Too much is too much! Another jar for ‘potty’ if you don’t have one. Travel to the hiding place and hide your witch bottle in a suitable manner. Put the herbs in a jar. Mullein is used as a substitute for graveyard dirt in some spells. Apples are also considered the food of the Gods. Valerian creates strong charms for protection and can bring attraction and passion into a relationship. Rosemary -Ginseng cold tea. Handle with care, as even skin contact can be dangerous. Orris Root is one of the most powerful love and attraction herbs in wicca spell casting. If you are adding liquids, that is done after the solid items. Steep in a covered vessel to preserve the volatile oils. Used in a variety of meditation and spirituality rituals. Is also very commonly included in marriage spells and potions and helps promote a relationship lasting a lifetime. Rue is powerful enough to break curses, remove hexes and erase negative energy, replenishing it with positive energy along the way. Creates strong fertility and love energy within a relationship. Daisies used to create luck charms, fertility charms, and can be used to promote the safety and health of a newborn baby. Rosemary is also used to remove negative energy and to purify a relationship.

As a basic principle, it could be suggested that sands (and metal dust/chips) usually go to the bottom, herbs and oils on the sand and the crystal in with the herbs. An egg can also be included. Found in many cleansing rituals and often used to cleanse an alter, casting space or magic circle (before and after a ritual or spell has been cast). They are also a common ingredient found in "food magick" and "food spells." Aim for a harmonious whole. Creates a variety of love and healing spells, potions, incense, perfumes and lotions.

Last, secretly bury the bottle in a place where it will not be disturbed and no animals or people will dig it up. Also used in exorcisms. Combusts when lighting charcoal tablets, and when sparked within a wiccan love spell, can keep male partners loyal and faithful in a relationship. All kinds of ‘nasties’: Nails, rusty and bent (you can bend them yourself, too). Give them the power of love. It is also used to draw massive power to a ritual, making a spell drastically stronger, thus is a powerful and super effective spell catalyst.

Also creates relaxation and peace in meditation. Found in love and attraction spells.

Dragon's Blood is also an exorcism herb. The five points of the leaf represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom. Solomon's Root has a dark side and can be used to produce wicked curses and hex rituals.

Disclaimer: Remember to check for allergies, and never consume anything poisonous! Herbs, for example acasia, aloe, lilies, lime, lotus, agrimony, corn, cayenne and black pepper, dried onion, salvia, frankincense, basil, mint, myrrh, garlic, rosemary, mistletoe, pine needles. Bandages should be readily available, in the case something happens. Register a new .COM for just $9.99 for the first year and get everything you need to make your mark online — website builder, hosting, email, and more.

After this, add urine, menstrual blood or semen, or prick your finger with the sterile lancet and add as the very last thing a few drops of your blood. Can be used to attract abundance and growth.

It has been used for protection, banishment, purification, cleansing, amplifying and strengthening a ritual, casting magic circles, consecration of ritual tools and spiritual items, and countless other necessities. Choose the place to hide your witch bottle before you make it. Can also be used to create powerful a sleep satchet for peace and protection in dreams, working kind of like a dream catcher. Mandrake is used to create prosperity, and massive financial success.

Which make sense, as Belladonna is a poisonous herb. Helps with stress reduction. Cap it tightly. There are quite literally thousands of herbs and botanicals with magickal and spiritual properties used in spell casting, potions and alchemy and other witchcraft of all types.

Black is a good choice. Promotes passion, love and attraction within a relationship. Can be used to strengthen all types of money spells. You can also use a drop or two of an essential oil instead of a herb.

Also drives away evil, negative energy and demons. Usually placed on the alter or in the home to ward away negativity and negative energy. You can carve symbols of your choice (for example runes, a sigil), being careful not to break the seal. Close the cap or lid and seal the bottle. Be aware that some herbs are poisonous and should never be consumed.

Also used in financial and success oriented spell casting. Though, in wiccan spell casting, Rosemary is mostly used for spells and potions of love, protection, healing and lust. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Crafted into charms and talisman for healing and which promote good health. Promotes wealth and attracts material objects. Can be used to help ease grief and improve relaxation. Rosemary is considered sacred to many magicks and religions, however, is also commonly associated with the power of the Fairy and Fae, and thus is also notably common in Druid rituals. One of the most common Wiccan herbs for smudging, cleansing, and purification. Sometimes burned as an incense for protection or wealth. Separate from the Poppy plant, the seeds produce intense love energy, and are used in many love spells.

Be sure you have all the necessary equipment like a shovel.

So, you’ll need something to pee into – and of course you’ll need your urine.

Also found in wiccan and druid love charms. Can be used to make powerful purification potions and charms. Strong protection of a home and against evil spirits. Promotes strength and lifeforce.

You can do everything using a longer/more complex or a shorter/simpler route, depending on your own inclinations. Thyme is also found in banishment spells, purification spells, cleansing rituals, and to attract good health.

Size depending on how big you can easily hide. Fill the jar with salt and shake hard nine times. Those herbs …

Go through the magical qualities of herbs, colours, essential oils, metals, crystals etc and choose the ones you’ll use in the bottle according to how well they suit your intended purpose. This list includes the most commonly used ingredients in most books of shadow. If you have magickal jewelry or jewelry passed on to you by departed loved ones, this is the ritual to wear it all. It is one of the most powerful sex magick ingredients and is also used in fertility spells. Lily of the Valley is one of the few herbs that are poisonous and should never be consumed. Protection herbs, flowers, and plants are a universal feature of witchcraft all around the world. Witch bottles that are intended to be left out in plain sight are not usually made to that much protect their makers, but to bring the one who has cast this bottled spell something she or he wants.

Repels a negative spell back to the caster who cast it.

Wax or candles to seal the bottle. One of the few herbs specifically used to remove gossip and slander. You won’t need large amounts, blood and semen are considered potent, so few drops will do. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Also used to clear negative energy in a casting circle or during a spell or ritual.

Some things to choose from: Menstrual blood (if you are female) or semen (of you are male). Found in a span of love spells and good luck spells that can bring success in business, gambling, the lottery and opportunity.

One practicing wiccan practitioner estimated that rose buds are found in an estimated 50 percent of Wiccan love spells and potions, in one form or another. Used in purification spells and in exorcisms. Can help relieve insomnia and produce peaceful sleep and relaxation. Also found in spell lotions, spell incense, spell potions, spell perfumes and spell oils. You can for example start collecting the necessary items on a given phase of the moon (for example on the day before New Moon) and perform the ritual on the next Dark Moon.

When medical attention is required, seek medical attention. Burned as an incense to bolster meditation and used to powerfully consecrate containers that hold other wiccan supplies, ritual ingredients and tools. You can sure smell the honeysuckle today, he said. I won’t give any specific instructions, only basic principles: Select the bottle or jar used according to its color, shape or the simple fact that it is pleasing to the eye.

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