But rarely you will find coco coir in ready to use format.

It depends on what meterials you are using I guess.

We recommend that you sterilize the cocopeat between crop cycles by using a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water – we recommend using 2ml of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide per liter of water. Close. Too much salt in your coir can block nutrients from reaching your crops, resulting in nutrient lockout. Most of the potting mixes available in the market still use peat moss as the base component. No chemicals are present in the coir and it is naturally weed-free.

A look at my method for reconditioning coco coir for reuse in future grow cycles. Once the mixture is ready, soak the coir into the mixture for 4-5 hours. The nutrient content in coir is very low. Heat is also effective at killing unwanted microorganisms. Nutrient Calculator Now that you know how to effectively clean and reuse coco coir, you will save money on your next grow without sacrificing your harvest yield or crop quality.

When the mixture is no longer required, other materials will remain that the gardener may wish to remove. Reusing this growing material in your hydroponics system can help save money in the long run. This sandwiching of layers is repeated until 1-meter height. Coconut coir is not only a natural, organic product, but unlike peat moss a renewable one. Thanks for the shit tek!

When the fibers are extracted from the green coconuts it is called white fibers. Excess salt can be removed by flushing the mixture with distilled water, although you run the risk of losing beneficial nutrients. Though, it doesn't always hurt as much just pasteurizing it, since you can get away with it most of the time. I must be the lone coir sterilizer here :lol: I don't pasteurize coir or verm or casing mixes. For example, debris from the roots of a plant can result in a drop in the ability of the material to absorb water. If you want to get the most out of your reused coco coir, you’ve got to use Sensizym. There will be a lot of salts in it, so you need to thoroughly flush them out. 1.

Coir is made from coconut husk and it is a biodegradable product. And if so how do you do it? It protects plants from harmful pathogenic fungi such as Pythium. What pasteurization method are you using? Coir is an excellent soil enhancer. Our doors are always open for enquiries and correspondence, because we recognize the importance of mutually beneficial relationships, and customer feedback. As coir is high in sodium and potassium, it sometimes contains excess salt. put your substrate in the bucket (in a pillow case or something makes it easier) and then pour boiling water in the bucket. Your question has gotten great answers. This is why people nowadays are shifting from using sterilized to unsterilized coir. This sterilization process can benefit a variety of substrates, including coco coir. Add composting ingredients in layers alternating with a 1-inch layer of coco coir.

Coir is used for all sorts of products, from doormats to hanging baskets.

PJjammer (a top notch wisdom keeper :) ) Has given you the best and easiest way to pasteurize bulk substrate (coir and verm, and even straw). After you’ve harvested your crops, you need to recondition the coco coir. coir is often mixed with another substrate, How to Prepare Coco Coir: Garden Use vs Indoor Plants. Edited by Moonless, 04 December 2019 - 12:41 PM. This coir is now ready to use for growing plant. This is because of the lignins present in the coconut fiber, which are a class of organic polymers present in certain plant cell walls that provide cellular structure and support. Because of this, most growers only reuse the coco two or three times before replacing it, while some growers choose to mix new coco into older coco to extend its life. For simplicity, I will represent this by the single word “coir”. If you don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide you can use, a chlorine bleach to sterilize your coir. I take 3 1/2 scoops of coffee and make it tot he six mark on the carafe. After all, the less coco coir you buy, the less money you spend. Coconut coir is not only a natural, organic product, but unlike peat moss, it is a renewable one. Now your coir is fully sterilized. Coco coir is an inert growing substance, with a pH level near neutral. If you didn’t use beneficial bacteria with your previous crop, add it at this stage. In doing this, the enzymes in Sensizym recondition your coco coir, creating a healthy environment for your crops.

You can sterilize growing mediums such as coco coir by placing them in an oven heated to 180 degrees F for 30 minutes. Coco coir, in its various forms, is increasingly used by gardeners as an addition to soil, or as its own growing medium. Some growers dislike using bleach because it can leave a slight residue. By combining microfinance with the internet, Advanced Nutrients and Kiva are creating a global community of people connected through lending. How do I sterilize Progrow Cocopeat between crop cycles? Do you need to sterilize a coco coir brick before mixing it with the spawn?

