On said date, they went and ate doner kebabs and, at some unspecified time (unknown whether this happened before or after they ate), he fell in a ditch and she helped him back up. The two then made a promise that if anyone made Sara cry, they in return would make them cry. Meister, the painting in the room explains they need to choose a "Challenger". Identification

Despite his constant optimism and belief in others, Joe is not incapable of suspicion, as he was the first to suggest the presence of a traitor among the participants. Days 2 Die. He states that he can't find anybody among them suspicious, despite him being the one who said that there might be a traitor in their midst. Kai than states that he is the Sage and Sara is the Keymaster. 2019. Kai states that they should not be hasty with their decision, as it's possible Kanna picked up the Sacrifice card. Welcome to the Your Turn to Die wiki [edit | edit source]. After the murder case, they both completely cut off any communication with each other. He mainly plays JRPGs and Nintendo games. Hello everyone and welcome to Your Turn to Die - Death Game By Majority and in this episode, we take a relaxing dip in the hot springs and watch some more people perish tragically (FOR THE LULZ) ----------------------------------------­­-----Subscribe for more! When the interrogation ends, he, Reko, and possibly Gin depending on whether Sara took him with her or not continue on their search for Nao. The two exit the trial room and enter a pitch dark hallway, and fall through the floor. However, she is calmed by Sara who agrees with the two. Examine the key in your inventory to notice the green showing at the end. After this, Q-taro suggests voting Gonbee, due to him being the least trustworthy, although it is dismissed due to everyone being executed if he ended up with Sacrifice or Keymaster - meaning everyone would have to suspect 5 or more people.

He wears his blue school blazer unbuttoned, with his sleeves rolled up past his elbows. It is divided into two sections, and in the end, it is guaranteed that at least two of the participants will die. Feeling deflated, he heads off and sits by himself in the Bar. Kazumi Mishima arrives and lies to Kanna saying that brute force was required for the trial. His original intended role was as "Sara's partner" and as someone to explain the main character's position while gradually revealing the stage of the setting.

Before the game, Q-taro's First Trial was to place all of the role cards around the first floor. Gonbee then pipes up, claiming that *he* is actually Alice. He's known for his over the top commentary. You might also Like. (This trade occurs while Sara, Gin, and Nao are in the Doll Storage room.). Date of birth Q-taro progresses the conversation by accusing Gin, Nao and Kanna of being the least useful out of everyone. No matter who is voted for, Joe is killed as the Sacrifice (voting for Joe or not voting for him will generate different dialogue from him) , and Kai gains the most votes. Physical Description The time limits put an extra strain on the game, as it wasn't just as simple as a moral debate. None of the three refute, but Kanna reveals she would be fine with dying. He is easily embarrassed when others misinterpret him and is sensitive to how people perceive his appearance.

That’s why… I know that stalker is the culprit in this case.

Brown Deceased After successfully clearing it, Joe joins Sara to search since Sou Hiyori, her previous partner, did not return after leaving to get help.

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