On TV Nail played hard bastards, for laughs or drama or both – some of the intrigue of his pop career must have been seeing a more sensitive element in him, but I doubt the straight-talking, bullshit-calling narrator of “Ain’t No Doubt” came as much of a shock to the fanbase. Most of Nail’s records were thoroughly trad: gruff, measured rock and soul stylings, workmanlike performances enlivened by the odd Knopfler guest-spot.

But as good as “Avenue” – indeed a quite outstanding work, of some intricate beauty – or even the weakest track (if I could even decide if any of them might deserve to be described as such) on “The Lexicon of Love”? So I say 'fine' He is famous for his rugged looks, hit singles and a strong Geordie accent. “Come on,” think I, “it’s a TV star’s spinoff single, it will probably be amusingly awful”, but no, as #1 says Jimmy Nail does a competent Mike Skinner and the chorus is surprisingly funky and it all comes off as an uncar-crash, somehow. 5. 'there won't be somebody else, and that's true' The Soulful And The Arcane, We promised we wouldn't write about the Freaky Trigger #1 comic of 2014 any more, but luckily a MUCH MORE AUTHENTIC AND REAL comic has come along for us to…, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQtB2x3EDAw, I Want To Know What Love Is – Eighties Revisionism. Phew. right). I think “unintentionally funny” is spot-on. #8 how nice that it seems everyone was on the same week as The Wedding Present, recently. Do you know any background info about this track?

Incognito : “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”. Joe Cocker : “Unchain My Heart” 'I don't want nobody else I also remember the schoolyard joke that Jimmy Nail was going to get togther with Pliers (of Chaka Demus fame) to form some kind of tool-based supergroup. (I know this has been said of 1989 too, but for that year it was easy to find a counter-response to the naffness of Jive Bunny et al). Diana Ross : “One Shining Moment” #25 ‘A Trip To Trumpton’ better than those other two imo (not including ‘Charly’ which is another level up), partly because of how it develops into quite a different track on the side (which I think was actually the b-side ‘I Feel The Heat’ interlopin’). A pretty unappealing batch of old people music until En Vogue perk things up.

I need a little time, a little space If this was number 1 when you were born paste [stork-boy] or [stork-girl] into the start of your comment :), MailRequired (Your email address will not be published). 'say you'll always be my friend, sweet darling' Definitely better than a four in my book, too. I’m surprised that a Pet Shop Boys fan like you, Tom, hasn’t mentioned the glaring similarity of this track’s spoken passages to some of Neil Tennant’s. It’s break-up pop of the shabbiest kind; lies, quarrels and wilful miscommunication played out raw in front of us. Wander around in the archives, or join in with the marvellous bunch of commenters we've managed to attract - new voices always very welcome! Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Nail rose to fame playing Leonard J…. One mark off for the “She’s lying” voice NOT actually being the bloke from PM Dawn (so 5). I'm a damned fool for to ask for more

Annie Lennox : “Why”

12. (I’m not lying). Claudia Simon & Tony Dortie were the hosts. He is famous for his rugged looks, hit singles and a strong Geord…, Jimmy Nail is an English actor and pop/country singer (born March 16, 1954, Gleneagles Close, Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne). But her heart's already out there As before, this…, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! It’s their “Hit Parade” year innit? Yes, Jon Secada! Also in the studio that week were; Wet Wet Wet, The Wedding Present, Jason Donovan, The Shamen and Sophie B Hawkins, plus a live performance by satellite from Billy Ray Cyrus in Nashville. Walking down the street Sweet darling'

Crowded House : “Four Seasons in One Day” Sophie B Hawkins! Your heart's beating at another door 13. You could be one of them! It’s more memorable than most of the songs either side of it on this list, but I wouldn’t want it anywhere near my Ipod! Also in the studio that week were; Sunscreem, Shakespeare’s Sister, Enya and Jon Secada. I remember this song at primary school, and Jimmy Nail being an unlikely (in hindsight) heartthrob for some of the girls. In addition, the fact that it’s by Jimmy Nail, and not, say, Wet Wet Wet, or UB40, means that it stands out, and led to a USP. 5. Also in the studio that week were; Wet Wet Wet, The Wedding Present, Jason Donovan, The Shamen and Sophie B Hawkins, plus a live performance by satellite from Billy Ray Cyrus in Nashville. Oh yes, I know a goodbye when I hear it at the time, so it was a smart move. Surely he’d be perfect for I’m a Celebrity – instantly recognisable, down on his luck, and a “cult” figure. Unless I missed out on something, giving him a South Bank Show profile was perhaps pushing it a bit! British actor Jimmy Nail notched up his first and only UK number one with this song which was released in July 1992, after he returned to prominence as the main character in hit TV series Spender.

Not in this case though – Jimmy kept the pretty dire Sesame’s Treet off the top. The chant-along chorus lifts the song, but I can’t forgive those spoken asides, having been subjected to McCartney/Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine” from a few years back. A woman like you is no good for me

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

At the time we reckoned anyone using the Screen Test theme would have been quids in – absurdly dramatic.

