She then gasps in pain as suddenly, Christine Price of all people literally stabs her in the back with a knife. They climbed down into the crater and placed their hands on the glowing handprints. The two teenagers leave and Barbie looks out the window and sees a vision of Melanie walking.

Chronologically, Melanie is Barbie's older sister, but because of her death, Barbie is now physically older than her.

While she never appears but is briefly mentioned, Julia is thankful Christine was there to save her from Melanie. Whatever plans she had for Julia, come to a hault when Julia mentions her father has the egg. Sam injects Melanie with Atropine to bring her heart rate up. John Wayne in The Fighting Seabees (Donovan's Army). Sam, Lyle and Pauline decided to keep her death a secret and buried her with the crater and the egg. As Joe comforts Melanie, she kisses him. She then intervenes when he attempts to go find her. At one point she visited the Barbara's family residence, where she played with young Barbie. She then convinces Julia to rest while they wait for Don. When the town gets WiFi temporarily, Joe follows the signal and finds it is coming from the locker that Angie had tried to open when she was murdered. When Julia climbs up the ladder out of the caves, Melanie grabs her. During the process she tells Junior that "they're waiting" for them (the townspeople) to change, although her meaning is never fully explained. Julia then backs away and watches Christine as she pushes Melanie to the ground, Christine then asks Julia "are you okay". The three go to Joe's house to make sure he is okay, and realize they need to find the egg. Biography. Joe and Norrie wonder if Melanie rounds the dome, if it will show her visions, but it doesn't work. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Julia and Barbie come to the house and tell Junior that Sam killed Angie. Unknownst to them, the real Melanie that is back under the dome is watching from the caves and isn't happy about Ben trying to find the answer to what's happening. Melanie starts getting close to Junior because he reminds her of Sam when he was younger. She lived with her family in Zenith. In truth, it's revealed the whole town and Barbie are in coccoons where they are all in a dream like state. As this is a wiki site, feel free to add any additons or corrections you may have. Melanie was born from an affair between Laura Cross and Don Barbara. Melanie kisses Junior before leaving the shelter. Melanie was born from an affair between Laura Cross and Don Barbara. We are currently editing over 52,757 articles, and 58,946 files. Barbie doesn't believe Ben and shrugs him off. Later Melanie and her family moved to Chester's Mill, where she attended High School in 1988. They arrive at her old house and she remembers seeing pinks stars fall in the forest outside the house and says they should look there. ", Julia says "you saved my life". Melanie then looks at her and says, "Looks like it's just the two of us." She gives a cold, unsympathic apology and pulls out his body. Angie's curiosity led her to seeing what was in the locker just before she was murdered by Sam Verdreaux, leaving questions such as why that locker was important to Melanie and what was in the locker. Melanie awakens after falling asleep beside Junior. When Melanie touches hands with Joe, Norrie, and Junior; the Egg rises to the surface. The townspeople suddenly find themselves outside of the dome. Afterwards, Julia & Barbie bury Melanie at the lake alongside Barbie's father, Don Barbara. The real reason for this is because his real body is being strangled by Melanie. Both Junior and Joe run to the jail cell Melanie is in and try to kill her to avenge Angie, but at the last minute, Julia finds evidence that she was there but didn't kill Angie and she didn't have enough time to save her. A list of specific video games under which some of the names can be found. She walks to the exact same spot where the mini-dome was and gets flashbacks when she stands there. She found a meteorite and when they all put their hands on it, it split open. He makes his way to the memorial and immediately begins having an asthma attack.

Melanie asks what to do if she finds Julia, and Christine says if she shows up, "kill her.". After Norrie gets a cut on her arm, Joe decides to compare his and Melanie's blood samples to see if they match. They end up at the school and just as Melanie cracks open a locker, Angie asks if she is okay, but Melanie runs away from her. ", Melanie takes his neck with one arm, and kills him. Barbara Leigh-Hunt is a British actress who has appeared on stage, film, television and radio. Barbie asks Melanie to trust him and come to the Sweetbriar to hear them out. Then, Barbie emerges from the caves and points his gun at Christine and asks "what happened?". Twitter Rooster Teeth Wiki Camp Camp tells the story of Max, a jaded ten year old, who finds himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp run by a shady business mogul who is looking to turn a profit any way he can. A year later, Barbie goes to the Sweetbriar and finds Joe and Ben and catches up with them.

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