One of our specialists will be in contact with you shortly, © IVECO - A CNH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY - IT09709770011 –. From early 2020, the new Iveco Daily is availbale in 3 wheelbase and body configurations and 7 tonne GVM: Powered by the Euro VI 3.0 litre engine generating 180 hp and 430 Nm torque you can reach any destination needed for the task in hand. This, in turn, allows you to remain out in the wilderness for longer. Water is undoubtedly our most precious commodity when remote touring.

A good array of panels will, in fact, keep the basic appliances in this vehicle running self sufficiently – given a decent ray of sunshine. The Adventurer holds just under 300L in total, giving you a good supply of water for remote adventures.

There are short-cab and crew-cab versions, on two wheelbases. Thanks to its unlimited climbing ability and amazing Off-Road features, you can enjoy it on any terrain, as it can easily overcome any difficulty.

All SLRV water systems incorporate a city water entry – bypassing your tanks and allowing you to connect to the mains water supply whenever available. The entire vehicle has been specifically designed to withstand harsh off-road conditions – and does so with ease. SLRV are currently developing a separate long range tank for this vehicle – with an expected volume of around 300 litres. Solar cells play an important role in keeping your system charged when no other source is available. By doing this, various quality water can be stored in separate tanks and accessed for specific uses – ultimately enabling you to conserve your water.

Conveniently located out of the way towards the roof, the bed can be lowered to a sleeping position at the press of a button. Choose the right Daily 4x4 for you from the double offer of van and chassis cab with all-road and off-road versions, or the unique 7.0-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) model featuring the 8-speed HI-MATIC gearbox, which combines extreme robustness with ultimate comfort. Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate filtration method, separating water molecules to produce pure water and wastewater, which contains all the eliminated contaminants. The premium closed cell, self-extinguishing core material has a series of holes, allowing the resin to flow thru and connect the inside and outside fibreglass layers. Let’s see how its done………. From 2020 on, the Daily is available in 3 different wheelbase and body size configurations. Charging your house batteries from your truck is done via the alternator and a DC DC charger. Therefore it is vital to make the most of the available charge time while on the move. You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard. Well……..almost everything if its the SLRV Iveco Daily based expedition vehicle. The IVECO Motorhome family is able to realize a wide range of motorhomes, from compact versions to the more luxurious ones, always with top safety and comfort.Easy to handle, comfortable and incredibly light, the Daily Camper is the perfect solution for your motorhome. © Iveco - A CNH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY - IT09709770011 -. Disponible en version 5,5 tonnes de PTAC avec moteur 3,0 litres Euro VI Heavy Duty, 24 vitesses et 3 blocages de différentiels, votre Daily 4x4 camping-car sera capable d’affronter toutes les pentes et tous les terrains sans compromis sur le confort.

But don’t think because its small in size, that it doesn’t have a spacious living area. The Thirsty Boy comes in its own ‘tough case’ with an internal pump and power supply for complete mobility.

The MLI Ultra series is designed to enjoy all the best properties of Lithium Ion technology in the harshest conditions. The Electric lift up bed options creates a new dimension in interior space, allowing for all those other things you’ve come to expect in a world-class expedition vehicle. Check if the vehicle you want is already available. Australian designed and made Earthcruiser motorhomes have found ready acceptance both here and in the USA. These high-performance batteries are ideal for running heavy loads for long periods and short charge times. An efficient use of space with everything you need. force both wheels on the diff to turn in unison, regardless of the traction (or lack thereof) available to either wheel individually. DAILY 4X4 Motorhome base.

The amount of charging time available depends a lot on your style of touring. This allows the body and truck chassis to twist independently – minimising transfer of these forces into the motorhome body. The Daily 4×4 ensures perfect traction in every situation with 3 locking differentials in the front and rear axles, and a central one on the transfer box.

Who said you cant have it all in a compact unit………. In fact, every electrical device has its own wiring, in conduit, the entire way back to the main circuit breaker.

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