. They are the excellent embodiment of a Libra’s best traits. Professor McGonagall hated Professor Umbridge, but she did as she was told as long as it followed the overall rules of Hogwarts. At least some content in this article is derived from information featured in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The eagle is the mascot of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Raccoons can pick locks, can remember tasks up to three years later, and solve intricate puzzles. The chill of a Dementor wouldn’t slow this Patronus … The topic of this article is of a real-life subject that has been mentioned "in-universe" in a canon source. In her spare time, she writes blogs about parenting, working from home, and running small businesses on her website and on various freelancing websites. In the world of Harry Potter, a Patronus charm is used to fight off Dementors through the manifestation of pure happiness. When Harry first sees his corporeal stag Patronus across the lake in "Prisoner of Azkaban," he thinks it looks like a horse. They are solitary animals and can live their whole lives without needing any other companion other than to further their genetic line. Christina is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and an entrepreneur. Star Wars: 10 Character Concept Art Pieces From The Prequel Trilogy, Harry Potter: 5 Patronus Animals Libra Would Likely Have (& 5 They Never Would), Harry Potter: 10 Confirmed Hogwarts Houses Of Secondary Characters That Weren’t Given In the Books (Including Quirrell), Harry Potter: 5 Ways McGonagall Was The Best Hogwarts Professor (& 5 Ways She Was The Worst), Professor McGonagall hated Professor Umbridge, keep Professor Trelawney safe inside Hogwarts, Harry Potter: 10 Reasons Why Minerva McGonagall & Albus Dumbledore Aren’t Real Friends, Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Minerva McGonagall Left Out Of The Movies, Star Trek Beyond: 5 Things It Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong), The Shape Of Water: 5 Reasons Why It's Guillermo Del Toro's Best Movie (& 5 Why It Isn't), Spider-Man: Every Movie Villain, Ranked By Comic Accuracy, Suicide Squad: 5 Actors Considered To Play Deadshot (& 5 For Rick Flag), Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey — 5 Ways It'll Age Well (& 5 It'll Age Poorly), Every Disney Movie About Baseball, Ranked By IMDb, The 10 Wisest Animated Disney Characters, Ranked, 5 Established Female Characters The MCU Could Use In An A-Force Movie (& 5 They Shouldn't), Jumanji: 5 Ways The Original Movie Aged Well (& 5 Ways It Didn't), 5 Times John Carpenter Was So On-Brand (& 5 Times He Surprised Us), The Best Side Characters In Borat 2, Ranked Funniest To Most Wholesome, 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Making Of Looper, 10 Ways Disney's Marvel Legacy Can Crossover With The MCU, 10 Best Zombie Movies (Where The Outbreak Actually Ends), Every Dan Stevens Horror Movie (So Far), Ranked According To IMDb. Like all birds of prey, eagles have very large powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, and powerful curved talons for snatching and grasping prey. Think of Professor McGonagall’s plans throughout the books and movies.

im slitherin and got this xD kidna sounds like me. RELATED: Harry Potter: 10 Confirmed Hogwarts Houses Of Secondary Characters That Weren’t Given In the Books (Including Quirrell). They posses great courage, even if they don't see it within themselves, and strength . She is highly intelligent, makes careful decisions, and always has a plan in her mind that makes it easy for her to act quickly. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. They will avoid conflict as often as they can, but will defend themselves when they have to. Mortal This is not an animal likely to be conjured as a Patronus.

They make careful and practical decisions. While Libra may be calculated planners, their plans are often more important than their ambition. She weighs each thing she does before she acts. RELATED: Harry Potter: 5 Ways McGonagall Was The Best Hogwarts Professor (& 5 Ways She Was The Worst). These people can sometimes seem emotionless or detached to those that don't know them verry well, but for those few he/she is close to they can open up with a little help. Spoilers will be present within the article. They must find away to balance the world around them and the emotional/subconcious world.

If there was injustice around a snow leopard, it would stay up in its tree and wait for that injustice to pass them by. The eagle suggests the caster is highly analytically minded and decisive, although these are admirable traits, they can become stubborn and narrow-minded when frustrated making them lose sight of what's around them, leading to them being insensitive toward others. They are passionate and ambitious. Because of his incredible characterization, it's a bit annoying that his Patronus is nothing more than a pun. Harry Potter fans who are also Libras definitely want to check out this list to discover your most likely Patronuses and the ones you'd never have.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It is clear that this animal is likely to capture the spirit of a Libra and be conjured as a Patronus. NEXT: Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Minerva McGonagall Left Out Of The Movies. Willing to take risks, Eagles may be intelligent like crows but they are quick to anger (especially when baited). Raccoons are often thought of as grimy bandits, but they are actually incredibly intelligent. She has been a copywriter for fifteen years and has written for all manner of publications large and small as a ghostwriter. RELATED: Harry Potter: 10 Reasons Why Minerva McGonagall & Albus Dumbledore Aren’t Real Friends.

They sit in the trees and don’t do much of anything until they’re hungry. Golden Tamed horses are quiet and apt to avoid conflict while wild horses appear to act on instinct.

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