We absolutely had all those moments in mind when we decided how we’re going to send them off and what we’re going to do. We’re going to delve into all of those characters’ lives more and more; they’re not just coming in off the street, so to speak. Patrick and Meghan announced their exits well into writing the back half of the season; logistically how did you turn that around? The idea of the spinoff came up within the course of the year. At first glance it seems like a scant acting legacy. There is no doubt that we are going to honor the relationship of Mike and Rachel before we send them off. Once we knew we were doing the spinoff, which was relatively early, we laid Jessica in and made it a priority to build the groundwork for it. Perhaps no episode exemplified the intensity of their bond more than “Donna,” from this season, which featured Robert and Rachel working on a sexual harassment suit in the present. Add in a Gina Torres-focused backdoor spinoff that takes place in the finale, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in these last six episodes. We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, but it wouldn’t be out of the question to expect Suits to end with another wedding, providing the perfect opportunity to bring back a lot of characters who have appeared on the show over the last eight years. The way the sendoff happens and the way the spinoff happens integrates into what’s happening in the overall story, and they both ultimately happen in the same episode. It’s not like we’re bringing in a whole new cast — we’re integrating and involving people you spend time with from week to week. I do. Rachel’s biography was less integral to the main narrative than Mike’s, but as the biracial daughter of Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), she had one of the show’s more compelling back stories. Here’s the thing: you have a core group of characters that started this thing, and I don’t think you could wipe out the core and replace them with a new core and have all-new people and still do the same show. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? Variety caught up with Korsh ahead of the return of season 7 to discuss the future of the series and core casting changes, along with the logistics of writing around a royal exit and crafting story in anticipation of a spinoff. Rather, it built itself around a surreal plot: Mike is a brilliant, scrappy, upstart lawyer at one of New York’s most elite firms who pretends to have graduated at the top of his class at Harvard Law School. And while it would be fun to see them in some future stunt episode, squaring off against their old firm (now called Zane, Specter and Pitt), we’ll probably have to settle for Ms. Markle’s advocacy taking place on the global stage instead. So from idea, to getting deals finalized, and to getting everybody to say we’re definitely doing it, by the time that was all done it pretty much had to be the finale episode. Why use the finale to focus on the spinoff, and does that mean Mike and Rachel’s farewell happens earlier in the season? When Gina Torres decided to leave “Suits” your original plan was to kill off the Jessica character but the network stepped in. In addition to that, we’ve got people who aren’t all brand new characters. We get it, we’ve already seen it once.’”, Similarly, while most of the attention regarding her wedding has surrounded what she wears and looks like — specifically what it means for a biracial woman to marry into the British royal family — it is Ms. Markle’s penchant for activism that is likely to have the more lasting impact. So that’s what we’re going to keep doing and to me that’s what makes continuation possible. But one key Suits star wasn't able to be at the wedding: Markle's TV dad Wendell Pierce. I would have upped her years ago but she went onto “12 Monkeys,” which was in our UCP family. Before joining the royal family, "Suits" one behind -- but not without some touching moments. She made her final appearance as a series regular on Wednesday's Season 6 summer finale, but the door is … That is a huge core that’s still there. (USA is currently developing a “Suits” spinoff for Ms. Whenever we decide we’re going to do anything we then set about weaving it into the fabric of the show, making it look like it’s always been there. So I would guess that even if we had more time I wouldn’t go back and undo what we did. Behind the scenes we talk about who’s a series regular and who’s not because that’s the deal you make with actors. I don’t have as much time to change my mind in the back six as I do in the rest of the season. The thing is, we’re always under the gun at the end of the season anyway. But as in life, workplaces change. It’s another trait that she shares with her character. Obviously we knew it was coming [and] we knew we didn’t want it to just pop up out of the blue, so we developed the framework. Mike and Rachel have been talking about a wedding for a while now — would it be a disservice not to give fans that walk down the aisle? Over time, she would eventually shepherd Rachel, the firm’s hardworking paralegal, into becoming a lawyer, making them part of a small group of women of color operating in the high echelons of corporate law on TV. So he came to me early enough that we had plenty of time to design the back six around knowing that they were both leaving. But, as Rachel, she was a subtly influential force on a pulpy legal drama that quietly had one of the most diverse casts on television. Not doing it.’ And I called the creator, I was like, ‘It’s just gratuitous. That’s what we’re planning on doing next year. ... Gabriel Macht, and Wendell Pierce. We had this notion of what was going to lead to Jessica returning and needing Harvey’s [Gabriel Macht] help. And so they were on board with it from the beginning. Robert is plagued with doubt and guilt because he refused to help his sister sue the same white male bank executive over 25 years earlier. BTS to Perform at Mnet Asian Music Awards, Elsa Raven, ‘Back to the Future’ Actor, Dies at 91, Gayle King Talks Wild Election Night: ‘I Slept in My Clothes and My Spanx’, Harry Styles and Billie Eilish to Appear in New Gucci Film Series Co-Directed by Gus Van Sant, Kanye West to Be MIA on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ After Tiny Voter Turnout, ESPN to Cut 500 Positions to Free Up Money for New Video Ventures, Andy Samberg’s ‘Palm Springs’ to Debut on Amazon in Key International Markets, Election 2020: Presidential Results by State, Warner Bros. 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