They’re what makes these plants rigid and gives them a woodsy feel. Coco coir is a more eco-friendly option than rockwool cubes and peat-based grow media. I hope this answers your coffee and poop questions, if you have any more questions about this and mycology even though I'm a new guy myself I will be glad to answer or help find the answer to your questions rather than reply with smarty pants remarks.

As a soil amendment, it also adds organic matter to your soil.

Do you need to sterilize a coco coir brick before mixing it with the spawn? put your substrate in the bucket (in a pillow case or something makes it easier) and then pour boiling water in the bucket. got 60 qt jars of spawn ready. Coir from countries like India and Sri Lanka contains several and micro plant nutrients including a large quantity of potassium. Don’t use coir as a main composting ingredient but to supplement the ingredients. We recommend using a 5% bleach mixed with water – mix 1 kg of bleach for every five liters of water. Plants can handle a certain amount of chlorine, and so long as it is very diluted, and the cocopeat is very well rinsed after sterilization.

In a coconut, the place between the hard inner shell and the outer coat is called the husk. You have to first prepare the coco peat for plants by soaking it in water and convert it into a loamy texture. Okay, pasteurization can go wrong, I did it once and messed up. Immediately after preparing the mixture, the cocopeat should be soaked in the medium for at least 4 … If you're going to spawn to coir as a rez-effect, add some verm if you can 50/50. The good thing about this is that it’s easy to transport and store but you can not use this coir block directly in gardening. Contact us today for all your coco & coir needs.

Salt-based nutrient lockout can look a lot like a nutrient deficiency. Flush the toilet and proceed to perform proper hand washing procedures. Not that you don't need to do anything, but in my view that way of pasteurization shouldn't be as effective as sterilization if you just need to make sure you have a clean substrate. That's what I used last time but ended up with contam. Then add enough water on the brick. Here are the easy steps to reconditioning your coco coir: Break it up and physically remove any roots that remain in the coco. Coir in its pre-hydrated state is flammable and presents a suffocation risk in large volumes, as it is also very good at absorbing air in enclosed spaces. I am sure my failure of pasteurizing the coco and verm I had was because I had Coco husk, with a lot of big chunks and roughage, and might have been treated with something to deal with unwanted fungus or insects (it was sold in a pet store). By clicking I Agree, you agree to our use of these tools for advertising, analytics and support.

While it is biodegradable, if coconut coir finds its way to a landfill site it will simply sit there for many years. i pasteurize mine at a150dg for at least12 hrs. It also saves you the physical and mental effort of bogging yourself down with unnecessary tasks. If your coco’s full of old, dead root material, your new crops’ roots will have nowhere to grow. After that, it starts to break down and won’t be as capable of holding roots and maintaining an optimal moisture level. So, you grow in coco, you get great harvests out of your chosen medium, and you might find yourself wondering, Can I reuse my coco coir after it’s been spent on a harvested crop? The coir pH is far less acidic (5.8 – 6.8 range) than that of the peat moss (3.5 – 4.5 range). You will be happy you checked it out and it has pretty much everything you need to learn the hobby :). Brown fibers are extracted from the fully matured coconuts. It is the second part of the husk that covers most of the portion.

After soaking it should be very well rinsed until the ‘bleach’ smell is completely gone. kiss= keep it simple stupid. Like they said, you really don't need to sterilize bulk sub-straight, you'll find that the pasteurization methods listed are helpful as you can get alot more substraight ready for use in the same ammount of time. Advanced Nutrients Homepage How to Sterilize Coco Coir: There are two ways to sterilize the coco coir: Using hydrogen peroxide and ; Using chlorine bleach ; Sterilizing with hydrogen peroxide: Use 2ml of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide per liter of water. It provides a blank or relatively blank slate. Check Out Our Nutrients Sometimes they are rich in potassium and a few micronutrients. Once the enzymes transform root material into sugars, beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere consume the sugars for energy.

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