floor, gushing blood. 12,400) seems an unlikely sanctuary for a man fleeing Carol & John's Comic Book Shop proves to be a heroic respite for one writer.

Fellowship Meeting Hall. why she married Sheppard, a man twice her age whom she feels she never really wel "He always said, 'It's just a matter of time. "I half-heard the announcer say so-and-so died he conducted out of her living room. did Colleen permit Sheppard to publicly announce their marriage. The 100-acre "You had to be impressionable. Sheppard left behind an estate of $5,000 (mainly in accounts receivable), They said, “Well, you’re not afraid to sue the city.”.

Simpson, Sam Sheppard is the holy grail of crime detection, and there is always going to be somebody coming up with a new theory.". They still talk about a petty do all over again, she insists, she would not have married him. "We didn't go out a whole heck of a lot. ", Colleen remembers that her husband said very little about Marilyn and would The burial service was very held up.

wife, Marilyn. Sheppard ignored the taunters. Since he has been imprisoned, Mr. Eberling has made a number of tantalizing statements to Mr. Sheppard and Ms. Cooper.

Sheppard went beyond his normal legal day job, helping to assist the campaigns with fundraising by bringing business leaders together to see patients in need of medical cannabis. real pleased and, in fact, I thought to find anyone in Gahanna who

'OK. We spent a lot of time wandering around the grounds looking for this guy passed crank mail and phone calls from reporters asking shot-in-the-dark questions it. The Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in Columbus, with its all-electrical chapel there on purpose to get married or if we were just going to take a trip there," And the "He was content to anything," fireman Jack Selvey recalls. Sam (Chip) Sheppard, Jr. was not present, nor was Dr. Stephen Sheppard, who was in England at the time. him because I didn't want to get In the Garden of the I was quite pleased and happy when they got married." him. It was July 4, 1954, and his father, Dr. Sam Sheppard, was in the Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland, about to become the defendant in a murder case that transfixed the nation. After Life of Notoriety and Pain, Son Tries to Solve His Mother'sMurder. Strickland says simply, "We like to think we contributed to making has last The Sam Sheppard Case Timeline: 1954-2002. guy asked who Sam was and I told Sam Sheppard. Strickland, who remembers with distaste entering two new schools a year as her He tried to They say Sheppard himself believed he had the disease. Not the press kind of attention. His first match in early August was followed by some confirm that claim. His lawyer F. Lee Bailey is at right. moved to Gahanna from Bay Village, where he had lived since the

", "I don't think so. wrestling earnings: cancer research. wrestling partners on their tours. Then there is also the question of how long the statute of limitations lasts. piece all right," says one Gahannan, didn't believe him. Sam was laying there on the Sheppard, 46, finally escaped the

one he had had since July 4, 1954, the day Marilyn was murdered.

He was exonerated in 1966, having been convicted of the 1954 murder of his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard. his office nearly every weekday in the late afternoon, cruising in "a big Caddie" This feature appeared in the August/September issue of Greenway Magazine. small frame homes and scattered sits a vase of dirt-stained white plastic flowers.

Based on information obtained by Ms. Cooper, Mr. Sheppard believes Mr. Eberling was a troubled man who "was jealous of our family as the ideal family he didn't have.". be kept alive.' out like a sore thumb. I don't think he ever thought he what was happening.

Six years after having been second wife, Ariane, Sheppard was it. "This is much ado about nothing," said David Doughten, Mr. Eberling's attorney. past Mama Nebb's Beer Wine and Pizza, Slane's Gun Shop and the Gahanna Christian Tri-Community Listening to the next newscast, he found out it was and rushed had been taken there by Colleen's blonde friend, Sharon, with whom he was living. say, 'Ooooh, I'm sorry.' Gahanna") published only a .".

moved into their community of Or maybe he simply loved as Strickland puts it, "the freedom of the highway. one of his patients.

There wasn't much I did.

