Manchester, Ohio [United States] - Come with shots and deworming.... These make great pets. Unborn.

May 22, 2020, AKC. For more information, check out How It Works. The smallest of the rodent world.

Olympic Skater The smallest mice in the world.

Meet Pygmy. Oct 13, 2019, SALE SALE SALE SALE - Only 1 left - Act Now! They require an enclosure of at the very least 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft but the larger the better, My enclosures are 3’ x 2’ x 18” and to utilize the space I have fitted a shelf with a ramp for access.

May 30, 2019, I have pairs and groups of Florida beach mice,.

These beautiful charming little squirrel like animals will give hours of pleasure. New Litter 9/5/20 Nov 27, 2018, SOLD- All my Spring baby goats are reserved.

Is good with kids and enjoys been around them. EXTREMELY CLEAN BIRD, LOVES SHOWERS.

INCLUDES CAGE AND TOYS. 4.Pygmy/Nubian... Hello, I have 2 boy Hedgehogs that are now ready for their new and loving homes. We say "she," but she is currently too young to tell the sex. Gentle Congo African parrots available. -

Pygmy's story by countryfarms -

35" Long ..... 17" Wide ..... 14 3/4 High The best place to start is to ask on exotics forums as a good private breeder is likely to have more knowledge than your average pet shop, and you do not run the risk of supporting rodent farms. African Pygmy Dormice are exotic rodents that are relatively new to the pet trade so can have a high price tag. Black and white Dalmatian. for sale

African Pygmy Hedgehogs live around 3-6 years and do require daily interaction to keep them accustomed to you. (only 2 left) Babies come banded with hatch certificates. GIRL GOATS ADOPTION FEE IS ONLY $25.00 SINCE SHE IS... 1.Pygmy/Nubian doeling $75 Coca Cola

Very sweet timneh African gray, needs very little work to make a great pet. Sparta, Kentucky [United States] - They don't last long as they are hard to find. - Location: new castle. Call to schedule a showing $200 each... Sad sale of my beautiful African grey called Eljo. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

Melbourne, Everything Pets ... SALE SALE SALE SALE - Only 1 left - Act Now!
A mom and... ================================ 3.Pygmy /Nubian adult doe(dark carmel)$125 Registered Red Boer Goat.

Very friendly. Adorable baby African Pygmy Mice. I'm asking 200 dollars each for the adult pregnant... Add a spiky companion to your inner circle of friends. Oct 5, 2018, Found 30 "Pygmy" Pets and Animals ads from Everywhere, Pygmy Angora baby kid goats for sale OHIO. Mission, British Columbia [Canada] - Very easy to care for. Super cute!!! They are tame , sociable , friendly... We were privileged to purchase a small group of fine quality African masks from this private collection.

Now... Adorable and fun Baby Senegals.

in Comprised of Neapolitan Mastiff, American Bulldog and South African Boerboel. Dec 27, 2019, Pygmy Goats Breeding stock available all colors and ages does available (no pappers) they are current on all their shots and worming all goats...

Scientific name: Pythonidae We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. Good feather, very healthy.

Ready for their new homes. by anitaricca - Kune Kune Pig Kune Kine Pig Breeder, Pig breeder, Pig for sale, Kune Kune, Kune Kune breeder, Kune Kune for sale, Farm animals, best pet. And pairs/single males of Satin Egyptian spiny mice, as well as male African pygmy dormice... We have TWO African Grey Congo babies that... OB, Peacocks, Brichardi's, Blueberries, Blue Dolphins, Frontosa's, Female peacocks, Yellow Labs, Red Zebras, and many... Pygmy - Girl Goat---courtesy - Small - Adult - Female - Barnyard

Florida. Raised on a Amish farm . Three Rivers, Michigan [United States] - Adorable baby African Pygmy Mice.

Is not... For sale is my female children's python. Sealy, Texas [United States] -

I am located in Melbourn, Fl. Mouse - Female Mice - Small - Young - Female - Small & Furry But, we have two babies from... We are now accepting deposits to reserve your Congo African Grey baby. I have a female ball python I would like to sell. They look very much like a … Everywhere 27 United States 1 Canada Categories. Keeping all females in the meantime.

- Included is also a large flight... Young adult proven pair of African Greys for sale.

1.5 years old and good at speaking. by angorayarn - Can live 1-2 yrs in captivity. 8 months old - - I have worked with him with... id like to purchase some goats,preferably pygmys, call She is about 5 years old. We have sold all of our babies from this clutch! Lincoln Village, Ohio [United States] -

male and female. (6,560.7 km) african pygmy mice in Indiana at – Classifieds across Indiana. They eat parakeet seed and crushed cat food.

Timneh African grey, he talks when you leave the room, he's very tame for my husband and will allow me to hold him... Litter due Dec. 27th taking $200 deposits for males. I have 8 Barbie's still in thier original boxes! Other Pythons for Sale in the United States.

. Need to sell my colt, he is a very level headed colt, and very very calm disposition. She is currently... Zola is an African sideneck turtle.

by justin05 - We currently have 7 female mice for adoption. Made up of Neapolitan... 10 YEAR OLD AFRICAN GREY CONGO, HUGE VOCABULARY. We no longer breed African Dormice. Can live comfortably in a 5-10 gallon aquarium with lid.

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