The rollers are used in container movement. If circuit is not connected to a load, test across each pair of wires on the load side of the fuses.

quite easy to operate the car toe jack with the single long handle. If more or less than nameplate rating, the chart on Design Data Sheet 49 will show the operating HP level. In the clamping claw mod 300x250mm, measurements indicate the width of the clamp. Big cargoes( Please notice the size description or size photos that unilateral length more than 108'',  perimeter more than 165'' ) need 12 days delay. They cost very little to add to a system.

However, an approximate measurement can be obtained with a soft seal, leaktight check valve in series with a pressure gauge. There are plug-in fittings marketed under the name "Reddy-Chek" which allow instant plugging of a gauge into a test station without the use of tools or a shut-off valve. OPENING 350 mm DEPTH 300 mm. ECO-Jack universal toe jacks feature. Figure 2. If you continue to use this site we assume that you will be happy. Furniture/Machine Mover, ECO-Jack, ECO-Skate, ECO-Truck, ECO-Tecxs, ECO-Link and ACTEK are (registered) Trademarks of HTS Hydraulische Transportsysteme GmbH, Germany. Oxidation of the oil causes it to darken in color as compared to a new sample of the same oil. For example, for 2,000 psi of hydraulic pressure, calculate the surface area of the bore diameter, which is 3.14 X R2. Some of these tests have been described in greater detail in previous issues. The spring has compact structure, fast retraction and long service life. If temperature is held below 150°F, with a heat exchanger if necessary, there will be few problems with chemical contamination. Easy ways of making some simple tests on hydraulic systems are briefly described in this issue. Its presence may be detected by drawing a fluid sample from the reservoir drain valve and allowing it to settle. the patented lifting claw. applications, and environments where the equipment receives heavier of 300×350 weight 95 Kg.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs. Give it a try. These are marked with the standard TS symbol (test station). Rust formed in the system can be very destructive. flexible The buyer should be responsible for these charges. If there is one blown fuse, the bulbs will light up when connected across the two good fuses, and will fail to light on the other two pairs of wires. For more details of this measurement, please refer to Design Data Sheet 14. are not in contact, so the friction of the inner bar can be reduced to HTS equips all transport trolleys with high-quality wheels. Testing a Non-Working Circuit. Unlike the ECO-Jack S-Series an external pump is required to operate the ECO-Jack SX-Series. the least, which makes it more durable. Hydraulic Cardboard Claw Machine. Our claw can be used for many types of job, according to its application, many use it to uproot fruit trees, dismantle fences, moving any heavy stuff, etc. The iron ring on the ammeter is simply looped around each line wire in turn, and the current reads directly on the meter scale. A sample may be sent to the lab of a major oil company for particle and chemical analysis. The HTS CR-Series are in production since 2003 for clean room and food applications. can remove the handle for storage when it is not in use. Testing a Loaded Circuit. ins; S = stroke, inches; t = time, seconds. Or it may be generated within the system, primarily by the pump.

Please request any of these back issues which you do not have. lifting farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment, Hydraulic lifting devices of the ECO-Jack CR-Series are characterized by. Instead if you want to have a softer and gentler grip, the claw is fitted with a rubber head that allows a softer grip. While the system is operating, the air mixes with the oil causing it to appear cloudy. Pump may be so badly worn that the internal slippage is quite high. Link Comment. Oil in the system is running too hot. This analysis may take from 1 to 4 weeks. Currently unavailable. Note: Shipping time is influenced by the COVID-19, cargoes delivered time put off 3 days! Measuring Electric Motor Current A loop ammeter should be in the inventory of test equipment of every company using integral HP electric motors. These unwanted compounds eventually form the "sludges" found in strainers and on the bottom of the reservoir, and the "varnish" which deposits on valve spools causing them to stick, and which close up small orifices. If your item has been damaged in transit or become faulty in warranty period, please email us with pictures or video to show the problem. Configurations. two rugged wear-resistant steel rings, the piston rod, and the inner bar 10 Ton Hydraulic Toe Jack Machine Lift Cylinder Industrial Equipment Tool, The load capacity can reach up to 10 Ton/. From the top dual-use, ease of operation of the low is a versatile lifting tool. All hydraulic fluid power systems may at some time require troubleshooting, and the most important first step in troubleshooting is to take pressure measurements in various parts of the circuit. The opening and closing are controlled by a double action hydraulic jack, with the respective safety valve, the clamping claw can be registered via toothed steel claws which allow great tightening stability according to use. In the clamping claw mod 350x300mm, measurements indicate the width of the clamp. Measuring Oil Temperature To measure temperature of the oil in a hydraulic reservoir, an ordinary candy thermometer can be inserted through the filler opening after removing the protective screen, if any. the least, which makes it more durable. Water. Perfect for repairs, maintenance and installation of heavy machinery. Please do check everything carefully after you received the parcel, any the damage except DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) would not be covered if it's related to man-made damage.

Air causes excessive wear in the pump, and its point of entry should be discovered and closed. SGC0660 Claw Grapple 380-164M 1/31/19 Machine Identification Record your machine details in the log below. situations. Built-in For

Two 115-volt bulbs, in series, will light to full brilliance on 230 volts, and glow on 115 volts. abuse. We use cookies to make sure you can have the best experience on our website. military applications, and environments where the equipment receives can be used in clean rooms

Hydraulic Oil Contamination A complete test of oil condition can only be done in a laboratory with precision equipment, but a few preliminary tests can be made by the user to decide whether more extensive tests should be made.

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