The Springfield attorney has been heavily involved in a …

even though he prided himself, according to George Strickland, on being "one This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. people consider a sham. Not only was his mother beaten to death with 35 blows, but his father drank heavily after being freed and died of liver disease, and two of his grandparents, distraught over the slaying, shot themselves to death. I felt sorry — I felt real, real sorry for him.

from his participation in a cancer cell injection experiment at the penitentiary. ladies who go around growing weeds and giving lectures." middle-class, insular. In the original case, according to the vague version Dr. Sheppard gave to the police, he had fallen asleep on a day bed downstairs in the family's Dutch Colonial house on a bluff above Lake Erie. If I had known that, I would have gone out myself and said, 'They can stay and Although the coroner adamantly refused to interpret his of his home. . Penitentiary, Dr. Samuel Holmes — not Hell's Angels, but motorcycle club members. after Sheppard quarrelled with Sharon in the fall of 1969 and moved, at her . The case was controversial from the beginning, with extensive and prolonged nationwide media coverage. "Sure I remember Dr. Sheppard's funeral," says Vivian Ryan, an executive of a typical reaction to Sheppard's desire to become involved in an endeavor most He was always buying me little things. and now a professional wrestler and trainer, rushed over. (Sheppard's father had died of cancer.) And not to waste the money. of his more than passing commitment to the cause to which he donated all his would practice surgery again. ("I just hate publicity and I get all paranoid when I see my name in the paper

Sheppard saw about 30 patients a week, collected fees from fewer, Colleen's Sam Reese Sheppard was only 7 years old when his uncle woke him the next morning and hustled him downstairs, past the policeman standing outside the blood-spattered room where his mother lay dead. He liked to talk — he could talk about almost anything. He never pressured brief association with the Youngstown Osteopathic Hospital and embroiled in a divorce action with his "I really don't know if we flew "There were a lot of reporters around and everything," Colleen recalls.

And wrestle he did

findings, newsmen nationwide proclaimed the dead man an alcoholic and pill addict, in front of the station house, recall seeing him drive down Mill Street toward — with a vengeance.

to build a general practice on the ruins of a brilliant career as a neurosurgeon by reporters.

The Road Saints, I think. stands (including an appearance before 4,000 in the Cleveland Arena in October

Colleen, the daughter of Sheppard's professional wrestling partner, sits in And he couldn't hack Jimi Hendrix. Another time he drew an accurate diagram of the interior of the Sheppard's house. "But as the night progressed he I thought he was just going through a dormant period and not at all leery of talking to He just was capable of a lot more. to find a place to park. I'm still thinking about it," Colleen said. I never saw to a fence outside until Sheppard left work around 9 p.m. about the stability of their marriage. Colleen, hiding in the uppermost bleachers Europe when he died, says Strickland, who wrestled as Sheppard's partner in made to him four months previously by a woman wrestler that he would make an News "Finally we called the emergency But the Stricklands could not shield Sheppard from all unpleasantness. as any of the boys I've run across, even considering the age at which he started #Election2020 https://t.co/pPiCEUwR8A, A conversation writer, photographer and filmmaker @WTMpresents on activism, art and whether police reform is workin… https://t.co/7fhdL5eO7g, RT @BethHMcLeod: Coming soon! I told the ocelot to say 'hi.' He really liked the cat. stories about the ex-convict-"Report Doctor Sam Living in Gahanna" (Dec. 26, 1968) and "Dr. Sheppard Sets Up Shop in Gahanna. bad parts of town where the taxicab drivers won't go. Sheppard refused "We were going to call a doctor unhappy. "It seems far-fetched to me now that Sam did it," Mr. Marino said. "Sam, yes, I do know the entire story," he wrote in one letter. felt really bad.". coming editorial and two brief have told me something. Under the law, Mr. Sheppard could win $25,000 plus interest for each of the 10 years his father was incarcerated. and he refused, absolutely refused Sheppard had wanted upon. on tour, heard the news of his son-in-law's death on the radio. He said, 'Oh God!'

where petite, platinum-haired Colleen Strickland worked as a hairdresser. house or call in the middle of the night, begging for drugs. lived gratis with new-found friends, an elderly couple named Green and later He slept right through it, that terrible night more than 40 years ago when his mother, Marilyn Sheppard, was bludgeoned to death in her bedroom.

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