10. Roy Orbison : “I Drove All Night”

EDIT: Just seen Tom’s comment; this is just what I’ve read about him. 'I don't want nobody else, I love you'

Ain't No Doubt Lyrics: She says 'it's not you - it's me / I need a little time, a little space / A place to find myself again you know?' 9. A place to find myself again you know?' Ain't no doubt, it's plain to see Only right at the end of the fadeout does Nail break down: “It’s you saAAAAA-ying goodbye!” he wails, aghast. Without properly understanding why songs like this send me running for cover, I would have dismissed it as an actor’s vanity project, like Bruce Willis for instance. Which is not how I have ever thought of it. There’s nothing wrong with his version of “Under The Boardwalk” except that I’m imagining a smug little smile on his face which says “I’m doing this because I’m Bruce Willis, and I couldn’t give 2 cents whether it’s any good or not.”, To be fair, that’s a bit harsh on Ooor Jimmy, who has quite a versatile voice. 2. Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile.
Actually “unintentionally funny” is unfair and lazy – J Nail is not a dimwit and must have been aware how meme-able the track is. Where is Jimmy Nail now? Just Another Day is one of the most oddly structured hits of the day. There again, she also said it managed to resemble “I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor”. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. A woman like you is no good for me Very much better than anything the Streets ever came close to doing (all of which is monochrome in comparison), and much better than anyone had any reason to expect it to be. 11. Why does she pretend? 8. Jimmy Nail is a British actor and singer (born March 16, 1954, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne), famous for his rugged looks, hit singles and a strong Newcastle accent, although sometimes it is weaker, depending on what role he is playing and who he is talking to. "Unreasonably" not because it's a bad song or 'guilty pleasure', but because it's not a record I want…, As with “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, “Don’t Speak” is a rarity: an American modern rock hit that managed to duck under Britpop’s Crimplene Curtain and chart here.

#6: Read my comment again; that’s not what I said. 'say you'll always be my friend, sweet darling' Although maybe Hall and Oates – on a track like, say, “Private Eyes”, isn’t such a bad point of comparison (although “Ain’t No Doubt” is its inferior, melodically. Ain't no doubt, it's plain to see

Soul II Soul : “Joy” I'm a damned fool for to ask for more She says Ain't no doubt, it's plain to see But it’s interestingly, admirably bad in a way most TV-star records aren’t. A woman like you is no good for me Here's the sequel, picking up where that left off. 15. Mark Franklin was the host. Jon Secada! Your heart's beating at another door Jimmy Nail : “Ain’t No Doubt” Start the wiki, She says, “It's not you, it's meI need a little time, a little spaceA place to find myself again, you know”Oh yeah, I know a goodbye when I…. I’d give this one an eight, remember the golden rule: “If you can make a record that’s better than people reasonably expect, do it.” Here, we were all genuinely surprised that this record was as good as it was, given that his previous effort was a dull-ish cover version.

It’s a brilliant piece of work, easily worthy of Saint Etienne – who at the same time in 1992 released their greatest single, the staggering “Avenue,” seven-and-a-half minutes long, discursive and therefore little played, but which pulled all the punctum strands in avant-pop, from the Pretty Things to Dollar, together with a rare mix of acuity and tenderness; it peeked cautiously into the chart for one week at number 40 before thinking better of it and beating a swift retreat – though it took Nail’s sense of theatricality to make the bleeding sound as though it is coming from a real person, and not, as with so much other “worthy” pop-soul of the period, a bar chart of demographic responses to “emotion,” since its role is to examine and question the truthfulness of “emotion” in the pop song as a whole. He had his first acting role on the television series Spyship. But Crocodile Shoes would be firmly within my top ten least favourite songs of all time. 'say you'll always be my friend Thing is, as preposterous as this is, Jimmy Nail takes (or took) it, and his other stuff, like the equally bizarre Love Don’t Live Here Anymore cover, very seriously. Leave feedback, Jimmy Nail is an English actor and pop/country singer (born March 16, 1954, Gleneagles Close, Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Light Entertainment Watch: Jimmy Nail’s heyday as a TV guest was in the nineties; ASPEL & COMPANY: with Jimmy Nail, Alice Cooper, Catherine Zeta Jones (1992), DES O’CONNOR TONIGHT: with Jimmy Nail, Chris Barrie, Berry Gordo, Jethro, Those Two Girls (1995), FRIDAY NIGHT’S ALL WRIGHT: with Pete Tong, Lennox Lewis, The Lilt Ladies, Helen Chamberlain, Chris Eubank, Rosanna Arquette, Jimmy Nail, Paulo De Canio, Shania Twain, Cleopatra (1998), THE NATIONAL LOTTERY LIVE: with Bob Monkhouse, Alan Dedicoat (The Voice of the Balls), Jimmy Nail, Steve Coogan (Tony Ferrino) (1996), THE O ZONE: with Jimmy Nail, Moist, Jade (1995), STEVE WRIGHT’S PEOPLE SHOW: with Joan Rivers, Jimmy Nail, Linda Evans, Yanni (1995), T•F•I• FRIDAY: with Will Macdonald, Andrew the Barman, Beverley Callard, Jimmy Nail, Reef, Texas (1997), THE TUBE: with Jools Holland, Paula Yates, Mel Smith, Jimmy Nail, Tona De Brett, Richard Strange, Little Richard, Charles White, Balaam and The Angel, The Bluebells (1985), WOGAN: with Bronski Beat, Marc Almond, Virginia Holgate, William Hall, Peter Massey, Jimmy Nail, Geoffrey Thomson (1985), WOGAN: with Charlotte Lewis, Jimmy Nail, Michael Newby, Johnny Speight (1986), WOGAN: with Kevin Costner, The Miltown Boys, Jimmy Nail (1991).

She's lying One might not get that impression from the no 1s. #8 Good Lord, you’ve done something amazing – that list of artists from those two editions of TOTP (and the songs they were performing) succeeds in making 1992 look like, if not a year of pop greatness, then at least a year in which there genuinely were some great pop numbers doing the rounds. Index of reviews and scores so far SNAP – “Rhythm Is A Dancer” ». The Sound Barrier Podcast: 1: The Lost World / The Lost City Of Z. 3. There’s a great story about how JimNail’s Virgin contract was ended, but it’s probably actionable so no. The most successful of the Geordie actor’s occasional forays into music – in 1992 he was best known as the star of the BBC detective series Spender – “Ain’t No Doubt” is an extremely sharp, smart slice of metapop.

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