Uttering their shrill, frightening hisses, the creatures whirled around us once again. In the 2015 Goosebumps movie, a Pumpkin Head is part of Slappy's He set his portable tape player on the coffee table in front of us and rewound the tape. Tabby and Lee loved to keep people waiting for them. “Todd,” I murmured. I stopped to talk with them for a minute. Several kids sat cross-legged on the floor, their expressions glum. Low voices. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But the two pumpkin heads moved quickly to block her path. They weren’t going to listen to our complaints. “No. So no light entered the living room from outside. I started to agree—but the lights went out.

The costumes were great.

Game (pumpkin) Flames hissed from the two heads. We had the night all planned out, down to the minute. She has a high, squeaky voice. He lost his balance and hit the floor. “Let’s try again, Elf.” Dad raised the camera again. “Then why are you wearing those monster costumes?” Walker demanded. Another dry laugh. “We have to look at your costumes.”. We shouldn’t be away from the street, away from the brightly lit houses. A loud crackle in the fireplace made me jump. A smaller snowball over their heads. Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. I forget what we were talking about. Walker’s shoelace had come undone again. They bumped us together. Various other jack-o'-lantern-themed monsters also appear in the film. After they successfully put pumpkins over Tabby and Lee's heads, Tabby and Lee ran away, leaving Drew and Walker. “Headless jack-o’-lantern monsters! I stopped the push-ups and raised myself to my knees. Walker was fiddling with his bike, and I was watching him. “Mmmmmbbb mmmmbbbbb.” Lee stared down at Walker’s bike and mumbled something. The first one, a bald man in a bulging turtleneck sweater, had at least six chins! “You can go out if you go in a group,” Dad said.

Never! Beyond the doorway, stairs led down to Lee’s basement. They both laughed loudly, tossing back their heads. We cut eyeholes in bedsheets, and armholes, and that was that. They reached out long arms and grabbed the heads up from the grass.

“My name is Drew.”. We all started to eat candy. I told them the whole daydream. The Willows is a neighborhood of small houses. I guess we were too shocked to stand up. This is the BEST neighborhood!”, “No way!” Tabby and Lee repeated together. Wait a minute!” Tabby protested. I’ll go upstairs and get a roll. But I love the smell. I couldn’t even taste it. So we crossed the lawn to the house next door to it. “No one is afraid of a jack-o’-lantern. “A couple of times, you even scared, “And do you know what else is great about having aliens from another planet as friends?” I said. As Shane and Shana prepare to depart, Drew Their ragged orange grins grew wider. No film.” He shook his head. “Is that you, Drew?” she asked, pretending she didn’t recognize me. A few seconds later, a smiling young woman in jeans and a yellow turtleneck came hurrying to the door.

“It’s specially made.”. We stopped at the bottom of my driveway. Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? A circle of grinning, fiery jack-o’-lantern faces over dark-robed bodies.

The harsh buzz nearly made me jump out of my skin. Lee grabbed a chocolate bar from the top of his trick-or-treat bag. “That means Walker and I get to keep it all!” I exclaimed, laughing.

In the 2015 Goosebumps movie, a Pumpkin Head is part of Slappy 's army of monsters and villains. My heart began to thud. I didn’t want to stand up. A dog barked excitedly in the house next door. And that’s how Tabby and Lee ruined Halloween two years ago. No way! But if you said it, I’d stomp on, I’m tough.

Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

But we all dropped onto our stomachs and started doing push-ups. Like dry, dead leaves being crinkled together. Walker hurried up beside me.

I heard a lot of groans and complaints.

“The whole thing is coming undone!”. The Pumpkin Head is taller than those of the TV episode, being around the same height as the Scarecrows, wears a different outfit, and has a skull-like carving on his head. Her voice also came out in a hoarse crackle. Alignment “Someone has broken in!”. My scream drowned out the chanting pumpkin heads. And then they began to chant in their hoarse, crackly voices: “Trick or treat! Pumpkin Heads force the kids to eat the candy they already have to make “About Tabby and Lee.”.

The heads laughed together, flames flickering inside them.

We all turned to the open doorway at the far end of the living room. I grabbed the phone in the middle of the first ring. I was glad to see them go. Soon, Drew, Walker,

A frightening whisper, so close, so close to my ear: Staring into the darkness, the whispered words sent a shiver down my back. “Me neither,” Tabby agreed, stepping close beside him.

“Especially when you put candles in them. “We may never see them again.”. They stayed right with us, keeping in the shadows.


This amount is subject to change until you make payment. The two Pumpkin Heads then revealed that they are Shane and Shana and that the entire ordeal was merely the prank that the four had created to scare Tabby and Lee. I expected Shane and Shana to appear in something frightening. With his other hand, he pointed to the two headless bodies. !” Tabby cried gleefully. I walked down to the street to watch for them. I could see from the smiles on their faces that they enjoyed it. Take it easy!” Shane warned, lowering his voice. Pretty good haul so far!” Lee declared.

“A real Halloween party?” I demanded. You can’t stop trick-or-treating.”. “What’s going on?” Tabby demanded shrilly. Here, the Pumpkin Head is taller than those of …

and Shana and that the entire ordeal was merely the prank that the four But Lee’s parents burst into the room, pulling off their coats. And as the pumpkin heads turned their fiery, ragged grins on us, Walker and I opened our mouths and screamed in terror.

One quick shot,” Dad said, returning with his camera raised to his eye. Their eyes glowed red from the deepening fire inside their heads. And then, I heard a dry, whispered voice.

We were furious. “I’m sure they know what they’re doing,” I whispered back. My dad says they’re roly-poly. Nothing beats Halloween.

No one there. We hadn’t even left my front yard, and I was already starting to feel hot!

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